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Before we start, though, here's a short 're-cap' type-thing.

So, at the end of 'Foetus', Ben was six months old and House had just asked Cuddy to marry him.

In this story:

1. Ben is about to turn one year old.

2. House and Cuddy are still not married

3. Wilson's life will also be explored a little in the beginning, but, as always, House and Cuddy are the centre of attention

4. There will be more OC's in this one than in Foetus (as you'll be able to tell right from the beginning)

5. The 'team' at PPTH right now is Thirteen, Foreman and Taub, but there might be a few appearances by 'the pretty one' and 'the annoying one' as the story goes on.

6. Since this is a SEQUEL, I strongly recommend that you read FOETUS before this one. Not that FOETUSES will br impossible to understand without you having read FOETUS, but it will help …

And now, without further ado, Enjoy!


Six months later, as the date of Benjamin House's first birthday approached, Lisa Cuddy found herself immersed in magazines, ripping out pages and scribbling down references in preparation for her marriage to Greg House.

"So your parents are really coming over, then" said House as he entered the living room from the kitchen, a candy bar in his hand

Sighing, Cuddy flipped the page on the magazine she was reading "you know there were other things in there too, like apples and juices"

Smiling, House approached where she was sitting on the couch and looked over her shoulder at the photos before her "now why would I eat any of that garbage?" he asked leaning closer to her with a grin.

"Greg …" she warned trying to squirm away from him as his lips searched for her neck


"What do you think you're doing?" she asked

"Well" he kissed her shoulder "Ben's asleep and your family-from-hell won't be here for three hours, so …"

"My family will be here in one hour …" she smiled at his disappointed look.

Looking around the living room, House shrugged "half an hour should do it"

Not wanting to be too evil, Cuddy let House kiss her for a few moments before pulling away.

"Now, I'm busy … go call Wilson and tell him what a bad fiancé you have" she replied back knowing he hated the fact that her family was coming over, effectively shortening the time they could spend alone together.

"Spoil sport" he muttered straightening his back "plus, why would I call Wilson? All he does is go on and on about Clara and their embryo"

"Wow, what do you have against the kid? Embryo is a little cold, even for you!" she said smiling up at him

"Fine, their foetus" he shook his head

"Call him anyway, you can listen to him go on and on about how his kid is going to be great, and you can make him feel bad by pointing out that you have a one year old who not only walks, but also communicates better than anyone else at his preschool" she sighed

"Fine! But when he starts crying, I'm blaming you!" House called over his shoulder as he headed to the study.

In the six months that had passed since Christmas, Wilson had discovered that his girlfriend, Clara was pregnant and, as the eight month mark came and went, he'd entered the stage where all and any conversations were about the pregnancy and the baby.

Ben, House and Cuddy's 11 month old son was developing at an astounding rate, toddling around the house at a pace that many would call running, and talking with a short vocabulary of four words: 'Dada', 'Mommy', 'Nana' (which could mean both grandma or banana), and, much to House's displeasure, 'House!' (always accompanied by an angry tone).

"House!" Wilson greeted his friend on the phone as he walked through the front door of his home, Clara and her huge stomach behind him

"So, what's up, Jimmy?" House asked casually propping his right leg up on the desk, knowing it would annoy Cuddy

"We just got home from the doctor's" Wilson replied, his voice letting House know he was about to hear a thirty minute story about everything the obstetrician had said and done.

"Oh great" he replied sarcastically

Smiling, Wilson took a seat on his couch and began "yea, we couldn't take it any more, we found out the sex" when House didn't reply, Wilson continued "I'm gonna have a daughter!" he exclaimed

"Great, I'll tell Ben the good news" sighed House turning on the computer before him and deciding that surfing the internet would be enough to keep his mind off whatever Wilson was about to go on about.

Luckily for House, Ben chose that moment to start crying and, yelling a quick "I'll get him" to Cuddy, he bid Wilson good bye.

"You're a life saver, kid" he told Ben as he took him out of his crib and placed him on the floor, his tinny legs taking a few seconds to hold him.

"Let's go see what mommy's up to" House grinned taking the little boy's hand and walking with him to the living room.

Smiling as she heard the sound of her son's bare feet on the floor, Cuddy put the magazine down on the coffee table and turned to look at her two favourite men.

They really were a funny sight, House with his limp and Ben with his hesitant steps.

"Oh, missed me already?" Cuddy asked House with a grin.

"No!" he replied "Wilson was just about to describe every grainy frame of the ultrasound the future fourth Mrs. Wilson got today, coming back here was preferable"

"Oh, such love" Cuddy replied sarcastically spreading her arms out as Ben ran towards her

"Mommy!" he called as he tripped on the rug beneath his feet and tumbled into Cuddy's arms

"Oh, yea" House acted like he'd just remembered something important "Ben's gonna get a girlfriend" he said

"What?" Cuddy looked confused

Sighing at his fiancé's lack of understanding, House sat next to her and Ben "Wilson's having a girl"

"You mean Clara is" Cuddy smiled

"I'm not really sure anymore" House replied as Ben clapped his hands, recognizing Wilson's name "any way, where are your parents going to stay?" he asked Cuddy as he leaned back on the couch

"Oh … uh …" she looked at him with an uncertain smile

"No …" he groaned rubbing his face with a hand and tilting his head back onto the pillows "No! Tell me you didn't"

"They're my parents … and sister, House!"

