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The drive to Lisbon's was silent, he didn't want to push her much more then he already was, he wasn't to sure her breaking point but he knew she was close. He saw out of the corner of his eye the sadness that etched itself on her face and one that might fade with time, once she knew how to conceal it but it would never leave her. Keeping his eyes on the rainy nights road, in his opinion was only fitting for this evenings events was hard, all he wanted to do was to comfort her but knew nothing right now would. The bad thing about being as observant as he was only made it worst. When she relived the rape it was as if he was there not able to do anything and that killed him. He stole another glance seeing the loss she felt and he remembered his wife and daughter. What a pair they made, both their souls gone in different tragedies but all the same his stolen from him the night his wife and child where murder and hers was stolen from her by the one she loved and trusted, the light was snuffed out behind her eyes, making them dull and her face pale. He pulled into Lisbon's and park looking over at the red hair beauty.

"I am sorry this happen to you." he was sincere and felt stupid for saying what he just did but he needed to say it. She turned to him and he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear noticing how tired she looked.

"I know you are" she dropped her gaze as a light came on. "I just want this to get over with, and I want to forget it ever happened." Jane felt himself smile and she looked up.

"I will help you trust again Grace, but you will never forget." his voice gentle as he turned the engine off.

"I know" was her reply as she open the door seeing Lisbon standing on the porch with the light shinning on her silky black hair.

Jane waited for her to come beside him and he placed a gentle hand on the middle of her back slowly walking up with him. He noticed Lisbon had not changed her clothes from earlier and this sparked some interest that he had to push down, this was about Grace tonight and tomorrow he will poke at his favorite boss. Lisbon had her arms folded and her expression was of concern as she looked from Jane to her rookie detective seeing the pain that was clearly visible now.

She saw the sadness behind Jane's eyes as they came to a halt in front of her, he gave her a soft smile but she could not take her eyes away from Grace, all the sadness was tearing her heart apart. She moved aside and open the door as Jane came up the stairs without a glance and went into her house holding a small video tape in his hand. Grace slowly came up the stairs and went to pass when Lisbon put her hand on her gently.

"Are you okay?" her voice was a whisper her eyes searching, wishing she knew the extent of what was happening. A tear appeared in the corner of Grace's eye and slid down without pause to fall and she gently rubbed her arm.

"Can I use your bathroom?" the light hit her face and Lisbon saw the yellowish bruise Jane had pointed out to her earlier, She now regretted not going back to the office to check up on her.

"Its down the hall to your right." she pointed as Grace nodded a little and toward the bathroom hearing the TV go on.

She couldn't take it, she wouldn't go back in there she was so tired, her head ached from the crying, reliving everything she wanted to keep in. How did she get here? She was suppose to put on a brave face together and get through this day but it went wrong, all of it did. She heard the voice on the TV and knew her sobbing as she told Jane the most privet and embarrassing thing, bearing her dead soul. She wondered her bosses reaction as she could only imagine what she looked like on the tape, because looking into Lisbon's mirror was not to pretty. She saw a pale and blotched face in front of her, weak with emotions, ones she never wanted to show. Her Dad taught her that, being a football coaches daughter you learn to suck up the parts of life you don't like and she just failed miserably.


"Jane what is this about?" Lisbon's voice held authority, concern, and sorrow. He stepped back to glance at her amazed at this women's ability to be strong. She went through hell growing up and here she is pulled together intact and a head of CBI. This is someone Grace could learn from, someone he could learn from. He smiled at his boss and pushed the tape in.

"You will see," he switched the TV on stepping back and taking a spot closer to Lisbon. A dread filled his heart when he saw the tape flip through the questions that Grace had asked him stealing a glance from Lisbon taking in her reaction. Which was not what he had expected and that usually doesn't happen. She was understanding and she looked at him and then back to his question.

"Have you been hurt like this before?" she saw Grace shoot up off the couch with Jane seconds beside her. Lisbon's hear sank at not being able to seen what Jane had been able to , the knowing danced a crossed his face and Lisbon saw the look of concern as he prodded her agent to say it. Lisbon could only see some of Grace's profile and she saw the panic in her face to free herself from Jane, then she turned and all you could see was Graces long red hair. She heard the three words she wish she hadn't, "He raped me" and the sight of her clinging for what life she had left to the man that stood beside her was unbarable. She saw the young women's body shake with sobs, Jane stood there holding her, tears ran down his cheeks as he tried to keep her together.

