Grace walked in with a new air around her and it made the blonde that was lying on the couch to stir. He watched her small smile being forceful as it usually does, he knew she had her own turmoil but never really pressed her on it but this was new. Sitting up he watched her turn from Rigsby letting her smile slid and the pain to flash across her face. Noticing Jane watching her she replace the smile upon her face once again as Lisbon walked in.

"Rape murder" her face was also tired but she had fire in her eyes as she handed Cho the file.

"Stacy Kirk, twenty seven years old found this morning outside her house in the back yard." Lisbon looked to Jane and noticed his eyes looking at Van Pelt with interest. She paused a moment as his eyes strayed away from the red head and rested on her and gave her that smile.

"who found her?" Grace's voice held a sad note in it.

"How did she get out back?" Rigsby asked sitting down.

"Not sure of all the details but we should be heading to the residents now." Lisbon nodded to them and they all grab there things.

She saw Jane's eyes watching Van Pelt once again and she lagged behind." Leave her alone."

His smile grew and he broke his concentration and his smiled touched the wrinkle in around his eyes. "I am just merely interested in why Miss Van Pelt is trying to hide a bad week."

"How do you know she had a bad week? And how do you know she is trying to hide it?" he could tell he had sparked an interest in Lisbon now seeing her eyes wonder to her fellow co worker and friend.

"When she walked in she slowly glanced at the mirror then she touched under her eye. It looks as if she is hiding a bruise and her eyes are a little puffy, from crying my guess. Usually when you go away with your boyfriend for a week you are suppose to come back happy, she" he pointed "is not happy Her smile is fake with a sad undertone. Body language is off for her" he pointed to show her stiffen up as Rigsby and Cho stood on either side of her chatting. Jane was surprise to see that they had not noticed her tension, anyone with have a brain would notice but in that instance Rigsby looked sideways a her.

"Well, she might have been crying people do cry sometimes and the eye, I see no sign of a bruise and if there was it doesn't mean the worst." She stopped and turned to Jane. "listen Jane, I know you are not going to let this go but before you go pulling your not so gentle tactics let me talk to her. She saw Jane's eyes raise and his smile remained.

"You think something is amiss to" his enjoyment was exhausting.

"I think if there is you will only hurt her more." His smile slid from his face and became more


"I would never hurt Grace" he turned to see her leaning against the car trying to be involved in whatever was being said. "Willingly" Lisbon said walking towards the car.

"Van Pelt you are riding with us." Lisbon said in an authority voice which made Grace shy as she caught Jane's eye.

"Why are you watching me?" she asked him climbing in the back seeing Lisbon shake her head slightly.

"She asked" Jane slid in the front seat lowering his visor and looking in the mirror.

Staring out the window she waited for an interrogation by the smartest man she knew and the most irritating one at that. She could feel his gaze but she would not turn and look at him all she wanted to do was to forget the events of the week , the week she spent with the man she loved who she thought she would spend the rest of her life with.

"Something happened" he stated the obvious and she looked him in the eyes and gave a quick nod.

"Yes, Raymond and I are not together anymore." She paused still looking at him telling herself to control her emotions. "That is all I am saying on it Jane." His eyes raised again and she saw his game face strike up.

"K" was his reply with the snap of his visor.

She looked to see Lisbon casting her a sympatric looked and she gave her a small smile now realizing her plan had failed at least with these to it did. She knew this morning she should have called in and reported an illness but to sit alone another night stewing in a broken heart and soul would only drive her to the edge she was so close to. She put her make on with a smile to cover what was left of a fading bruise knowing well Jane might pick it out but she had a cover for that.

The hardest thing was to conceal her pain to pull it all in and let none of it show, because to let it show would be a death sentence to her heart and to her nerves to relive the worst night of her life. She saw the moment she turned that Jane was watching her and she knew then that today was going to be a difficult ride and she hoped she would survive it. She gave him a sad smile and he nodded to say game on as the car stopped and she unbuckled quickly getting out of the car.

"Van Pelt" she heard Lisbon call and she slowed down as Jane nodded to her as he passed.

"What's up boss?" she felt the need to run.

"If he bothers you to much let me know." She saw a knowing expression cross her bosses face.

"He is annoying" Lisbon nodded in agreement

"He cares"

"You mean he likes games" Grace shook her head slightly as they walked around the house. "but I am not a game" she felt her voice crack and she instantly regretted it as Lisbon stopped and looked her in the eyes.

