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The Beast in You Loves the Demon in Me

Chapter 1: It Begins

"Ugh, stupid no name villains," Beast Boy cried as Adonis threw him against a wall. Most of the other Titans were either immobilized or trying to hit Adonis. The villain grabbed Raven and slammed her against a wall, grinning when he had her pinned. Raven whimpered as Adonis traced a hand up her thigh." Let her go you bastard!"

Beast Boy gave a piercing growl and slammed into Adonis; the green boy started punching the boy into the wall and the giant tubes slimed both with green goo. Robin pulled Beast Boy back after a few minutes so the cops could take Adonis away. The green hero was panting and clenching his fist, shaking off green goo as he walked away.

"Beast Boy you should get checked out by Cy-" Robin tried to say. Beast Boy shook his head and walked away from the team and the battle scene.


Beast Boy was changing; and no one knew if it was for the better or worse. He was being rude, arrogant, and acting very unlike himself. His only response to this behavior was this was the "new" Beast Boy; the one who took nothing from anyone and was "tough". Raven snapped at this explanation.

"That's bullshit, Beast Boy!" Raven cried. She threw her book down and even this "new" Beast Boy jumped at her anger." You were way better before! If this is the 'new' you, I don't want to have anything to do with it! The real BB, is kind and sweet, and doesn't act like this!"Raven stormed out of the common area leaving the whole team in shock. She was walking down the hall, after a meditation session and calming her anger, reading when she slammed into none other than Beast Boy. She was sent sprawling and her book flew down the hall." Sorry…"

"Yeah you'd better be…" Beast Boy said with a scowl. Raven frowned and picked up her book, a few feet in front of her.

"On second thought," Raven said glaring at Beast Boy," I'm not sorry… Jerk, seems you've still 'changed'…"

"Y'know Raven," Beast Boy said suddenly in front of Raven," I put up with a lot; between your insults, and your snide comments, and you downing me every moment you can, it's a wonder I haven't snapped before! So, just back off, or wise up!"Raven was trying to calm her nerves and her blush; she was angry at Beast Boy for talking to her like that, but she was just now realizing he had finally gotten taller than her, and how green his eyes were. Beast Boy noticed her blush and he seemed to revert back to his normal self for a moment, giving a shy grin. Raven hugged the book to her chest and stared at the ground, her face growing redder." Rae, you're blushing…"

"N-no I'm not!" Raven cried. She gasped as Beast Boy pushed her hood back and touched her cheek. If this was part of his change, Raven liked it, not that she would ever admit that, though." BB?"

"You're gorgeous, Rae…" Beast Boy said softly, taking a strand of her hair in his hand and twirling it," You shouldn't hide behind that hood…" His normal self vanished and he let go of Raven with a smirk." Even you can't resist the new me huh?"

Raven watched him leave and her eyes glowed angrily. She growled and threw her book at Beast Boy, making his growl back. They were about to fight when the others stopped them. Raven scowled and hurried off before she could get lectured. Raven meditated in her room for a while, and tried to calm herself, chanting her mantra over and over in her mind. Finally she sighed and opened her eyes, only to have a loud crash meet her ears. She stood and cautiously entered the hallway, hearing the crash ring out again, from Beast Boy's room. She tentatively walked forward and knocked on the door.

"Beast Boy?" She called. No reply came from the room. Raven sighed and moved her hood back from her face." Look, I'm sorry for earlier, okay? I guess if this is the new you, I have to deal, even if I like you the way you were…" A crash sounded as the door opened." Beast Boy?"

A giant shadowed beast leapt forward and knocked Raven to the side. Another figure fought the first and Raven screamed, her world fading into black as someone grabbed her…


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