"You know your mum will have kittens if she catches you with that," Hermione said as she and Ginny sat in Ginny's room. Ginny was flipping through the most recent edition of Playwitch, which had just arrived that morning by owl post.

Ginny shrugged as she flipped through the pages. "So what? I'm of age. I'll just tell her that I'm thinking of training to become a Healer and this is required study material."

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "Do you honestly think she'd believe that you were required to study a pornographic magazine with pictures of naked men?"

Ginny smirked as she turned through the pages. "I can be very convincing. I suppose I could always tell her it's Ron's."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "I doubt she'll believe it's your brother's."

Ginny smiled widely. "He was the one stupid enough to tell her he was gay to avoid having her try to set him up with every young witch she knows."

Hermione and Ron had made an attempt at a relationship after the war ended. It lasted all of three weeks before they both came to the conclusion that it was far too awkward, there were no real sparks, and they were better off as friends. Mrs. Weasley had been rather disappointed at first, but accepted that some things just weren't meant to be. However, when Harry proposed to Ginny once she'd completed her final year at Hogwarts, Mrs. Weasley decided that she would start playing matchmaker with her remaining children who had yet to pair off with anyone. Ron tried to get out of the matchmaking by falsely declaring he was gay.

The smile fell off Ginny's face as she turned to the centerfold. "Oh my god." She closed the magazine and tossed it away from her. "I did not need to see that."

Hermione picked up the magazine from the floor. "What's wrong? Is there some gross guy with man boobs in there?"

Ginny shook her head, looking thoroughly traumatized. "Charlie."

"Charlie has man boobs?" Hermione flipped through the pages until she found the offending centerfold. Her eyes widened as she saw some really nice pictures of Charlie Weasley posing in all his naked glory in the magazine. "Oh my god…" she said breathlessly, staring at the pictures. "Your brother is huge!"

Ginny clapped her hands over her ears. "I did not need to hear that. Or see that."

"Are those nipple piercings?"

Ginny whimpered as she shook her head, still holding her hands on her ears. "How could he? He knows I read this magazine!"

Hermione didn't look up as she studied the moving picture of Charlie posing for the camera. "I don't think what you do with this magazine constitutes as 'reading'. Do you think that some sort of enlargement charm was used? There's no way he can be that big, right?"

Ginny stood up. "I don't know, or care. He lives right down the hall, so why don't you ask him?"

Hermione flushed as she realized that the incredibly delectable man she was ogling lived in the same house as her. After the war ended, she had moved into the Burrow while trying to save up for her own place. Charlie had moved back to be closer to his family. "Your brother is pure evil," she said, closing the magazine. She held it out to Ginny, who shook her head.

"Keep it," Ginny said, waving her off. "It will take months before I can stand to look at another Playwitch again. Maybe he'll even autograph it for you."

Hermione's blush deepened at the thought of going up to Charlie and asking him to sign a magazine that featured pictures of him naked. Sure, she had her hormonal young adult moments -- she was a young woman of twenty, after all -- but she couldn't just go up to him and start asking him about whether he was as big as his pictures made him out to be or not. It would be just far too… awkward.

For the next few days, Hermione had difficulty facing Charlie without envisioning him naked and doing naughty things to her. She blamed Ginny for that. Ginny knew that Hermione harbored a crush on the second oldest Weasley brother. She knew that Hermione had an overactive imagination when it came to certain things, and knew that she had difficulty accepting that she wasn't as 'prim and proper' as most people thought. Normally Hermione could keep her thoughts to herself, but Ginny just had to have that magazine that features Charlie Weasley as the centerfold. The very well built centerfold.

To make matters worse, Charlie probably suspected something. Normally Hermione had no problems facing him, but after seeing him in that magazine, her imagination betrayed her by envisioning all sorts of naughty things that left her flustered and aroused. So she tried to avoid him, not caring too much that he must have figured something was strange.

