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"It's getting late..."

The twenty-two year old man stared up from the chess board with thick round glasses. His long brown tresses were styled into two pig tails at each side of his head, each braided with butterfly pins at the end.

Hyuuga Neji didn't let just anyone see him like that.

His girlfriend, Tenten, was one of the priveledged few. In her lap was a young girl of fourteen. She had long brown hair and soft gray eyes. They were currently closed, for she was in a deep sleep.

Before the twenty-two year old was one seventeen year old. She was hunched over, her hair in the same style as his except she had three pigtails. Both were hunched over a chess board, wanting to beat the other so badly neither felt their butts go numb.

Hyuuga Hinata, the three pig tailed seventeen year old, was going to attend boarding school in just a few hours. Because she was youngest and her word was law, her sister, the sleeping fourteen year old, wanted to sleep over.

Hanabi wasn't used to sleeping past eleven, and once the clock struck eleven-oh-one, she was out like a light. It had been two hours since then.

"You guys have been trying to beat each other for hours now. Give it a rest."

Neji stared at her then went back to the game, shushing her with his hand.

"One last game."

"You've been saying that for an hour!"

Hinata stared at her future sister-in-law (or so she hoped), "it's for real this time."

Hanabi shifted, seeking the heartbeat inside Tenten's chest like a fetus in the womb.

"Well, I'm taking Hanabi to bed. Don't over do it, you two. We're gonna leave early tomorrow."

They both nodded, not really listening to her.

Just one more game.



It was six in the morning when Tenten walked down the stairs, rubbing her eyes from sleep. She was walking towards the kitchen when she stopped at what she saw.

Both Neji and Hinata were slumped over the chess board, dead asleep. Her hands went to her hips and she sighed, shaking her head.

Kids. That's what they were. Children.

"Oi, get up!" She walked over and began nudging them with her feet. "I said get up, you sleepyheads!"

Neji groaned, shoving her foot away. "That's gonna leave marks, baby..." he muttered, still half asleep.

"Oh, I'll give you marks."

She bent down and pinched him.

He was up before he could realize it.

"Ow! That's gonna bruise!"

"Oh, wah wah. Wake Hinata up before I have to pinch her too."

She walked back to the kitchen, already starting on breakfast.

Neji stuck his tongue at her back then started to nudge Hinata with his foot.

"Hey, get up."

She only groaned.

"Hinata, Hanabi's messing with your calculator. You know, the one that cost you a hundred bucks? She's writing eat my shorts with it."

"Say what?" Hinata was up like a light. Drool was running down her chin and her eyes were red and swollen. Her hair was everywhere, including the three pig tails her sister had done the previous night.

"Good, you're up. Go shower. You smell."

She stood, leaning on to him for support.

"Let me be the first to say you don't smell like roses," she told him with a smile.



An hour later and they were all fed and clean.

Both Hinata and Neji had screamed when they saw their hair in the mirror. Neji screamed louder, though. He was practically hogging the bathroom.

When they were all done and squeaky clean, it was soon time to go.

Neji was sitting behind the wheel of a small TP Cruiser. Although Hanabi was always making slide comments about how not-macho the car was, Hinata thought it suited him. Everyone knew Neji looked feminine enough, but the black vehicle only enhanced his handsome features. It was something very difficult to describe, so she always just said "you look good in it".

Hanabi was tying her sneakers while Tenten looked for her sunglasses. Hinata was still upstairs in her room, staring around to see what she might need. It wasn't that big of a deal, if she found herself missing one of her stuffed animals she'd just call Neji and he'd be there. Screw the long drive; he'd do anything for Hinata.

"Hinata! C'mon! Neji has a need for speed!"

Hanabi's voice got closer as she ran up the stairs and soon she was inside the bedroom.

She was cute and had nice hair. Lucky for her she was also tall. By the time she would reach Hinata's age she'd be able to pat her sister's head without trouble. This thought disturbed Hinata, but she didn't let it bother her. She'd still be the older sister.

"Let's go. Neji's getting all impatient. If you don't hurry up he's gonna plug in his ipod and make us listen to his corny music."

Hinata turned towards her and smiled, albeit sadly. Her eyes were misty, and she was sure she was going to cry. It shouldn't be that big of a deal. It was just boarding school. She'd make friends there, learn new stuff. But it was hard letting go of the life she knew. She already hardly saw Hanabi, now she could only see her on the weekends.

"Don't do that." Hanabi scolded her, scowling. "You can't start the waterwoks yet. If you do I won't let you leave."

With her bottom lip already trembling Hinata dragged her feet over to her sister and wrapped her arms around her, sobbing into her shoulder.

"You're such a cry baby," the younger girl said softly, holding on to her sister's shirt tightly. Hanabi wasn't one to burst out into tears and all that mushy stuff. She was a big girl, and crying for such weird reasons was out of the question.

