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"I'm proud to present the class of 2029!" The principal said as we all stood up and cheered on Flash, Hailey, Suzy, Ivy, and Lorgo. I remembered him coming to this school senior year. He got use to it a lot quicker than I did. He was a really laid-back person, but it wasn't long until he fell under Flash's influence. He never stood a chance. Oh, it's you guys again…wait! She's doing another one of these stories! But it was supposed to be over! Oh c'mon. I don't want to deal with the extreme drama. Sigh. I hate her so much. Well, since three years have past with us I might as well tell you what's been going on. And if you haven't guess by now it's me. Renegade.

Julian, Conner, and the others all ended up going to NYU, but not without a "serious" talk with me. They just took me in the other room and started yelling crap so the parents would think I was getting it bad, but in reality they thanked me. They all didn't want to break apart and with everybody following after it was great to have the group together. Sadly Kendan and Pamilyn didn't join us. Kendan received a full scholarship to Dartmouth which he couldn't refuse. Pamilyn followed him not wanting to be without him. James and Nikki didn't mind. They just wanted her to be happy. We're back to the same grades we were when you last saw us. So, I'm a junior…again.

"C'mon let's go, man!" Julian said as he pushed me forward. Julian and Izzy are still not married. They plan to graduate first then get married. They're living together in an apartment with Luca who will be in second grade soon. That kid still attaches himself to me whenever I come around. Julian adopted him second year of college and he is now his son. Julian is majoring in Business/Econ wanting to start his own business and become a CEO. Izzy is getting her degree in Early Education. She plans to be a kindergarten teacher. Hmm…a kindergarten teacher and a CEO. Ah, the average American couple.

"How slow can this crowd go?" Roddy said impatiently. Roddy was growing more like Sonic everyday and that is not a good thing. Luckily Lilac knows how to keep him calm and chill. They're both still together and stronger than ever. Roddy is majoring in Athletics planning to be the best basketball star around. Lilac is majoring in Education and English wanting to be a high school English teacher. Why high school? I'm not even going to ask. I spent four years there and I don't plan on coming back anytime soon.

"You're back now." Lauren said smugly as I rolled my eyes. She is still the trouble-maker like she's always have been. Only causing more trouble since her parents aren't with us. Ginger has been – unsuccessfully – trying to stop her, but Hydro is the only one who can actually pull it off. Hydro and Lauren act like an old married couple I swear. They always argue and then they return as teenagers by making up…I think you all could imagine what they do. Lauren is majoring in Performing Arts wanting to be an actress and shockingly I think she can pull it off. Hydro is majoring in Engineering wanting to design trains. Hopefully they actually graduate without all their…distractions.

"Keep up Renegade!" Matt yelled from Bolt shoulders.

"Yeah Renegade, keep up." Bolt said with a smirk as I rolled my eyes.

Matt was Bolt's and Hailey's three year-old brother and like Luca thinks I'm pretty cool. What is it with kids liking me? Do I look like a kid-friendly person? Red and blue eyes with dark and baggy clothes. That sounds kid-friendly alright. Anyways, he looks up to Bolt way more than me…thankfully. He's a gold hedgehog with dark blue streaks across his quills. He has light blue eyes with a fox tail that has a blue tip and one of his ears are always folded down. He's a smart kid just like Winter and is super nice. I don't think I ever met anyone as nice as him…well except Emma, but that's a different story. Whenever Bolt comes around he immediately attaches to his leg. Bolt claims he's teaching him the ways of life, but I can tell he just likes spending time with his brother. The cool thing about Matt is that he cracks jokes like a whip and guess who is favorite target is! Bolt. Ah, that is some true hilarity. He does have a tendency to appear at the wrong moments though, with his teleportation powers and all. He can also walk on walls and ceilings which tends to heighten the appearing at the wrong times.

