"Ann," He gasped out," I've done wrong." Tears streamed down his eyes as he whimpered, collapsing at the ballet mistress's feet.

"Shh," She tried to comfort, like all those other times.

"Oh, Erik," She sighed, opening her arms as he gasped for hectic breathes and begging for her. He found his ways into her arms and she felt that odd feeling of deja vu of the little boy she helped. The fire was rampaging on, his home, his kingdom. Burning down.

Madame Giry was searching for her daughter but there he was, whimpering in the chapel slowly becoming consumed by the fire. Her fingers ran through his sweaty hair and face, pausing on the deformed side. He really risked everything. My God, How could her carelessness begin all this? She thought.

"Antoinette," He moaned, as reality snapped. Suddenly the heat in the room was unbearable, angels painted on all around stared at the two. It was always like this when they were kids. Just Erik and Ann against the world," She was my world, everything. CHRISTINE!" And he continued sobbing and all that came out of his mouth was her name.

"Ann, when I die---"Erik! Nonsense!"----My music is over...it is too much, being rejected too much." his eyes closed and his face contorted to a one of pain." I loved her, Ann. Is love supposed to hurt?" He looked so lost.

"Why? WHY?" He took staggered breathes until he stopped. Madame Giry feared this was the end of him. His eyes closing, he whispered, "Ann, don't forget about us," Then she couldn't stop crying, him in her lap. All the screaming from the outside drowned out.

"Erik. Erik! I love you," Antoinette desperately yelled out, shaking him and hysterically crying. He smiled weakly.

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