"Howsh!" said Ben imitating his mother's tone

"Oh aren't you cleaver?" House asked him with a playful glare

Giggling at his father's face, Ben went back to examining his shoes and attempting to grab his mother's hair.

"I've already set up the spare bedroom for my parents and my sister can stay on the couch. It's only for a couple of days, Greg, they leave the day after Ben's birthday …"

"That's on Sunday! I have to tolerate them for three days!" he whined as his son continued to giggle.

"Well, only two really … it's already 6 pm, then there's only tomorrow and Ben's birthday … that's only really two days"

Glaring at her, House was about to reply when she raised a hand to shut him up. Hearing the sound of an approaching car, Cuddy smiled and handed Ben to him "they're here. Now, try to be civil, and it'll be over before you know it" kissing House quickly on the lips, she slipped her shoes back on and headed to the front door.

"Wanna bet?" House asked in a slight whisper as Ben pointed to his mother, indicating he wanted to follow her. "Alright, alright" sighed House picking the little boy up and standing up himself "we'll go to the door"

As the door bell rang, Cuddy turned to House, her hand already on the door knob. "Be nice" she mouthed opening the door and plastering a smile on her face.

Jonathan Cuddy was a man in his 60s, a retired Lawyer, he was tall, had once had dark curly hair, much like Cuddy's and had a very strong dislike for his daughter's future husband. Elizabeth Cuddy, Lisa's mother was 59 years old, she had her daughter's blue-grey eyes, what appeared to be, untameable brown hair and, like her husband, had once been a lawyer, but had given up on her job after her second daughter had been born.

Said second daughter, Abigail Cuddy-Jones was six years younger than Lisa and, at 32 was already divorced and had three children; something she never hesitated to throw in her sister's face. Having inherited her mother's hair and father's brown eyes, House found it difficult to believe she and Cuddy were even related, be it physically or mentally.

"Mom, hi!" Cuddy greeted her mother with a hug, then her father with a kiss on the cheek and her sister with a quick 'hello'.

"Greg" Beth smiled at her soon to be son-in-law, having decided, upon hearing the news of her daughter's engagement, to try and get along with the man; as hard as she knew that would be.

"Mrs. Cuddy" he nodded, making no move to hug or kiss her; it just wasn't something he would do. "Mr. Cuddy" he then greeted Cuddy's dad with a quick hand shake, the man's dislike for him more than evident.

"And there's little Benjamin!" said Beth tickling her grandson as he clung to House, trying to figure out what was going on.

The Cuddys had met Ben only briefly after his birth, when Cuddy had called to tell them everything had gone ok and they had flown over. The purpose of the call had been to ease her family's mind without having to invite them over, because, considering she and House had just gotten together, having a family reunion was not what she'd had in mind.

What they found upon arriving at Princeton, had not been what they'd expected either.

Cuddy still remembered her father's face when he had walked into her house, almost a year ago, to find Ben asleep in Gregory House's arms.

Not that she blamed him, after all, she had told her family that she'd gotten pregnant using in vitro. On top of that, she had, essentially, failed him once again. Not only had she not married a nice Jewish doctor and stayed at home to procreate, oh no! She'd had a child with the least respectable man her father could have imagined.

Jon's hatred of House went back to the day when he'd walked in on the diagnostician and his daughter happily making out in her room; her a freshman in university, him the legendary jackass who'd captured her heart. Even though he didn't understand her choices, Jon loved his daughter, and, like every other father, hated every man he didn't see as good enough for her.

Frankly, considering he'd finally decided to make an honest woman out of her, House didn't see why Jon insisted on hating him, but then again, there was that thing about old dogs and new tricks.

"Greg" Abby smiled at her sister's handsome fiancé "missed me?"

"Oh, definitely" he replied with as much irony as he could muster, meeting Cuddy's eyes over her sister's head.

Suddenly, Ben began to wriggle in House's arms "floor?" House asked him

Nodding and pointing at the floor, Ben wriggled some more "flo" he whispered.

Placing his son on the floor and taking his hand, House watched as he began to look up at all the adults around him, his brow slightly creased in confusion.

"Hey, Ben" Beth smiled, crouching before her grandson "remember me? I'm your grandma" she explained

"Guh?" the little boy questioned, obviously having no idea what the woman was on about.

"Grandma" Beth sounded out again, this time slower as Ben studied her face

"Mom, the kid isn't even a year old … it took Josh a year and a half to even say 'dadda', it's not like he's going to …"

"Mommy?" Ben's voice interrupted Abby's speech as he held his arms up to his mother, no longer enjoying the freedom of being on the floor.

"You were saying?" House asked with a subtle smile to Cuddy, knowing his fiancé was loving that her son had just proved her sister wrong.

"Did he just …?" Beth asked looking up at her daughter

"Come here, baby" Cuddy smiled as she picked Ben up and he hid his face in her neck.

"Smart, little guy" Jon said with a smile to his daughter "guess he takes after you" he added, knowing House was glaring at the back of his head.

Sighing, Cuddy moved on "what'd you say we go get you settled in?" she asked nodding towards the guest room and handing Ben to House "Dad, you and mom will sleep in there, Abby will sleep on the couch"

Picking up their bags, the Cuddys followed Lisa to the guest room leaving House and Ben by the door.

"Well, Ben … this is going to be a fun weekend!" said House hoisting the baby up higher on his side and looking after his fiancé and her family as they waked away. It really was.


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