We arrived at the den not but three minutes after the strange encounter. Sara the joker that she is, laughed about it, and the strange looks on the males face as we raced away. Our den was the hollow in the roots beneeth a thousand year old redwood. It was set up with clothes and one bedroom, and we had so many books that we could open it as a library. Sara shot inside as I phased and brought back some clothes

'thanks sara' I thought to her as we squeezed into our small entrence, it was so small that Sara often called me the runt of the liter, because not only was I the youngest in my family, but I kept my small frame during my metamorphosis.


I didn't grow bulky and digusting as I thought all werewolves did, but into a beautiful golden wolf with strength, speed, and hunting skills. I was also the only one in my family to experiance the horrid change. Right after my best freind Sara disappeared. As the only one in my strickly human community, I had searched every area I could think of for Sara, and didn't find her until after a week had passed. I found her writhing on the ground screaming in agony, with a horrid smelling creature with brilliant crimson eyes. I glared him down, my ice blue against his, hellfire red. I was still in my origional form when I found them.

"what the hell are you doing to her?! You sick conceded bastard!" I spat stalking up to him.

"why, my beatiful horrid smelling child," a ear pericing scream from Sara "I am making my mate" his smile scared me most, as it curled devilishly onto his features. And suddenly a powerful rage filled me from head to toe: I had to kill the THING. Kill it, tear it, and burn every last stinking piece. I felt my body shiver, then shake. As I backed away from the man a viscious snarl ripped from my throat, and I dashed towards him, seconds before I hit him, I felt my clothes rip, and my bones clicking and cracking into new more natural positions. I felt the high that was my phase, but I knew my rage was there, I felt it burning me to my very core. As I tore from my change I tackled my prey. Snarling and pinning him beneath me as I ripped him to shreds, taking pleasure in every rip of his flesh I threw it in all different directions, tearing him into hundreds of bits and peices. After I was sure no one was around I phased back, and built a large fire. Just in case some one came I phased back to collect the pieces. I threw his head into the fire first, followed by legs and arms. It took me several minutes to find every peice, bu when I did I sat on the opposite side of Sara, whom was still writhing and screaming In what I could only guess was horribly indiscribable pain, and watched as the purple smoke billowed into the sky, making me gag at the smell. Sara woke up the next day, I was asleep, when suddenly I heard a rasping

"water! I need water!" she sounded like she was dying of thirst. I looked up and phased back instantly.

"sara! Oh thank god your okay!" I sobbed

"s-sam?" she muttered shocked "yo-your a wolf?!"

"werewolf actually" I sighed and then shook my head "listen Sara there is a stream up ahead, you can wash up, cuz you really stink... What happened?"

"I was kidnapped!" she cried "he took me on my way to your house, and kept me in a cellar for three days, said he was evaluating me!" she was sobbing now but I couldn't help but notice her tears were dry. "and then on the fourth day he said, my darling, I will make you my mate, and then proceeded to tell me he was a vampire! A VAMPIRE, Sam!" she looked at me and I gasped and fell back, backing away. "wh-why are you naked?"

"because" I whispered softly "they exploded when I began to kill your maker" she looked at me confused and then I heard

'what on earth is that stink?' Sara asked

"it's you, I said softly "you stink"

"no" she sniffed the air "it's y--" she yrialed off as she looked at

my neck and I heard her voice again 'that's so, appitizing' she whispered 'yet so disgusting! Why?'

"I'm appetizing?" I spat the word, then looked down in shame, "your what I think you are" I sobbed "your one of them"

"what? One of who? How did you know what I was thinking?" Sara sounded horrifide

"your a vamipre" I said slowly "and whatever I am, I'm supposed to kill you" I fell to my knees "I can't!!"

"v-v-vampire?!" she screeched now that I listened her voice was prettier than before, more of a wind chime sound "how?"

"he bit you" I said in a monotone, "then I found you and killed him" I then phased into my wolf form. The sadness seemed to double as the now familiar high of phasing took place. 'get on my back,' I thought to her She somehow knew what I said and climbed onto my back. She was ice cold, and I shivered. I carried her to the steam.