Honk. Honk. Hoooooooooo--- "STOP THAT!"

They laughed, hearing a loud smack.

Together they walked outside, and hand-in-hand got in the car. They didn't let go, and when the large school finally came in view both their hands tightened.



When they finally reached the large school, Hinata was already drowsy and wanted nothing more than to sleep. The young girl beside her didn't let that happen, though. She kept chatting and keeping her entertained.

But when the school building finally came into view both almost jumped out of the window in excitement.

The grass was a vivid green, freshly cut. The entoxicating smell drifting everywhere and making the feel of spring even more prominent. The sakura trees that lined the path ways were in full bloom, making Hanabi feel like she just stepped into a Shoujo manga. There were hardly any students around, but those who were seemed happy, all laughing and smiling.

"I knew you would like it," Neji said softly, already smiling.

Hanabi, still clutching her sister's hand, kept pointing at things as they walked down the large gravel path to two dark wood doors.

Hinata stared at her soon to be home; the halls inside were tall and delicate, filled with history and happiness.

"Here we are, the Dean's office." Neji knocked twice, gripping Tenten's hand tightly. It was hard for him letting go of Hinata, but he wouldn't let the girl know that. She deserved to make new friends and find happiness in a new environment.

"Come in!" a voice chirped from inside.

Neji opened the door and went inside, his girlfriend following. Hinata and Hanabi managed to walk in together without tripping on anything.

They stepped inside only to find a small room, in which rested a small desk with a small woman typing behind an equally small computer. She was pretty, and looked nice and approachable. The plate on her desk read Shizune.

"Yes? What can I help you with?"

"I'm Hyuuga Neji, here to see the Dean."

It only took her a few seconds to find the information she needed.

"Ah, yes. Right this way please. She has been expecting you."

The only light in the large office came from tall French windows behind the large wooden desk. The office was decorated with trophies, busts of previous deans, and books. There were so many books. Hinata openly gawked at them all—she wouldn't deny it, she was a total geek. Books were her home turf, and when she saw so many she got excited.

Hanabi yanked her arm, snapping her out of her fantasy. Sometimes Hinata's dorkiness was just embarrassing.

A slender woman looked up from piles of paperwork. There were so many Hinata had the feeling this woman was a procastinater. Definitely her type of person. She may like to study and read, but not all at one go. Hinata liked to pace herself, and from the looks of the woman, so did she.

She was pale, long blonde hair falling off her shoulders, large breasts prominent beneath her tight-fitting shirt. The young Hyuuga blushed, not wanting to stare. They were so big they intimidated her own, which had nothing to be ashamed about in size. Hanabi only rolled her eyes; they were probably fake.

"Tsunade-sama," Shizune said, "this is Hyuuga Neji with Hyuuga Hinata."

The Tsunade woman stood, and Neji quickly went over to shake her hand. She was pretty strong; she grip could put any man to shame. Tenten followed, and she was pretty surprised the woman had a grip that could rival her own.

"Thank you, Shizune. I'll take care of things from here."

Shizune left with a nod.

The blonde woman sat, signaling them to do the same. Neji and Tenten sat, but Hinata and Hanabi remained standing, holding hands still. Hinata wasn't gonna lie, hers was getting sweaty.

"I hope you've found the school to your liking," she said, her voice smooth as she entwined her hands and rested her chin on them.

Hanabi scoffed, bringing her free hand to rest at her hip.

"Yeah, nice place ya got here. But the real question is, how much free time do the students here have? When are they allowed to go home?"

Tsunade seemed unimpressed, but smiled knowingly.

"Whenever they have a free day they can leave, unless they are requested not to do so. It is all in their schedules." Tsunade opened a folder full of messy papers, and took out a yellow slip, quickly handing it to Hinata. "Here—that's your schedule. All classes start tomorrowm but there's a student assembly tonight you should attend to get a head start on things."

Hinata took the piece of paper and looked at it, analyzing all her classes and burning them to memory.

"And here's your room key. Don't lose it, or you'll have to pay to get another."

Hinata grabbed the key; she had room 1350.

Excitement flooded through her and she yanked Hanabi's arm. "We're gonna check it out. Get us when it's tome to go."

Neji nodded, a little hesistant, and watched as she practically ran out of the room.



Hinata made her way out into the halls, her running coming down to nothing but a leisure walk. She was taking everything in. The paintings, the tapestry... even the gleaming tiles caught her attention.

At every corner there was a statue or a bust of someone famous and smart. Einstein, Shakespeare, it was so amazing. Hinata wanted to stop and read their placard, but she fought off the urge. She had things to do! That and Hanabi wouldn't allow her to—she wasn't interesting in reading placards and taking in the history. It was boring.

When she found herself at a loss of where she was going, she snatched a student pamphlet from a small box handing on a green board saying "WELCOME BACK STUDENTS!"

