Holy. Flying. Monkeys.

I am so incredibly, amazingly, desperately, embarrassingly, still very much, and plus one infinite amount of numbers, SORRY.

Damn. I didn't… I'm really sorry.


So, um, Hi. Update on my shizzle;

I have officially finished school (Sobs and jumps about ecstatically)

and I now have two weeks until I get my results (Scream)

I was just having a general tidy-up of my room - seriously, it is tidy, as you can still see the floor! - and I found my notepad with all my plans for the story written down in it. I sort of thought - Shit. Holy [3fhsakas';f,sr]htjsfjdfhbmvc\]dk m''#.;D#'.^&*% have I messed up big time.

AND NOW (Drum Roll)

I officially pledge as, (SilverWolfStar), to finish this story even if it kills me and I get shit results in two weeks time - I am not sticking to the original script … SCREW THE RULES! - I promise to keep typing even if I am crying. I will love every single review and cherish it - and make it my baby … Whut am I typing…? - and I pledge to respond with a PM to each reviewer to express my complete and utter gratitude at their loyalty - you know, if you've stuck with me - and/or to thank them for reading my fan fiction.

And I'll sign off as 'Your humble and lowly servant, SWS' on each PM.

I have the time. I have my original plans. I have reread my own story. I AM PREPARED.

(Epic battle cry of the century)


Your humble and lowly servant,

SilverWolfStar (epiclovehugskissesflyingtackleglomp of epic awesomeness)