A/N: Here is a fun out take I did for my reviewers in one chapter. Rosalie had handed Bella a letter from Emmett. This is what I'd like to think the letter contained.

One hundred and one reasons to name the baby Emmett Junior

By Emmett Cullen

1. It's an awesome name

2. I'm the oldest

3. I'm the coolest

4. I'm the best looking

5. Emmett is a rocking name

6. I'll be the coolest uncle a guy could have

7. Chicks dig my name

8. Looks cool when written

9. It sounds good with the last name Cullen

10. Check the guns - who wouldn't want to be me

11. Nobody picks on a guy named Emmett

12. Because who wouldn't want to be named after me

13. It's an easy name to scream when you're mad

14. It's an easy name to say when you're happy

15. It's an easy name for chicks to scream in bed

16. Em is a rockin' nickname

17. Everyone will say, "Are you named after your cool uncle?"

18. Because when I get in trouble people will blame the baby

19. Because when he gets in trouble he can blame me

20. All Emmetts are cute

21. All Emmetts are hot

22. All Emmetts are sexy

23. All Emmetts are good in bed

24. Because we could get matching shirts

25. It would save on engraving. We could get everything on sale.

26. Because you would be the cool parents to give him an awesome name.

27. He'll never wonder how you chose his name

28. It's a long name with only three letters

30. Each letter is so great it repeats itself

31. It's easy to spell

32. Nobody mispronounces Emmett

33. Because I'm awesome

34. There won't be ten Emmett's in his class

35. There won't be nine Emmett's in his class

36. There won't be eight Emmett's in his class

37. There won't be seven Emmett's in his class

38. There won't be six Emmett's in his class

39. There won't be five Emmett's in his class

40. There won't be four Emmett's in his class

41. There won't be three Emmett's in his class

42. If there are two Emmett's in his class the other guy has cool parents

43. When I take him out people will think it's cool

44. Because you love me

45. It's a better name than Edward

46. It's a better name than Jasper

47. You don't name a boy Alice

48. It's a better name than Carlisle

49. It's a better name than Marcus

50. It's a better name than Eleazar

51. It's a better name than Bob

52. You can't name a boy Rosalie

53. We could call him EmJ - you know like Michael Jackson

54. I could teach him to dance like MJ

55. We could call him Junior

56. Because I'm cool.

57. He would be the coolest kid in school if he brings me for show and tell

58. Mom wouldn't need to learn any new names

59. Kids never say Emmett wrong

60. You don't forget an Emmett

61. Nobody says, "Hey You, I forgot your name."

62. He can be cool like Uncle Emmett

63. People will think you're awesome for naming him Emmett

64. It's a sexy name

65. Emmetts are always fun

66. Emmetts are good eaters

67. All Emmetts love their moms

68. How can you not want to name him after me? I'm awesome

69. People will say, "You're funny, like your uncle."

70. People will say, "You're cute, like your uncle."

71. People will say, "You're great, like your uncle."

72. Because I rock

73. Because I'm strong

74. Because I'm cool

75. Because Emmett's a wonderful name

76. Seriously, it's the best name.

77. It would be so cool to have someone named after me.

78. All the kids on the playground would say, "You have a cool name."

79. Because I said so. (I always wanted to say that)

80. When he plays in the MLB I can say that's my name!

81. When he plays in the NFL I can say that's my name!

82. When he plays in the NBA I can say that's my name!

83. When he plays in the NHL I can say that's my name!

84. Cuz Rosie won't let me have sex anymore if I say we'll name our first son Emmett.

85. Cuz Rosie won't let me have sex anymore if I say we'll name our first daughter Emmett.

86. Because Tiger isn't cool anymore.

87. We could make cool Emmett only handshakes.

88. He would have to be cool like his uncle.

89. It's an awesome name.

90. He would only have to learn to make three letters to spell his name

91. When you sing the alphabet you can double the e's, m's and t's for fun.

92. It's a cool name

93. Because I'm great

94. Because then I'll be able to tell Rosie that our baby won't be Emmett Jr., he could be Emmett Jr. Jr. And she didn't say no to that.

95. Did I mention that it's an awesome name

96. It would make me happy

97. It would make me proud

98. Mom and Dad obviously love the name

99. Rosie and I would babysit for free if his name is Emmett

100. I'd pay ya

101. Please!?! It would make me really really really really happy.

Please note that any duplicates are intentional because they are really important.


Emmett Jr.'s really cool uncle, Emmett