Now, I'm going to tell you something and I don't want to hear any groaning. Bolt and Chrissy are still not together. I don't really know the whole situation. All I know is that they broke up because that Angel chick gave him a potion that made him kiss her. Chrissy saw and heartbreak followed. They decided to be friends and they still are. Alana told me that Sean had a vision of someone else proposing to Chrissy and her saying yes. I believe that this can all change. The future isn't set in stone and it might be possible for them to get back together. On the meantime Bolt is living with Shade and Sean majoring in Performing Arts along with Lauren wanting to become an actor. Chrissy – being the smart girl she is – is majoring in Microbiology. She wants to be the person to cure cancer. I'll be amazed if she does. She is living with Lauren and Alana and that's how I found out all this information.

"Finally they graduated. I get to have my girlfriend at school again." Shade said to Sean as this crowd traffic continued. Shade still remains the dorky hedgehog everybody loves. C'mon you have to admit he is a dork sometimes. He and Suzy are still together and anticipating this move to New York. I know how he feels. I had to spend a whole year without Alana and it was pretty rough. Suzy's joining NYU and majoring in Culinary Arts and going to minor in Cosmetology. No, but here's the shocking thing. Shade is majoring in Fashion Design. Can you believe that? Bolt and Sean never let him go by without cracking a joke, but they soon stopped when Shade chaos controlled both of them on top of a mountain and left them there.

"Yeah, she'll probably be graduated out of college by the time we get down these steps." Ebony said from behind her brother. Ah, Ebony she brings a new sarcastic light to the day. Her major is even more shocking than Shade's. She is actually majoring in Early Education wanting to be a kindergarten teacher. Weird, and I'm not the only who thinks it's weird. Andrew is keeping her cool with his ways and he's majoring in Fine Arts perfecting his artistic talent. They both live separately. Ebony living with Lilac and Ruby and Andrew living with Hydro and Roddy.

"Why am I still filming this? I'm wasting camera battery." Conner said next to me closing his camera and putting it in his bag. Conner is still the film junky he was when you guys last time saw him and he's making it his major. He's majoring in Cinema Directory of course planning to be a big Hollywood director. But according to him he can't be one without his lady-luck on his side, Serenity. Serenity is majoring in Biology planning to be a cardiac surgeon which basically means she's going to rip people open and mess with their hearts. Doesn't it sound great? I deal with Conner more than Serenity though, but that's only because he's living with me. Serenity lives with Liecy and I can't wait for the day they move in together.

"I swear these people are like a heard of cows!" Brice said crossing his arms frustrated. Brice was semi-bummed about not going to Ohio State, but decided to make the best of it and go out for the NYU Violets. Yes, our team is called the Violets, but our mascot is a bobcat. It makes no sense to me, but no one questions it. He is mostly focusing on his major though which is Marine Biology…What? Why does everybody find that so shocking? Did you not read the last story where he said he was really into science and he's a smart guy? Well, whatever. Anyways, Nicole is majoring in Creative Writing and is planning to start working on a novel sometime soon, but she can't get any ideas. Relationship wise the two of them are doing great living together and acting like Knuckles Jr. and Rouge Jr.

"Pick up the pace people!" Flash yelled towards us waving his cap in the air. Flash is still the five year-old kid we left behind. I swear I think Luca is more mature than him. It's only fitting he's majoring in Performing Arts to become a comedian. He'll be able to live his life like as a kid forever…like Todd. Great. Ivy only builds on with her vibrant personality, but I got to admit they're practically made for each other. Ivy is coming along majoring in Biology to become a Pediatrician. She has healing powers! What else do you expect?

"Calm down! We'll be there in a few minutes." Sean yelled back as Flash rolled his eyes. Sean was still the same except he would avoid talking about his visions as much as possible. And yes it is because of the Bolt and Chrissy thing. It's a little hard for him since he lives with the guy. Ruby is always there to help him, but if things get a little to extreme she skates away. Sean hates her for that, but he really does love her. Sean is majoring in Forensics while Ruby is majoring in Combat Training. She really wants to be a G.U.N agent.

"Can I jump over these people?" AJ asked excitedly as he looked over at Lazarus. AJ was becoming more like Todd each day and that was a bad thing. It's bad enough we have the original we don't need a recreation of him, but AJ still had more of a serious side to him than Todd. He's putting most his free time into his major which is Auto Mechanics. He wants to be a race car driver. You can imagine how much Jillian enjoys that. I think it's even worse with Amber supporting him, but he supports her in her major, Cosmetology. They love each other even though they don't live with each other. AJ lives with Lazarus and Amber lives with Topaz and Tsunami.

