Twilight fic

A new school, in new state, in a diminishing year, although time meant almost nothing anymore. I had Edward, I had Renesmee, I had my family. Was there much more to ask for? Yes, yes there was. You see what I really want is for those damn girls to stop swooning over my husband!!! Even after 125 years girls stayed the same. They always think that we will not last even though we are married... Though they don't know that last bit... Still, it pisses me off.

...but then again this year could be different...

Well I knew it would be I was going back to Washington. The state where I was born, where my father lived and died, where I had Renesmee, where I met Edward. Although I was not going to the same school. We would be going nine-mile falls, Washington. A small city all they way across the state from forks, but almost as rainy.

We had bought a large blue house just outside the city it was three stories and was almost compleatly covered in trees, out front out back and on both sides. And our closest neighbors were about four miles away, perfect for my family.

We would be starting school in about 3 days and Carlisle would be starting work at the hospital today, and jake would be starting work at a car repair shop tomorrow, much to his wife's displeasure, she would much rather have him go to school with us but him being the large behemoth he is would stick out a little to much for our likeing.

Rose was happy being back in Washington and emmet was happy to be closer to Canada; more bears. Alice recently told us she had been waiting to move here for 20 years. She said she loved the waterfall and lake about 30 miles from the house, ness loved it too, that's why her and jake were living there currently, since they did not stand out completly and both were not compleatly inhuman.

Edward and I were sitting on the couch talking about the coming school day.

"well, what do you think will happen at the new school, love?" Edward asked

"oh I don't know, perhaps we actually get to stay at this school for a normal amount of time before Jacob, or you, go crazy with anger toward todays teenage boys?" I laughed and he growled

"what am I supposed to do when they have those sickening fantasies about you and my daughter?!" he growled

"and what am I supposed to do about the female population thinking almost the same things about you?" I countered

"hmm... Touché." he laughed "well I guess we will have to learn to live with it, I can't blame those boys for thinking about you like that, I mean look at you, you are the most stunning person on this planet" he laughed and I gave him a quick kiss

"so says you" I laughed

3 days later

Ugh. School. Again. This is going to be a relitivly fun day, watching boys look at me an then haveing Edward confirm it. Ugh. And then boys looking at my daughter, and let me tell you that's not much better. Jake goes crazy after ness gets home asking her 'did any one hurt you? Touch you? Look at you? I'll kill 'em!!!' around those lines.

We got in to Rose's convertable after jake and ness arrived and drove off to Jake's work. It was raining today, not like that bothers us, but at least we could get out of the car. Edward and I got out of the car with Nessie and Jake. Both Renesmee and I earned a whistle, and both Edward and jake glared at the men. Jake then kissed ness and said goodbye. We went back to the car. A new school day. Oh joy.

We arrived at school at about 7:14 we walked to the office through the rain. And there were two girls already inside. One was a taller girl and she had hair that went just past her shoulders and it was a golden brown color, the girl next to her was short and stout, an didn't seem to care about how she looked. Her hair as a little shorter than the others and was alot darker and was not very well kept. We walked into the office "no! I'm Kari and she is Katie!" the taller girl spat "not the other way around " she stopped pointing to herself "I'm the junior and she" kari began pointing at katie "is the freshmen" and then she
mumbled under her breath " I hate when people think my sister is me! she sighed " may I please have my schedual?" she asked politely not looking away from the office clerk. The clerk handed kari the corect schedual kari snatched it from her hands "thank you!" she spat. The scent in the room was of pomegranate, fresh cut wood and grass, and lastly a soft rose smell.

Katie turned and saw us, she visably stiffened turning back to her sister she nudged her " hey kari..." she began "we should go"

"here's your schedual, sis, my class is the other way" kari handed her sister the other schedual "see ya after school, maybe we can drive my christmas present home today!" kari sounded excited. Katie walked out the other exit to leave. And Edward laughed.

"what is it?" I asked

"that girl that just left she's scared of us. Already and she didn't even have a 'look at them!' in her mind"

"if only everyone thought that" I mumbled

He chuckled

Kari turned around and gasped, but not for the reason I thought. "oh my god! I'm sorry I didn't mean to keep you waiting! I'm sorry!! Really!!" she moved out of the way," you can go, I'm so sorry" we walked up to the desk and asked for our scheduals, I had every class with Edward, as always same with the rest of my family, they had every class with their mate it was odd though we had four classes this semester and four classes next.

"uhmm... Is this correct?" I asked but the clerk was busy.

"you mean your schedual? Yeah it's right. Nine mile high is copying some of Cali's high schools, it's clled the block schedual it really comes in handy and you get less work than normal because you can do most of it during class" we all looked up at kari she was taking this non-chalntly. She walked over her blue eyes looked at my schedual, "see? You have these classes today, and tommorow instead of history you will have english. You will have that class all year.. But these classes," she said pointing to the other three classes on one symester "will switch out unless you have an ROP class and are called back" she said pointing to her schedual "like I'm a second year in forensics it's a very interesting class I highly recomend it... Oh no!!! Look at the time I gotta go or bobby will kill me!! Hope to see you guys
around!" she called behind herself as she walked to class

"forensics.... Interesting" I said and looked at Edward " do you mind?" I asked

"not at all," he said "sounds better than woods class" Edward went over to the office clerk. "excuse me ma'am" he said in his velvet voice " I was wondering if there were any openings on 2 period forensics?"

"hu-ah-wah-uhm...let me see..." she stuttered "there are three least" she took a breath "would you like too switch?"

"yes bella and I would" Edward replied I didn't care what class we got it for we just wanted to see what it would be like, if it wasn't as fun as we imagined we could always just switch out for biology AP or something.

"here are your new scheduals kids" the office clerk said to us, we took them, mine and Edwards scheduals still mirroring eachothers:

1: English.... ... 2 4
1: History.... Mrs. Flink...1 3 5 Advisory Brunch
2: Forensics... Mr. Sandford.... 12345
3: alegrbra2/Trig... Mr. Scottish.... 12345
4: Biology.... Mrs. Gogicheiva.... 12345

It was an odd schedual indeed I was glad it was the first day of the school year, we could get a new explanation on this odd schedual.

I realized that my family had already left for their classes and looked at Edward "we should get to class to, dear" I said playfully "wouldn't want to be late now would we?"

He chuckled and took my hand and we walked out the door.