"…To eat" he finished making Yuuki blush. "Onii-sama, don't" she said meekly, her request betrayed by her arousal and the wavering in her voice. He smiled as he threw the undergarments on the floor; his Yuuki was so cute sometimes. Putting his hands on her inner thighs he spread her legs open, rubbing circles with his thumb soothingly on her thigh. Starting from her inner knee he laid soft open mouthed kisses trailing up to her soft curls where he switched to her other knee and trailed kisses up, retracing his path. She squirmed in his grasp; she couldn't take much more of this, whimpering she bucked her hips involuntarily as he reached her curls again. Smiling at her, he took his time licking her nether lips; relishing in her soft gasps and moans as he dragged his tongue up and down her seam.

Her grip on the bed sheets tightened as he delved his tongue into her opening, licking the inside where she was more vulnerable and sensitive. Taking long languid swipes of his tongue, from her entrance to her nub, he licked till she was a panting weak mess of nerves. She didn't know how much longer she could last; his tongue was driving her crazy, making her feel incredible. "Onii-sama!" she begged, not being able to take it anymore. Slowly he kissed his way back up to her, and brushed his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around his head, kissing him passionately; faintly aware of the unique taste of herself in his mouth.

She felt something prod her opening, gasping her eyes flew open and he dominated the kiss. Moaning into the kiss she ground her wet core into the intrusion, making Kaname hiss into the kiss. Pulling away he looked her in the eyes; blood red met crimson as they both huffed and panted. She was dimly aware of the faint thought of 'when did he take his boxers off?' but she dismissed it as she felt him poke her opening again. With love he looked in her eyes, asking permission as his erection stood ready at her opening, already buried in her seam. Her answer was to buck, burying his head into her eliciting a shuddering gasp from both of them. Wrapping her legs around his hips she invited him further in with her heady moan. Slowly he slid in, stopping at her barrier.

"Slow and drag the pain out less or fast and make it hurt all at once?" "Huh..." she asked. "Do you want me to enter slowly, and drag the pain out but it will hurt less or do it fast, where it will hurt more but it'll be over quicker?" he reiterated. "Oh… umm fast please onii-sama." She said. Nodding he lowered himself, kissing her neck then behind her ear, then her; muffling her yelp as he thrust, burying himself to the hilt. To say it hurt was an understatement, but she was glad it was over quickly, and the kiss did help to distract her. It was so different, not as much lust, but more chaste and loving.

She felt his hands trail up her stomach and to her back, unclasping her bra and throwing it aside to cup her mounds. She shuddered; oh what he could do with those orbs of flesh she knew all too well. Feeling Yuuki rock her hips in rhythm to his touch on her chest, he figured it was time to move; slowly he pulled out. She moaned as she felt him exit her, feeling him inch by inch, massaging her walls on the way out. Then with one firm rock of his hips he thrust himself; burying again to the hilt. He proceeded like so, pulling out agonizingly slow yanking moans out of her; her hips bucking until he thrust back into her with ferocity. As she felt the familiar coil in her stomach start to tense, she met his thrusts. Pulling back with him and thrusting forward to meet him halfway, she hurried the pace but it wasn't enough.

"Please…o-onii-sama please…" "Please what Yuuki, tell me what you want." "Harder… I want… harder" she begged. He thrust into her more forcefully, making her breath leave her in short puffs every time there bodies connected. "Unngh… ah! Ah! Yesss…. F-faster onii-sama…Faster!" her nails dug into his back, gripping him hard. He looked down at her, increasing his pace; watching her as her breast bounced up and down. The way she bit her lip, suppressing her moans cutely until he thrust particularly hard and her mouth would form a small "O" and she'd moan beautifully. How her knuckles were white with strain, holding onto the bed sheets now to stop herself from clawing his back. How her brows knitted with concentration.

Slowly her back arched, her walls squeezing around him more forcefully. "A-ahh…oooonii-samaaa…ungh ha ha ha… I'm so, ungh-close… p-please oh kami…more… faster! Harder!" she begged, arching violently as she felt her release close, her walls convulsing and close to sweet oblivion. Placing his hands on either side of her head, he thrust that much harder and faster. "Yuuki!" he choked out, leaning down and nudging her head the left as he went to the right, connecting much like a puzzle; Kaname Kuran and Yuuki Kuran, perfect match. Dragged by instinct he buried his fangs into her neck just as she mirrored him.

She was arching violently now, fangs buried in her mate; a deep throaty moan escaping her as she drank and reached her climax. Fueled by the blood, she arched completely into him to the point where she saw the headboard of the bed; arching off the bed screaming as the most powerful feeling of pleasure tore and ripped through her body nearly making her black out, but she held on firm. The last sight he saw before screwing his eyes shut and following her into bliss was of her; eyes shut tight, screaming his name, fangs elongated longer then he'd ever seen them before, mouth open showing the stains of blood in her mouth, stains of his sin, their sin, trailing down her jaw and into her hair from her upside down position of her head. Her hands clawing his back, her stomach pressed so hard into him he felt every convulsion and twitch from her orgasm pass through her, her toes curled and her thighs gripping him hard around the waist.

He crashed, following his orgasm with the sight of her reaching completion. Beautiful creatures they were, so frighteningly beautiful; vampires. Head buried into the valley of her chest he panted, the last of his release spurting into her. Shivering, she held her lover, her mate, to her chest as she felt him eject the last of himself into her. Huffing softly coming down from her high she held him as he shivered settling from his peak. "My mate" she purred in the ancient language only purebloods possessed, calmly running her fingers through his hair. He pulled himself upright, hands on either side of her head, and marveled. There she was, eyes blood red and full of love, long fangs poking seductively, cutely, out with a trail of blood from the corner of her mouth. In the same manner she looked up at him. dazzled by all his beauty, his face so soft and eyes yielding all the love in the world, staring back down at her; blood trailing down from the corner of his mouth to glide sensually down his arms to fall wasted unto the bed.

'We can't have that' she thought as she followed the trail back up with her tongue all the way to his lips where she swiped her tongue; slowly, purring. He shivered, and in retaliation cleaned her trail as well, licking her lips. Feeling his tongue on her lips she opened her mouth and sucked his tongue in, kissing passionately. When they separated he fell to the side of her, where she pushed him onto his back and laid on top of her mate, still connected. "Mmmmm…" she moaned. "Yes my love?" he asked. "Mmm… nothing… just the afterglow of amazing sex" she said blushing and hugging him tighter. He chuckled "sleep princess." He said sweetly. Exhausted and spent from there 'activities' she did just that. When her breathing evened out, and her heart fell into a soft rhythm, he laid her over to the side and pulled out, eliciting a cute small moaning whimper from her. Standing; he slowly walked to the bathroom and cleaned up, getting dressed in his usual attire. Walking out the door he stopped and looked over at Yuuki, chuckling at how she curled into a ball, her hand next to her mouth.


He sighed as he sat in the middle of his classmates. He didn't want to have this meeting but alas, he had to. He noticed most of the nobles blushing and turning away, averting there gazes from him. He smiled inwardly 'so I still reek of sex' he thought mischievously, 'this should be fun'. "What seems to be wrong, is everyone okay… do you bring me bad knew's?" "A-ano Kaname-sama… it's just… your scent-it… ummm… it still smells" said Aidou. "Do I offend you?" he asked with faux hurt in his voice. "No! It just… smells of sex…" he said, blushing furiously. The tense atmosphere was broken with a hearty laugh from there king. "Yes yes, I know, let's just get on with the meeting." He said; a smile on his face and the laugh still in his voice. Everyone had a mental sweat drop but was happy with his good mood, so they started the meeting.


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