"We all know you'll land flat on your ass." Lazarus said as Tsunami laughed. Lazarus was still with Tsunami and growing more like a brother to this extended – weird – family. He and Tsunami both remained close and are going strong. Both are majoring in Combat Training to become G.U.N agents. Between AJ and Lazarus I prefer to be around Lazarus. He's more laidback and chill and won't prank me or drop off four year-old Tyson with me. Believe it happened. On the same day.

"It won't be necessary." Derek said holding Ginger's hand. Ah, the married couple. Even though they are married they still act like they're in high school. They are the perfect example of love and Derek is probably the person I look up to most. We've grown close because of Julian and we're pretty good friends now. He always has some good advice and Ginger is there to be my third Mother. Derek is majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Information Technology. He's planning to be a game designer saying all the games today are lame and he needs to show how games should be made. Ginger is majoring in Biology and plans to be a doctor of Internal Medicine. All her kindness needs to go somewhere.

"Finally!" Hailey said running over to her parents and hugging them. Hailey graduated as valedictorian and is attending NYU as a Biology major to become – of course – a doctor. Since Lorgo joined the group he's coming along for the crazy and I mean crazy ride to NYU. He plans to major in Psychiatry and is going to live with Flash while there. He would've lived with Hailey, but Spark wasn't going to have it. According to him it's bad enough he's not going to be there.

"Let's head back before all the exits get cramped up." Onyx said as he balanced his board on his shoulders with his arms over them. Onyx is still the quiet one of his anger crazed family. He's become more talkative, but more like Derek and I. He spends most of his time with Topaz who completes him. Her quiet persona along with his makes their relationship something special. Topaz is majoring in Culinary Arts hoping to become a chef and Onyx is majoring in Athletics to become a professional skateboarder. What can I say? The boy loves to skate.

"Dude, I agree. Let's leave this place." Tyler said as everybody started to head for the exit. Tyler is made his way as head of his class and is maintaining his spot without caring if he does. I always liked Tyler because of that. He's humble and laidback. Tyler is majoring in Business/Econ with a minor in Design. He wants to create his own line of skate wear for the true skater. Liecy is by his side majoring in Culinary Arts to become a chef. They have become quiet the couple, but they don't live with each other. Tyler lives with Onyx and like I said before Liecy is living with Serenity.

"Aren't you coming?" Alana said looking at me with her rose colored eyes.

"Of course. The quicker I'm out of here the better." I said as she laughed her melodious laugh. Alana is still the best girlfriend and I wouldn't trade her for the world. She is majoring in Psychiatry and with her emotional talents she'll do wonders. Sadly she doesn't live with me. We're not quite ready for that step yet. She lives with Lauren and Chrissy, but there's not a day that goes by without me questioning her living arrangement. I guess it's time to talk about me. Well, like I said before I'm living with Conner. He's not that bad a roommate, but everyday I find a new camera device outside our door. I, myself am majoring in Music Composition. My love piano went as far as me wanting to make a career of it. You're probably wondering why I don't join one of the bands. I'm not a big rock n' roll fan. Classical playing is more of my status and Alana loves it and that's all I need.

(A/N: The next part is about everybody's new clothes. So, if you don't care just skip down to the line.)

Along with the new school and location we all updated our looks. Well some of us didn't want to, but the parents wouldn't have it. I mean I looked fine. There was nothing wrong with my look! I heard no one complaining about it, but no I had to change. They luckily let me keep my hoodies, but I they only let me wear them in winter and fall. Sigh, the things I do for this group. I'm not going to go into winter looks until it becomes that time. So basically I'm wearing a black long-sleeved, button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top buttons undone. I'm wearing some black, straight-leg jeans with classic Chucks. I have two wristbands and a black fedora. I have to admit, they did make me look pretty good.

Conner has been stripped of his red hoodie for a short sleeved button-up, red and black plaid shirt and of course with the first few buttons undone. He has black cargo shorts with red Chucks with black laces. He wears studded bracelets and cut his hair shorter, but it's still pretty long.