"I may be your boss but if you ever need anything you know" Grace nodded cutting her off and she notice the small lump under her eye and a little off color about it. If Jane hadn't mentioned it earlier she would not have noticed but it was there what remained of a small bruise.

"Thanks Lisbon but I will be fine." She walked off before she could ask her about her tall tell sign of something dangerous and heartbreaking going on in this young detective life.

"Stacy's husband found her this morning" Rigsby said as Lisbon and Van Pelt approached.

"Where is he?" Van pelt asked and Rigsby pointed in the house and she saw Jane examining the body.

"Her husband was abusive" came Jane as Van Pelt started for the house but stopped and turned to look at him.

"How do you know that?" crossing her arms in front of her chest and he looked at her body language.

"The bruises that are on her arms are yellowish just like the one under her eye, there just above the cheek bone." he stood up pointing to the one under her eye and she swallowed hard turning from him and going into the house.

Now that was interesting, Jane thought to himself watching as she disappeared into the house. Things had have gone horribly wrong for her and it saddened him she was so closed off about it. He didn't know much about her admittedly but he knew enough from her body language that she would not ask for help. Women in the police field had trouble asking for help I guess it made then feel week. He wished he could get through to these two girls that he could be trusted and that he could help after all he was good with mental and emotional situations, well at least he thought he was. Maybe he wasn't but he cared to much for the both of them to ever leave them alone, plus it was a little fun to get them going but he knew when it became serious and when to really listen. Grace was different from Lisbon which would give an annoyed smile and walk off as Grace's wall were more aggressive, it was a toe to toe confrontation with the red head and that is why he never pushed her on her past knowing something bad hung around her but never that willing to push her farther. This he would, he thought there is something that is not right and it will not go away till it is out.

"What is up with Van Pelt?" Cho's voice broke through Jane's assessment of just how bad things were.

"Oh she is just trying to adjust to the single life" Jane said and earned a look from Lisbon and he saw Rigsby perk up.

"Single?" he smiled to himself and Jane walked pass him towards the house.

"How dare you accuse me of abusing my wife, who the hell do you think you are?" Jane heard Mr. Kirk's voice boomed and he quickened his pace feeling Lisbon's quicken as well.

"Explain the bruising?" Jane walked in and saw her hands on her hips glaring at him her eyes burning as he advanced on her and she flinched but kept her stance.

"Back off Van Pelt" Lisbon put herself between them eyes meeting her detective.

Jane wore his smirk and folded his arms leaning up against the wall taking in the sight. Lisbon always the ref between her detectives trying to keep them from make a career mistake or even a life threatening mistake. She was a women who cared even though it didn't show much she loved all of them and he knew it would crush her if something happen to any of them.

"But she is right" Jane got the attention off Grace as the man's tense air focused on him.

"Excuse me?" he crossed his thick arms.

"You clearly have a temper and I know for a fact if your wife came home covered in bruises you would have reported it any man would. Seeing she is a homemaker with a child she doesn't get out much and there is no police report of any sort well except of domestic dispute." the man was silent but Grace's eyes were burning. Jane's face didn't help that smile he gives as things pop in his head was dancing across his face.

"Your forgetting Jane, he is no man he probably raped her to." her voice had acid in it and it drew him up off the wall seeing the daggers in her eyes the slight shake in her stance. His face went solid and fire ripped through his veins, a feeling crept up in his heart knowing now the full extent of what happened. It was all played out right there in front of him, it was ironic that what was happening had just happen to his friend, to part of his new found family that he cared for more then he would ever say.

"You can't rape your wife" he spat with disgust on his face and she advanced as Rigsby put a hand on her and pulled her back some.

"Van Pelt out now!" Lisbon's voice raised her eyes searching her detectives and then she turn to Jane and saw his white face mixed with anger, fear and sadden realization.

"You can rape a wife, a girlfriend, or a fiancé, Mr. Kirk but you are not guilty of that she was probably to frighten to turn you down." he stated looking from Grace to Lisbon and back to the bastard he wanted to take his anger out on.

"I didn't do this to my wife" he said his demeanor fading as Grace jerked from Rigsby's hand. "Don't touch me."

"I want her out" he pointed at Van Pelt and Lisbon faced her with a set jaw. "Van Pelt if you do not leave this house right now I have you removed." she hated that she was being so forceful but it would not bode well for her young agent to go off the handle.

"Fine" she said and walked past Jane and he caught the sight of tears and he turned to follow.