She awoke, groggy and sore-eyed; she rubbed the back of her hand against her eye lids. She felt so tired, and she had just woken up. 'Kami I'm so lazy' she thought, 'still, I've never woken up tired before, something's not right here'. Having rubbed her eyes to her satisfaction, she opened them. Startled she looked around. This hadn't been the room she was expecting to see, she expected to see her room, maybe even Kaein's room, maybe even kaname-sama's room. Not this room, which she had no idea whom it belonged to or how he got here in the first place. She swallowed her panic down as she heard footsteps approaching the door. Slowly it swung inward, revealing none other then the pure blooded king himself.

It all came back to her then, all the recent events. She had been reawakened to her previous state, to what she really was, a vampire one of pure blood and high standing. 'Yes' she thought 'that would explain my long hair and "changes"'. She blushed, she had grown in certain aspects of the upper area of her body, not that she was ever unsatisfied with her size, 'but hey' she thought, somewhat embarrassed, 'this little change can't be so bad'.

She heard him softly clear his throat, letting his presence be known. "How are you feeling?" It was a simple question, or to someone who didn't know him any better, it would seem. She knew what he asked, if it was just about her physical well-being, she'd have said "ok, but everything feels so different now" but it wasn't just about her physical well being. He wanted to know how she felt inside, about being awoken whether she liked it or not, thrust back forcefully into a life she should have been allowed to choose to come in. it was ok though, whether given the choice or not, the answer would have been the same

With her memories, she'd choose him, without her memories she'd still choose him. She's fallen in love with him twice over, and he still asks her if she's okay. All she did was smile, 'he loves me so much doesn't he' she thought. "I'm fine, onii-sama". He smiled, "I'm glad, and your body seems to have converted quite nicely." Her face flushed at the comment "a-ano… arigato onii-sama." She said, self consciously pulling up the sheets tighter around her chest. "You're so cute Yuuki" he said softly as he walked over to the bed and sat next to her. Reaching one hand up, he brushed away a strand of hair tucking it behind her ear. Her heart raced as he leaned "and would my princess be hungry?"

To say it affected her would be an under statement. His voice, smooth like velvet, rumbling slightly with the way only a pure-blood can, with such raw instinct underlying each syllable and word. It triggered in her a hunger, not just to feed. Shivering slightly all she could do was pant as she reached as if not by her own accord, to his chest, and pulled him back and down with her, dragging him to the side. Lying side by side, she swung her leg over and sat up straddling him. All these actions she didn't know why she was doing, but it almost came natural to her to drag her prey down, and then to pin him till he couldn't escape. While on top she felt a rush of primeoral power and she shivered. Eyes bleeding to red slowly, almost sensually, she lowered herself using her hands on his chest. He tilted his neck to the side, and when she reached her destination in the juncture of his shoulder and neck, she nuzzled him. Part of her recognized him as more then just prey, but as a mate.

Slowly she breathed him in, his scent of fresh air, cedar, and something deeper more musky, that was purely him. Like a daring explorer, her tongue so shy, parted her lips and came out to lick his neck, almost reverently. She shuddered, this was new; her taste buds were definitely different. It was like she recognized the taste of her mate, and it was amazing, making her crave more of it, of him. She could feel him shivering beneath her, groaning softly as she continued to lick languidly up and down his neck. Having her fill, for now, she finally found a decent spot and gave into the ache in her chest and stomach. Letting her fangs slowly elongate she ran her hands up his chest, to rest her left at his shoulder and her right to tangle in his hair, and she bit. Never had anything felt so utterly sublime before. The feelings of sinking into his mate, and feeding from him, made everything in her body tense in a delicious way and as she drank from him, everything relaxed again in an oh so delicious way. As she drank from him she felt herself get enveloped by everything that was him, his feelings for her from the loneliness he felt for not being able to hold her like he used to, how much he loved her and would give the world just to see her smile, and also of his hunger for her.

Yes, she felt that that too; the undeniable truth that he craved her in every sense of the word. Especially physically as of late, having to deal with living with her and seeing her mature but always out of grasp. Taking long droughts of his blood, she kept feeling his love for her, but after a while it slowly turned to lust as the 'feeding' wore on. She didn't know how much more of this she could take, his blood seemed to deepen in texture and richen in taste when she felt his lust rise, and yes she enjoyed it. She enjoyed how it made warmth pool in the juncture between her legs, and how it made her mewl in delight, and her back slightly arch into him as she felt ever-so-slight spikes of pleasure ripple through her. At the same time she was embarrassed; after so long of drinking from him in this state the 'warmth' slowly became a wetness and her arch became a little more violent, the ripples of pleasure soon became small convulsion's and she believed that if she were to continue for too long she might not be able to stop herself from doing… something.

So with one last soft mewl of instinctual pleasure and delight, she withdrew her fangs, and shivering slightly, licked his punctures till they sealed up. She disengaged herself from him and sat up, her hands on his abdomen. Panting and flushed, she looked down and away from him. She knew he could feel it through his cotton shirt, and her nightgown did no justice in hiding her dusky nipples, now hard with the effects of feeding from her mate. He lifted her chin to meet his gaze, smiling softly at her "are you satisfied Yuuki?" Still blushing madly, she simply nodded her head up and down. "Good" he purred as he stood up, sliding her off of him and ignoring everything as if it never happened, as if her scent didn't reek of arousal and embarrassment.

Making his way to the door, she followed him like a lost puppy. "Yuuki you don't have to come out yet, you're more then welcome to stay inside" he said lovingly. "No I'm not gona lock myself up and never face anyone again, I'm a vampire now, always have been and always will be, I accept that… ill go with you onii-sama." He chuckled softly "Yuuki I'm just asking you because your scent still smells like sex" he said smiling at her reaction as she flushed for what seemed the millionth time today. "o-oh… okay" she said blushing madly; she walked over to the bed and sat down watching as he opened the door to walk out. "You be a good girl, and ill reward you when I get back" he purred in that voice only a pure blood possessed while halfway out the door. 'Hai onii-sama' she thought, shivering; with her blush still firmly in place, she laid back on her bed. 'ill get some rest, after all I'm still tired, what with my body changing and all that' she thought lazily drifting closer and closer to sleep, the last thought she had is of what her mate said just before leaving the room. "Ill be a good girl" she mumbled in her sleep.


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