Julian still wears black wife-beaters, but usually with a gray long sleeved, button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and first few buttons undone. He wears dark baggy jeans and got his eyebrow pierced along with his ears. The first time Todd saw it he started cracking up. His quills got spikier too.

Alana stays pretty casual as usual. She wears black skinny jeans with a light pink shirt with a ¾ sleeve and a cropped black vest over it. She wears pink fingerless gloves and black sandals that cris-cross along her feet. She has a long beaded necklace that's black and her quills are to her shoulders.

Lauren went full out on her new look. She usually wears a dark green tank-top with black fingerless gloves that reach her elbows. She – like Alana – has a black, cropped vest and a black, ruffle skirt with knee-high, dark green converse that have black laces. She got her nose pierced, but Reese made her take it out. What he doesn't know is that she has her belly-button pierced. She got brown highlights in her hair and Hydro had to beg her not to get green highlights.

Hydro wears a dark blue, long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black baggy jeans. He still keeps his chains and now has black wristbands on both arms. He has a silver chain hanging off his jeans with dark blue and black Nike's. He has still has the scar from his forehead to his cheek, but he pulled it off.

Andrew got rid of the "Nerds need lovin' too" shirt and replaced it with a white wife-beater and a red short-sleeved, unbuttoned shirt over it. He has khaki cargo shorts with red, laced-up Vans and a shark tooth necklace. He can still find him somewhere drawing or twirling a drumstick.

Roddy kept much of his same look. He still wears a baseball cap, but this one is black and red. He wears a black t-shirt with swirling red graphics on it. He got studded bracelets since Andrew got tired of him poking him with those things. He wears baggy black pants with a red chain that has different black charms hanging off them. He still wears his gold chain and headphones around his neck with black on black Nike's.

Lilac still wears a lot of white. She wears a gray v-neck with a long-sleeved white shirt under. She has gotten into the skinny jean fad and wears gray ones with white Chucks. She wears a lot of silver rings and she pushes her hair back more. It's kind of weird seeing her with Roddy when he wears black and she wears white.

Ebony has upgraded to a more…feminine look. She wears black short shorts with a red plaid shirt and red sandals. She has rubber red and black bracelets and keeps her quills down now. She wears a lot of rings on her fingers and pierced her lip on the upper right corner. Todd again cracked up with all the piercings going on.

Tsunami kept her sandy blue fur – which made Winter happy. She usually wears a purple long-sleeved shirt with dark denim short shorts and black sandals. She still has a silver chain with a silver heart hanging around her neck and she has a tattoo of a rain drop with lighting surging inside of it on her wrist that Static and Midnight don't know about. That's the reason for the long-sleeves.

Lazarus has kept much of his style, but updated to a better version. He wears a baby blue, long-sleeved shirt with his sleeves rolled up. He wore dark denim, straight-leg jeans and green and navy Nike's and of course his dog tags. He wears fingerless black gloves also.

AJ is still pretty much the same except he wears an unbuttoned short-sleeved, red shirt over a black wife-beater. He has baggy, dark jeans with red chains hanging off them and black and red Jordans. He also got his left ear pierced with of course Todd cracking up. He got buffer too, but Amber makes him wear that shirt over his wife-beater so he doesn't show off too much. The girl can get jealous. Along with Julian his quills got spikier.

Amber is still girly and short as ever. Seriously, Alex is eleven and is the same height as her. Anyways, she wears a black ruffle skirt with a gray off-the-shoulder shirt and a black tank-top under. She had gray and black bangles and a black headband. She also wears black gladiator sandals and a lot of silver rings.

Topaz's style has changed quite a bit. She wears a dark blue tank-top with a sleeveless white cardigan. She wears it with dark washed boot-cut jeans and white, laced-up Vans. She wears a white bangles and her quills are longer – about to the small of her back.

Onyx still keeps with the skater style and his DC hats. He usually wears the black one he got from Topaz on prom with a black shirt that had cut out letters that spelled out "Skate for Life". He had dark straight leg jeans with black on black, laced-up Vans.

