We had found out the hard way that we had history and not English today. That really ticked me Edward and jasper off, we should have been tipped off when Alice wasn't there she was laughing at us when we entered the class room. Edward and I glared at her while jasper sat next to her and kissed her cheek. Much to our pleasure not many people noticed us come in most were texting or looking at another kid in the class. After Mrs. Flink looked at us a little longer than normal though, all the students seemed to gasp. Edward was laughing and growling at the same time. I lifted my shield 'calm down Edward no need to bite any guys head off' I thought

"Interesting choice of words love" he said so only I could hear, I chuckled.

'so why did the teacher look at us longer than necessary?' I thought to Edward

"Not us, her" he said snapping his head forward than back again to indicate the girl in front of me, it was Kari, fast asleep on her desk, I guess 7:30 start time for school didn't work with her sleeping habits, I laughed quietly.

The class was not entirely boring. We found that Mrs. Flink was a native from Russia, that had moved to America and married. We had started a very interesting conversation with her in Russian leaving
the class dumbfounded as we spoke fluently. After class it was brunch we thought we would just head to class perhaps find out what would be happening in after walking with alice to her class we walked
to ours.

When we entered the class Edward laughed as I looked and found why. Kari was asleep in the front of class, on the middle table of the three in class, her arms crossed and her head leaning on them, her small pink jacket hanging off of her backpack, which was on the floor, her golden brown hair falling around her face, I could clearly smell her pomegranate perfume now. I tried to identify her scent but found none. Huh... That's odd. A small phone vibrated in her pocket and she shot up "what?" she began under her breath pulling it out of her pocket she read the small text and replied back closing her keyboard phone quickly with a snap and placed it back in her pocket. She looked around as other kids filed into the class I hurried to sit in the front, directly across from her, and Edward in the seat directly next to mine I turned around and gave him a quick kiss. And I heard Kari mumble 'them again?' confusedly but she let it pass looking up front.

"May I ask why you chose to sit here love?" Edward asked to quietly for human ears. He was right normally I chose to sit in the back, never truly the front.

"Well this is the only class I have never taken before, thought it would be better if we sat up here" I shrugged

"You never cease to surprise me my Bella" he laughed

"That's my job" I said as the large teacher waddled up to the front of the class, his grey hair was combed back and his glasses balanced on his nose.

"Welcome to Forensic Science." he began in a professional voice " I am Mr. Sandford, and I will be your teacher for the year. If you do not like dealing with rotting flesh, and bodily fluids, you may only wish to stay half the year. If you eat in this class, you will be kicked out and won't revive the credits. If you don't follow instructions you will be kicked out without the credits. If you fail to do your work
you won't be asked to return next semester. Continuing on you will need a binder, and your first homework assignment of the year will be to get a binder and create a cover that says " forensic science" now I don't mean, come in Thursday and write 'forensics' a piece of paper. No, I mean pictures. Make it say something!" he continued "Now this is a real hands-on class. Not the normal study-pass-the-test-class oh no, not even close I am a real worker in this field and expect you to
act the same as I would on a scene; professionally. You will wear uniforms and all long hair will be put up. Gloves and glasses are also needed for this class..." he continued on with this for a long
duration of the class.

Kari looked at me when the lecture was over "I see your in this class too" she said after the lecture. I kept my gold eyes locked on her ice blue eyes. I lifted my shield for Edward 'is she trying to get to you
through me?' I asked

"No she wants to make friends with you" he answered back, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my temple.

"Well that's weird.... Were both new kids and we have the same schedule, did you switch last second or something?" this girl was strange, maybe she has a boyfriend already? She hasn't once looked at
Edward... Strange since everyone else was looking at us.

"Yeah... We thought this class would be better than woods" I said

"Yeah. The woods classes around here aren't that great, all the kids really do is cut stuff. No actual formation of anything" she scoffed "everyone just sits there, and none of the teachers care, or so I've

I laughed "you seem to know so much about this school!" I laughed again "and yet you've just enrolled"

"well the information I have is about 25 years old, my... mom went to this school before meeting my dad and moving to California." She shrugged; she must have told this story many times.

The rest of the day she was gone, she was called to the office for a dentist appointment, of which she did not seem to happy.

The ride home was generally quiet, I sat there thinking: why was I interested in this girl? I never did come up with a logical explanation, just sat there wondering.

Edward broke the silence "what are you thinking, love?" he asked me, unsure how to explain I lifted my shield and he nodded "I was wondering about that too. She did seem odd though." he said

"Well, I like her, she didn't look at you like you were soon to be hers or something" I laughed "I figured that she had a boyfriend???" I left the question open for Edward.

"No, actually. She's single" he laughed "but she is more into tan guys" he laughed again, harder this time

"Well I am fine with that" I said "but, is it okay to have a human friend? I mean like hanging out and stuff"

"Well we will have to ask when we get home" he sighed "I want to know what intrigues you about this girl?" he sighed

"If I knew you would know darling you would know" I began laughing then I thought for a second

"Bella, what are you thinking?" Edward asked me again

"Did you notice she didn't have that distinct of a scent? Almost like it wasn't there?" I asked. I noticed in 2 block, that her sisters scent still barely lingered on her, and after we left class the only scent I could catch from her was that of the other students.

"Ahh... So you noticed to huh?" he said, and then sighed

"What was she thinking today?" I asked confused

"well in first block she was dreaming about, ironically, being able to go home and sleep instead of going out and running every day, I think she's on the track team" Edward shrugged " and in second she was listening to Mr. Sandford and trying to make friends with you" he sighed

"So we need to try and see whether we were wrong or something, so no need to worry"

"Yeah no need to worry" Edward smiled my favorite crooked smile

"Come on let's get home" I purred and he pressed the gas a little harder