~Zero ~

There are intimate secrets
that should be buried than told
There are some desires
that are dangerous to know

I have been guilty,
To thirst for the warmth of your blood,
to desire for having your feelings rush within me
in one painful moment..

A loathsome creature,like I,
would drink your blood like an elixir for life
an inexhaustible desire that would drain you
and would leave me in euphoric depression..


How greedy can I be?
Kaname-sama's blood alone
does not satisfy me.
I try to eclipse the most forbidden of my desires,
to feel the warmth of Zero's blood.
To taste the sadness of his desire,as strong as mine,
pulse through it.

It would send aches into my human heart,
this longing,
the heart that can no longer separate
the now entwined joy and grief.

I am terrified.
This forbidden desire
is the only remnant of my human heart.
I cling to it,I suffer its longing,
because I don't want to lose my humanity.
I don't want to lose myself.

My Notes : I know the Yuki version isn't as good as Zero's. I am sorta out of touch with Vampire Knight,I really need to read it again to feel Yuki's feelings more intensely :D and besides,I finished her piece in 10 minutes,and that sort of shows :(