The forest was unusual calm. No wind trashed the trees. No sudden squeak from hunted animals. No sounds as from predators barging throw the bushes. And most important no shouting incantations from humans.

The calmness transcended on three young humans – humans still not used to such peacefulness and tried to keep their mind from searching from dangers.

The war was over, but for many had the wounds not even started to heal. Some wounds never did.

Especially not for the three humans. Or magic wielders as they were, two wizards and one witch. The three of them, although young, had been in the front of the war. When the leaders and the elders died one by one they had stood strong. They had gathered the trembling Light side to one united force. Together they had sacrificed everything, given every bit of strength in their task.

The few survivors thought the war had been won thanks to the three of them – and thus celebrated them as heroes.

Not that they cared though, they were still stuck in their mourning to even think of celebrating.

They were tired.

Which brought them seek out this clearing in the middle of the night.

They were tired; they didn't have the strength to continue leading the magical world. Their task was done. The people expected them to continue the burden of leadership, to lead the world into the new era of peace and prosperity.

They were so tired. What wouldn't they give to get the chance of anonymity. To go to a place were they could start to heal the wounds from the war. To go to a place were they didn't had any expectations on them.

They would never find that place in this world. Everything was still to close, everything was still a painful reminder of their past. So they'll just have to go some were else…

"Are you ready?" asked the twenty years old Ron Weasley as he looked at his two companions.

"As ready as we ever can be" answered Hermione Granger with a nervous smile.

"Okay we have been discussing this millions of time, drawing worst case scenarios, so I don't need to remind you what to do. Just so you know I love you." Said Harry Potter in a soft voice, though calm, hinted of the undying love he felt for his two companions. They would never hide any emotions from each other. Not that they could. Having been through everything together they could easily read in their faces what no one else could.

The two other nodded to him, no words were spoken but he understood.

They were united, forever bonded through war and hardship, but also joy and happiness. Having lived through a war together they were so closely intertwined, so tuned to each others emotions that they almost was one being.

In truth they were one being, and it would be their destruction should one of them die. The two left in the mortal plain should soon perish. Love could be a destructive force but also the only thing that could keep one going when all hope was lost.

"Lets start this, because if we wait much longer I won't be able to resist the urge too look at my notes again." Said Hermione as she sends a longing look to her books on the ground a few steps away.

"Please Mione, you are making me nervous" Said Ron, Hermione shrugged apologetic.

Without further words they moved forward, as by an unspoken command. They stood in the middle of a pentagram; the lines draw in their own blood. They were deep inside the forest. At first had the mysterious creatures that dwelled here had gazed at them curiously but soon left them alone.

The centaurs had greeted them when they had entered the forest a few hours back, but soon left after expressing their farewells, almost knowing what they were about to do.

Grasping each other's hands they started to chant. The guttural words from a long lost land tore throw the silent forest. The words to leave this world. A world finally free from war but no longer could offer any peace for the war hero's. The chanting reached its peak and the drawings started to shine.

The clearing started to pulsate, as the air grew thick with magic. There was a bright light, the light faded as did the magic, revealing an empty clearing. Three was no sign after the three young. A bird let out a chirp and the inhabitants of the forest continued their night.