It wasn't as easy to avoid him as she thought it would be. Whether she was seated directly across from him at the table while a meal was served, or recruited with him to wash and put away the dishes, she became conscious that it wasn't too easy to avoid him. She resigned herself to a constant state of fluster, particularly since Charlie liked to flirt. Not that she minded the flirting part too much, but it was not helping. Damn Charlie for posing for Playwitch. Damn Ginny for showing her that issue of Playwitch. Damn Charlie again for being just so damn sexy.

She didn't think of herself as particularly perverted. More than once, Ginny had said something about how Hermione was repressed, and needed to find a man to help with some of her more carnal desires before she exploded. Hermione didn't think she was repressed. She was just a bit uncomfortable with such things. Sure, in her fantasies she was just as confident as she always was, even wanton, but fantasies were different from reality.

And she had many fantasies since seeing that particular centerfold. Another reason why she tried to avoid Charlie was because it could be quite difficult to face someone after wanking to their image late at night in the loo. The very same loo that she was in right now, trying to satisfy her arousal.

She'd woken up after having a particularly nice dream about Charlie and a can of whipped cream. Unfortunately, the dream left her feeling a bit needing, and she was unable to fall back asleep. Not wanting to disturb Ginny, she snuck off to the loo to take care of business. It was the middle of the night, so there was little chance of being disturbed in the otherwise busy house.

She hadn't yet found her release when there was a quiet knock on the door. She cursed under her breath as she was interrupted. She moved her hand out from under her damp knickers and picked her sleeping shorts off the ground. "One moment," she called out, pulling on the shorts. After checking herself out in the mirror to make sure it wasn't too obvious what she'd been doing, she opened the door.

She blinked as Charlie stood on the other side of the door, looking quite handsome with only a pair of boxer shorts on. Even though it was rather dark, with only the moonlight shining in the hallway for light, she could see that he did indeed have nipple rings. She whimpered involuntarily, as she would most certainly need to return to finish what she'd started.

"And here we find the elusive Miss Granger," Charlie quipped, smiling. "You done in there?"

Hermione hesitated a bit, glad that it was dark so he couldn't see the blush creeping across her face. "Er…"

"Because I can wait if you're not," Charlie added.

Hermione shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. "Go ahead."

He raised an eyebrow. "You sure? Because I might be a while. I've got a little, er, problem to take care of."

She tried not to look, but her eyes went down to gaze to the front of his boxer shorts, which she could see were looking rather tented. Her eyes widened, and her blush deepened. 'Little' could hardly be used to describe him.

"How would you know?" Charlie asked, forcing Hermione to realize she'd voiced that last part out loud. He leaned against the doorframe, blocking the way out. "I didn't hear the sound of the toilet flushing," he said, smirking. "Although I did hear something that sounded suspiciously like moaning. Seems like you have a little problem yourself."

Hermione wished that she hadn't left her wand back in Ginny's room. If she had her wand, she could Disapparate to the wilderness of Siberia or somewhere. Or maybe she could open a hole to crawl into and hide. As it was, she backed up against the sink, trying to keep some distance between them. "Shut up, Charlie. It's your fault, anyway."

He raised an eyebrow. "And how is it my fault if you're wanking in the bathroom in the middle of the night?"

She frowned, wondering briefly if he even realized just how sexy he looked standing there, clad only in a pair of boxer shorts that did nothing to hide his arousal. It was better not to think of such thoughts, though, as it did nothing to lessen her own arousal. She would need a new pair of knickers after this. "You know why," she muttered.

He smiled widely. "Does this have anything to do with the parcel Ginny got the other day? You know, the one that looked suspiciously like it contained a certain magazine?"

So he knew the source of her embarrassment. That made things a bit easier. "Does your mother know you've been posing naked for Playwitch?"

If possible, Charlie's smile widened. "So that's why you've been acting so weird around me. Have you been thinking of me while you wank?"

Hermione's eyes widened, and she found herself rendered speechless.