Ruby has kept with her skater style clearly ignoring her Mom's pleas. She replaced her white wrappings with blue and green ones. She wears a green v-neck shirt with a blue undershirt and dark washed skinny jeans with blue hi-top Chucks. She wears a load of rings like Amber and rubber bracelets around her wrists. Her dreads are still long and she pierced the top left corner of her lip. Knuckles wasn't happy.

Sean wears a lot more polos now, but he keeps his hair the shaggy mop it was before. He usually wears a dark green polo with straight-leg jeans (by now you realized we wear a lot of straight leg jeans) and dark green Chucks. He has a black wristband on his right wrist and a chain hanging off his jeans.

Shade being the fashion enthusiast he is keeps up with pretty much every style. He mostly wears a black long-sleeve, button up shirt with a blue tie hanging loosely around his neck and dark straight leg jeans. He wears a black metallic watch and black laced-up Vans.

Suzy has really…changed herself much to AJ's dislike. Her quills gotten a little longer and she wears a pink and black midriff shirt much to AJ's great dislike. She also wears dark washed low-rider, cropped jeans with black heels with straps going along her calves. She got her ears pierced and her belly button much to AJ's, Julian's, and Todd's immense dislike. Haha, yeah that was a funny day.

Lorgo got out of his orange color and went with black/white. He usually wears a white long-sleeved, buttoned up shirt with a black wife-beater under. He wears black straight leg jeans with a chain hanging off them. He has black wristbands on his wrist and a silver ring on his left thumb with another one on his right ring finger. He replaced his gold piercings with silver and wears white Chucks with black laces.

Hailey upgraded her look as well making sure Spark approved. She now wears a short-sleeved, dark blue shirt with a brown cropped vest and denim mini skirt. She also wears brown, knee-high boots and a long chain necklace. She wears a leather bracelet the Lorgo made her all the time. I mean ALL the time! One time she lost and went crazy. She almost killed Flash.

Speaking of Flash he got into the new wave of clothes too. He now wears a white v-neck with dark straight leg jeans. He has a dark green wristband on his left wrist and a black one on his right. He wears dark green Chucks with a black rope necklace that had an F hanging off of it. Wonder what that could mean.

Ivy kept her green clothing. She wears a green, sleeveless tunic with dark green skinny jeans and green sandals. She kept her white emerald rose necklace, but now she wears dark green bangles with green rings. Her quills gotten a little longer and I'm surprised she didn't get green highlights. Really, the girl wears too much green.

Tyler is still with the skater style, but he approved it a bit. He now wears a long-sleeved off white shirt with his sleeves rolled up and black straight-leg jeans with black and white skate shoes from Vans. He still has the beanie with the white strip around it and black wristbands on his wrists.

Liecy wears a pink v-neck with white, ¾ sleeved shirt under and dark washed skinny jeans with pink sandal. She cut her hairs so it was a little below her chin since all her hair was getting in the way of her cooking. She wears a friendship bracelet that Tyler made her and three silver rings on each hand.

Nicole – like everybody else – has gotten a new look. She wears a dark blue ¾ shirt with a black sleeveless cardigan. She also wears black short shorts with black sandals and silver bangles. She wears her hair down now and straight. She wears a long silver chain necklace and get her belly-button pierced.

Brice wears a dark green long-sleeved, unbutton shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a yellow shirt under. He wears baggy dark jeans with green and white Nike's. He wears dark green wristbands on both arms and a green necklace.

Chrissy was made sure not to go back to her "nerdy" look by Lauren and Shade. She now wears a blue long-sleeved, unbutton plaid shirt with a white tank-top under and her sleeves rolled up to her elbows. She wears dark washed skinny jeans and dark blue sandals with blue and white rubber bracelets. She wears contacts most of the time, but when she wears glasses their stylish – according to Lauren- black rim, square glasses.

Ginger usually wears dark washed boot cut jeans with dark green tank-top and a white ¾ sleeve cardigan. She wears white Chucks with black laces and green bangles. She keeps her hair half up and half down now and of course her wedding rings. She got her ears pierced again shocking everybody. Well except Reese who didn't mind which made Lauren mad.