End flashback~~~

We found that we can talk to eachother in our minds. Not long after that we swore we would always be best friends no matter what. And when she found she had some sort if control over humans, she fed, begrudingly, nonstop. Now, out in the wilderness that we call our home, she is off of human blood, and trying to eat only animals. It's been 10 years since her change. Will we ever find a new loving family? Will I find a pack, will she find a coven? I hope that mortal enemies are able to get along as we do. Or we may just go seprate ways.

"that was really scary" I said sadly "I didn't know what to do, what to think, at first I thought kill them, and then I thought no, they didn't do ANYTHING to me"

"well I thought it was amazing, they looked like mates, do you think he changed her? Or she changed him?" Sara asked me

"it may have been mutual" I said, "they looked like they loved eachother, did you see the way he stood in front of her?"

Sara opened her mouth to answer but suddenly ran to my room "in here! Now!" she screeched I looked at her weirdly and then listened intently

"the scent leads over here Leah! I tell you it's another one of us!" as I heard this I figured it was the vampires from before, but why had Sara been so scared? I started to crawl out of my home and looked up, and screamed.

"found it," said a bulky girl who was towering over me and glaring.

"see I told you Leah!" said a males voice I began to duck back into my home, when the brawny girl grabbed the collar of my shirt and began to lift me from my home. A growl escaped my lips followed by a squeek: Sara had grabbed me and pulled me back down into our hollow, the girls shoulders were to broad in order for her to get through our small entrence.

Sara shoved me to the wall in my room "what did I say?" she hissed "the're here for me" she snapped "they are one of you, and you told me your species kills mine"

"they were following MY scent Sara! I had to see what they wanted!" this conversation took place in our heads, we snapped out of it whenwe heard a males "oof!" I shoved Sara off of me and ran into our front room, and then stopped dead. This man, something about him clicked in me. He must be someone I know! I don't know! Kinda know? What was it about him that was so.... Appealing?

"uh, hey..." the man mumbled as he stood slowly. This mans eyes stayed locked with mine "I'm Seth"

"Samantha," I said slowly "why... Are you here?"

"I was following your scent, your the only other I've scented besides my own packs" he smiled at me "I wanted to meet you, are you by your self?"

"no, but not with a pack either. I'm with my best freind Sara Brooke"

"got that right sister" sara said from behind me, arms crossed, and glaring at Seth with her red flecked gold eyes.

I was suddenly behind Seth, him positioned in the exact same defensive position as thus male vampire from before, and though I was flattered, sorta, I called out "what the HELL are you doing?!" I snapped "I'm just as much a wolf as you, I can take care of myself" it stung yelling at him like that for some odd reason, and it stung more walking ove to Sara "this, Seth, is my best friend Sara" His mouth gaped and I walked over to him and closed it "your going to catch flies" I laughed

Seth looked shocked still "your best friend is a vampire? I understand freinds, but living in close quarters to one another with a human drinker?" he sounded concerened and Sara growled

"I'm ten years old, and been trying despratly not to eat humans! Why else would I stay out in the woods with the one person that could stop me? The person my power doesn't work on? My best friend?" Sara bombarded him with questions and Seth seemed confused

"uh, sorry? But I am trianed to be weary of vampires you know" Seth mumbled taking a step toward me, I felt my heartbrte speed up, more than it already was, and I struggled to keep my breathing consistant.

Sara suddenly fell to the ground laughing "Samantha!" she laughed "your horrible"

"ok ok, shut up Sara" you stay here and I'll talk with them outside, that is" I said looking at seth's broad shoulders "if you can get outside" I joked and began to climb out, and again i squeeled when I was yanked up by my shirt collar.

"little bitch where's my brother?!" the girl Seth called Leah snappedat me. I glared at her, went to say something then swiftly socked herin the chest; hard. She staggard back letting me go and clutching her chest

"don't EVER talk to me like that, I may be small but I'm just as strong as you!" I growled

"Samantha! Leah!" Seth cried trying to haul himself out of our front door. I walked over and swiftly lifted him out. When he looked at me I had another moment of happiness, which was the strange emotion from before; I felt nothing else mattered but him.

Leah was still gasping for breath "who the fuck are you?" she barked out

"Samantha black" I barked back