Charlie glanced over his shoulder, and then walked into the loo, closing the door behind him. "Have you been imagining that it was me inside your tight little--"

"Shut up," she interrupted, her voice barely above a whisper. She knew he was just teasing her, and didn't like it one bit. She had been aroused enough before he came into the room, but the way he was teasing her right now only increased the urge she felt within her to be filled. She vowed to invest in a good vibrator next chance she got, as she didn't think her fingers alone would be enough to satisfy her if this continued.

"You don't have to imagine, you know," he said, moving close to her. He leaned toward her, whispering into her ear, "Just ask."

Her eyes widened. She could hear her heart racing wildly. Had he just propositioned her? It just sounded to her like he did. Was she still fast asleep and dreaming in Ginny's room, or was this really happening? She had to admit that it was incredibly tempting to take him up on his offer. "I don't do one night stands," she said shakily.

Charlie smirked, pulling back from her. "Neither do I." He ran a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. "Just to let you know, I play for keeps. If you feel like asking, keep in mind that I won't let you get rid of me so easily afterwards. If not, well…"

Hermione shifted from one foot to the other. Yes, she would certainly need a new pair of knickers afterwards. Her loins tingled with her aching need for release, and he was offering her the chance. When in doubt, use logic. "We both seem to have problems that aren't likely to go away on their own," she said. She took in a deep breath. "If you're offering, though…"

She had no idea which of them made the first move. The next thing she knew was the sensation of Charlie's lips on hers, and his hands running down the fabric of the thin tank top she wore. Her own hands were running down his back, feeling his scars and muscles beneath her fingertips. She could feel his erection pressing against her stomach, and became aware that they were both wearing far too many clothes.

Charlie seemed to have the same idea, as his hands slid down to the waistband of her shorts, gently pulling them down while their tongues wrestled with one another for dominance. Hermione moaned into his mouth, moving her hands in front of him. One hand played with one of his nipple rings while the other trailed slowly down his stomach.

"Are you asking?" Charlie questioned against her lips as he pulled back slightly.

Hermione smiled. "I'm asking," she said as she brought a hand down into his boxers, wrapping her fingers around his length and slowly stroking him.

Charlie smiled. Hermione's knickers soon followed her shorts onto the floor. She moaned as she felt one of Charlie's rough and calloused fingers enter her folds. "You really are wet," he murmured before placing his lips on hers.

She wanted to tell him to shut up, but found herself incapable of coherency as a second finger joined the first, moving around ever so nicely. She bucked her hips against his hand, wanting him to replace his fingers with something else. She brought her hand that was playing with his nipple ring down to help take his boxers off.

As his boxers fell to the ground, she couldn't help but notice that he was every bit as big as he was in the pictures of him she'd seen in Playwitch. She wondered briefly whether he would fit completely inside her, but ultimately decided that didn't matter just so long as he was inside her. His fingers felt good, but she needed more than fingers now.

"Inside me," she breathed against his neck. "Now."

Charlie chuckled. "Impatient hussy, aren't you?" he teased as he moved his fingers inside of her, lightly pinching her clit between his fingers and eliciting a loud moan from her.

She gently squeezed his shaft in her hand, trying to guide him closer to her heat. "I will hex you if you don't enter me within the next three seconds."

Charlie smirked. "Not much for foreplay?"


Charlie moved his hands onto her arse, lifting her slightly so she was pinned between him and the counter. Hermione wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling the tip of his long, thick cock positioned at her entrance. "I love it when you get bossy," he murmured.

She smirked. "Two…"

Charlie chuckled, and slowly thrust forward.

Hermione closed her eyes and moaned as she felt him enter her slick folds. She could feel her muscles stretch as they tried to get used to his girth. When he was halfway in her, he stilled just before he hit her maiden barrier.

"Fuck, this is your first time, isn't it?" he asked.

She nodded slightly. "Don't worry about it. I need you in me."

"This will hurt," he warned. "Bite my shoulder if you need to."

Hermione moaned in reply. It was obvious just how different fingers were to the real thing. Never before had she felt so filled, and he wasn't even completely inside her yet.