Derek pretty much is the same. He wears less baggy hoodies, but they still remain black. He wears baggy dark jeans with a dark green chain (Ginger's eye color) and of course his wedding ring. He wears dark green Chucks and still wears his dog tags. He mostly wears wife-beaters under his hoodies, but it really doesn't matter since he zips them up half the time.

Izzy still wears blue seeing how Julian loves her in blue. She wears a blue shirt with a black lacy covering over it. She wears dark skinny jeans with knee-high black boots. She wears blue bracelets and her gorgeous promise ring. She got her belly-button pierced which Julian appreciated.

Serenity wears a dark purple short-sleeved shirt with a denim cropped vest and black skinny jeans with purple sandals. She wears black studded bracelets and a black beaded necklace. She cut her quills to her shoulders and is slowly growing them back.

Bolt refused to change his look, but just wait until we get back to New York. Hailey sure has a surprise for him.

We all returned to Reese's place and started are little party. Tyson and Alena were running around as usual as Matt followed Bolt or flirted with Juliana. When will the boy learn that she won't give him the time of day? She's eleven for Christ's sakes and he's three. Not going to happen. We were all spread out amongst our different groups talking about the summer we have at home and in my opinion I can't wait for. Three whole months back home with my friends and the slower the better.

3 months later…

"Damn it!" Renegade muttered as he entered the airport.

"What's your problem?" Izzy asked as Renegade sighed.

"Nothing." He said as they all boarded the plane. After five and half hours everybody was back in New York and all the freshmen were excited to see the campus and their apartments.

"New York here I am!" Flash said stepping out of the airport as everybody rolled their eyes, well except for Ivy who laughed. The parents gave them apartments since they've been through dorm life and it wasn't pretty. Everybody was waiting outside their apartment complex for Flash, Lorgo, Hailey, Suzy, and Ivy to show up. They all lived in the same complex just different apartments. Suddenly a red BMW M3 appeared and screeched to a halt in front of everybody. Flash and Lorgo collapsed out of the backseat and onto the ground as Suzy, Hailey, and Ivy all got out casually.

"I'm never getting in a car with your girlfriend again." Flash said as Hailey rolled her eyes.

"Do you guys want us to show you around or not?" Bolt said as Flash and Lorgo got off the ground.

"Yes sir!" Lorgo said as he and Flash saluted.

"Forward march!" Bolt said as Flash and Lorgo started to march behind Bolt. Everybody laughed and followed them. They showed them around the whole campus which took all day and finally brought them around the regular hang outs. Everybody preferred to hang around Central Park or the campus outdoor cafeteria. It wasn't really a cafeteria. It was more like a bunch of little shops aligned together.

"So. Much. Walking. Can't. Go. On. Any. Longer." Flash said dragging himself across the sidewalk.

"We're right outside the complex." Serenity said as Flash looked up.

"Finally! Let's go home!" Flash said jumping up as everybody went their separate ways to their apartments. Flash collapsed onto his couch in the living room.

"When's your first class tomorrow?" Lorgo asked walking into the kitchen as Flash groaned.

"I don't want to start classes." He said as Lorgo raised his eyebrow.

"Isn't that the whole point of college?" He asked as Flash threw a pillow at him.

"I don't want to hear your stupid logic!" He said as Lorgo laughed. "And if you have to know my first class is at ten." He said as Lorgo threw the pillow back onto the couch.

"Tomorrow we start college." Lorgo said as Flash's phone rang.

"Hello?" He said answering his phone.

'Flash! Did you move in fine? Is Hydro and Tsunami being nice? Are you safe? Is Lorgo bugging you?" Midnight said as Lorgo looked at him confused.

"Mom, I'm fine, the apartment is fine, Hydro and Tsunami are being very helpful, and no Lorgo is not bothering me." Flash said as Flash listed off all his answers.

"I can't believe you're already in college." Midnight said as Flash sighed.

"You're not going to go into a sob fest now are you? Because you did that at the airport." Flash said as he heard shuffling.

"Your Mom is fine she's just a little sad because all the kids are gone, but don't worry I'll cheer her up." Static said as Flash heard Midnight giggle.

"Ew, gross. I do not want to hear this. I'm going to bed." Flash said as he quickly hung up. "College or no college I will never get use to that." Flash muttered before walking to his room.

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