Lisbon watch as his pain and emotion showed and the love he held for Grace. She wanted to go to her now and put an arm around her, to see this women fall apart when all Lisbon had seen of her was the bubbly happy Van Pelt, it tore her to the core to see her hurting so much. She remembered the first time she meet the upbeat Grace Van Pelt, thinking oh god I have to put up with little miss sunshine, and now to see her break like this, her thoughts trailed off as she saw Grace let go of Jane. Lisbon felt a hand on her and noticed she had started to cry herself as Jane took Grace to the couch and she for the first time saw the blotched face in so much pain.

"You want to take a minute?" he asked as she wiped her tears and shook her head, after all Grace lived this nightmare she was about to tell, to expose all this to the people she worked with, ones that were as close as family had to be excruciating.

"She didn't get to take a break" she said just as Grace dove head first into the reliving and the blank expression that came over Jane's face one Lisbon knew was going to be trouble. She watched in shock at the details of the man she ate next to at parties, at Grace's house when she invited everyone over to meet the man claimed to have loved her. Raymond the lawyer, the good looking man who would walk in a room and lift it up. She remembered thinking, Wow think of there children, both of them annoyingly upbeat.

She looked at Jane who's face was emotionless and the only time she saw it that way was when he was thinking of his Wife and Daughter. She saw a flash in his eyes as Grace's sobbing became uncontrollable as she relived what all women fear, turning back to the TV she saw Grace's eyes flash to the gun at her side and Lisbon looked up as Jane was telling her he would not harm this man. Jane had caught it to and was already taking off down the hall with Lisbon right at his heals.

He burst into the bathroom to find it empty and Lisbon looked to the front door but it was not open and they would have heard it. Jane Felt his heart beating dangerously fast as he walked past the bathroom and into a bed room. He felt relief wash over him, feeling tears in his eyes as he saw the broken women asleep on Lisbon bed, gun in hand but still breathing. A tear was resting on her nose as Lisbon went over and slowly took the gun from her hand.

Was she close? He wondered to himself as Lisbon nodded to the door and he followed her out of the room his eyes still on Grace, wondering if he had pushed her to far. He slowly walked behind Lisbon and when they reached the kitchen she sat the gun down rubbing her hands over her face.

"You," she pointed the burden of Grace's attack on her face "Can't make this worst and take revenge out, do you hear me?" authority was thick in her voice mixed with pleading. "Do you?"

"Yes, but only because I don't want Grace to feel responsible for my actions." his face was strong and hatred filled the lines in them. No smile danced on his mouth like it always did.

"You think she will try again?" Lisbon let her sternness drop, she knew Jane was being truthful and also knew that was the only thing stopping him from killing Raymond, making him suffer the way Grace was.

"No," he was certain

"How do you know?" Lisbon wasn't sure if she should take his advice on this. "You wasn't to sure a minute ago." the feeling from just a moment ago was flashed again and she took a deep breath.

"She would, but it is what he wants her to do." a evil knowing smile played at the corner of his lips."If she killed herself he would not have to worry about her silence. She knew if she pulled that trigger, he would be winning and he could get away with it Scott free."

"Why didn't I see this earlier? Back at the house?" Lisbon felt a small bit of guilt creep up having yelled at her, she must have been in so much pain to lash out like that at Mr. Kirk.

"You where doing your job" he caught her eye " Plus it is my job to catch things like that." he gave her a smile and she shook her head.

"Is she going to come through this?" Lisbon kept seeing the broken face and the sobbing.

"I am a hundred percent sure she will not kill herself" he walked to the table and sat down.

"A hundred?" Lisbon sat down across from him.

"She also didn't pull that trigger because she knew we would blame ourselves, and each other for letting her be alone with her gun. She only came here tonight because she didn't want me to take a life I am so willing to take for her. She would rather relive the pain of her story to you, then for me to take revenge." He sat back and folded his hands over his knee.

" You taped her so you could see how damaged she was, if she decided not to come here what would you have done?" Lisbon was amazed again at how observant and smart he was.

"That, I don't know" he lied and she didn't press for the truth, because she didn't want to know.

He watched Lisbon run through her thoughts, her eyes flicking towards the TV room, knowing she was replaying the tape in her mind. He asked himself, "what would you have done" he knew the moment everything he expected had been laid out, he would drop Grace off at Lisbon's with the tape and would have paid Raymond a visit and let him bleed to death very slowly. Grace was broken yes, would she come back from this? Maybe, but he knew deep down she would not take her life, Grace Van Pelt was in there, not all of her but the caring side would not go away from her. He knew that now and that is why he would not put anymore burdned on her by taking the revenge he craved.