She whimpered and held onto him tightly as he quickly thrust into her, breaking past her barrier. She could feel blood dripping down her leg. There was no denying that it hurt, but not as much as she had thought it would. The sharp sting of her hymen tearing was already starting to abate, and the pleasure of feeling him inside her was taking its place. After a few moments of him holding still within her, she bucked her hips against him to let him know she was ready for him to start thrusting inside her.

He slowly began to thrust inside of her, agonizing her with how slow he was going. "Faster, Charlie," she pleaded as she clung onto him, running her fingers through his hair.

He smiled as he increased the speed of his thrusts, moving one hand between them. She moaned as he began to fondle her clit as he pumped in and out of her. "Come for me," he said, circling her sensitive nub with a finger. "Scream my name as I fuck you raw."

She was close to her edge. She could feel the pressure growing inside her as she moaned with every thrust. Never before had she felt such intense pleasure as the feeling of his large cock thrusting in and out of her. "Oh, gods… Charlie…" she moaned as he slammed into her with greater intensity.

"Scream my name," he said, pumping into her with increased speed. The friction felt so good. "Let everyone know just who it is you're fucking."

The pressure was just too much. As he lightly pinched her clitoris between his fingers, she succumbed to her climax, clenching onto him tightly. "Charlie!" she cried out. Her inner walls clenched against his cock as he continued to thrust inside her. She threw her head back as she rode her orgasm. "Charlie!"

"Minx," he chuckled as he used one arm to pull her closer to him as he slammed into her hard and fast. "So tight… Fuck… Won't hold out long…"

"Do it," Hermione panted as they moved together. The pressure was building within her again as he continued to fondle her sensitive nub while thrusting deeply in her. "Charlie…"

She screamed his name as she climaxed for the second time. As her muscles clenched around him again, Charlie came with a grunt, chanting her name as if it were a mantra as he spilled his seed inside of her. He pumped inside of her slowly as he filled her with his hot juices, holding her as she trembled with ecstasy.

"Gods, Charlie…" she murmured as she held onto him once their climaxes came to an end. "That… You…"

He chuckled. "I wanted to do that for so long," he said as he withdrew from her. "Better now?"

All she could do was nod as she continued to hold onto him for balance. She doubted that she could stand on her own. "Can't talk. Brain… not functioning."

Charlie smiled. "We must do this again sometime," he said, holding her in his arms. All she could do was nod again. "Now I'm really glad to have posed for that magazine," he said. At her questioning look, his smile widened. "Got your attention, didn't it?"

That, it most certainly did.

--- --- ---

Facing Charlie in the morning wasn't as difficult as she feared it might be. He smiled warmly at her at breakfast, conveying silently that he didn't view what happened in the loo to be a one-time thing. She was reminded of his assurance the night before that he 'played for keeps'. Facing him was the easy part. Facing the rest of his family might be a different story.

As everyone was gathered around the breakfast table, Mrs. Weasley frowned. "I want to know which one of you boys went outside last night and decided to relieve yourself in the flowerbed. It's disgusting, and there's no reason why you could not have used the toilet."

Hermione blushed as she realized that there was, perhaps, a reason why somebody couldn't have used the toilet the night before. Quickly glancing around the table, she could see a few looks traded among the Weasley boys.

"I was sleepwalking last night," George offered after receiving a few pleading looks from his brothers. "Sorry 'bout that."

Mrs. Weasley frowned. "That is still no excuse!"

Hermione tried to tune out the sounds of Mrs. Weasley chiding George for urinating in the flowerbed. She wasn't quite sure that she believed George was the culprit, but wasn't too concerned over who really did it. She glanced over to Percy as he nudged her.

"Do you need help with silencing charms?" he asked his voice low enough to avoid being overheard by his mother.

Hermione blinked. "Er, no. Why?"

Percy quickly glanced to his mother to make sure she wasn't paying attention. "Because you might want to cast one the next time you shag Charlie in the loo," he said.

Hermione blushed, fully aware from the looks on the boys' faces that Percy hadn't been the only one to overhear what had happened in the loo the night before. Why was it that there was never a hole around to crawl into when it was needed?