In it said all the rooms in the building, their purpose and how to find them. She searched for the golden squares, which were the dorms.

1350. Fifth floor.

Her eyes widened. Hanabi read it and her mouth fell open.

"Fifth floor? What is wrong with these people?!"

Feeling a little discouraged she kept looking in the pamphlet, finding little treasures like a music room and the library. She also realized there were no elevators available for students.

With a sigh she stumbled upon the main staircase, dragging Hanabi along. By now the girl was willing to go back and stay in the stuffy office.

The main staircase was broad and carpeted, which Hanabi found stupid. Seriously, she felt bad for the poor sucker who had to clean it.

They began walking at a pace they both enjoyed, realizing for the first time how empty the halls were compared to the outside. Hanabi realized there was not another soul around she could complain to, which made her a little more upset.

It felt as if the fifth floor would never get there, and when it did they were both breathless and hot. Hanabi had to stop and lean against a wall to catch her breath.

"Room 1350," Hinata said. "That's..." she glanced at the nearest door and almost choked on her spit. It was 1300. "...at the end of the hall?!"

Hanabi groaned, letting go of her sister's hand for the first time that morning.

"Gimme a piggy back ride."

Hinata stared at her as if she was crazy.

"C'mon, this could be the last one in a long time. You're gonna regret not doing this."

Hinata rolled her eyes but crouched down nonetheless; it was Hanabi, after all. The girl was a manipulative little thing.

Once they reached the room, Hinata fell to her knees.

"At leastit doesn't disappoint?" Hanabi said, more like asked, as she slipped off her tired sister's back. She was back to her wit's now, feeling less tired than before. When Hinata stood she snatched her hand again, holding it in hers as they stared at the room in wonder.

The room had light blue walls with a gray carpet that was sure to promise agonizing carpet-burns. Directly in front of the door were two beds, which were pushed against the wall. These were huge, surely queen sized. One was neatly made and the other had Hinata's stuff on it. The covers were a dark blue. The only thing that divided the two beds was a door, and as she nudged it open she realized it was a bathroom. A sparkly white bathroom.

There were no closests here, only dressers. She frowned. It meant she had to fold her clothes.

Walking around they both spotted the tiny kitchennette, complete with a miniscule sink, fridge and a stove with only one burner.

In the corner of the dorm, where the beds were, Hinata noticed a black leather love seat and a televison. This brought up her spirtis greatly.

"Reckon it has cable?"

Hinata shrugged, but made a note to find out later.

She went back to her bed, and with a sigh she began organizing her things into the large dresser closest to her. She stapled her treasured music posters on her side of the wall and got out her beloved bass guitar, which she named Vi, because of its violet color.

If there was one thing Hinata did not take lightly was her guitar. When she played she played from the heart, and not a lot of people were priveledged enough to see her do so.

Right then, there was a knock on the door, and she put down Vi slowly.

"Hinata, are you in there?"

She opened the door to be greeted by Neji and Tsunade. Hanabi had to stop jumping on the other bed immediately, or risk being scolded. She stood next to Hinata looking a little breathless.

"Whoa," Tenten said, walking inside and around the room. "It's pretty big."

Hinata nodded. "I already like it."

"That's good. Well, it's time for us to go," Neji said, turning towards her. Tenten pulled Hanabi by her side.

"Love you," Neji whispered, hugging her tightly. Hinata returned the hug just as tight. "Please, try to call me every night, alright? That's why you have a cellphone. And stay away from perverts! Oh, and have fun and stuff."

He kissed her forehead and was promptly shoved aside. Tenten wrapped her arms around Hinata tightly, whispering, "if you have things you wanna talk about, call me. Neji doesn't have to know."

Hanabi stared at her sister and smiled, "have fun."

Hinata leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "Stop growing," she simply said.

Tsunade watched this with a smile, and when the girl waved her family goodbye she said, "I really do hope you find this place to your liking. Sarutobi Academy for the Arts will be your home from now on after all."

She nodded toward Tsunade, "of course, especially if I'm studying what I love; music."

With a nod the woman left, accompanying Neji out.

Once alone, Hinata ran towards her bed and snatched her towel rushing into the bathroom. There was nothing more she wanted at that moment than to bathe.

She took this time to take a long warm bath, full to the brim with bubbles. In it a few tears slipped, but she had a hard time telling whether they were tears or just water.



When she finally came out (forty-five minutes later) her roommate was already there, or so she guessed from the sound coming from the room. Sounded like the television was turned on.

She wrapped the towel around her body, making sure to dry herself first.

It shouldn't be a big deal since we're both girls, right?

She opened the door slowly, spotting her dresser at least ten paces away. She quickly dashed towards it, managing to grab some underwear and a large baggy t-shirt.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

Hinata stopped once she heard the voice. It was deep... really deep.

What the heck...?