Shugo Chara

ThE BaBySiTtEr

Summary: Amu thinks Tsukiyomi is the cutest guy ever. Ikuto's little brother, that is. Amu baby-sits him often, and only caught the eye of the perverted cat boy, who's love rival is a four year old. With a jealous Ikuto, a stubborn Amu, and brother rivalry, what's not to love?

ShellyCullen: So, this story is actually reflected off my own feelings…kind of. I don't have any siblings and I'm always really lonely. I happen to love little kids, and I spend a lot of time playing with them. I've always wanted a little brother or sister and I find myself having dreams like that.

Also, due to my other stories, I have decided to delete THE NATURAL PLAYBOY for DANNY PHANTOM. No worries, though. It will be brought back at some point, but until then it is on hold.

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Chapter One:

Letters and Fears

I was sitting on Rima's bed, a single satin-sheeted fabric, a bright sun shine yellow. The shade was almost blinding with the brightness it took, a complete contrast to Rima's outer character. It reflected well when Rima seemed to be in the comedian mood, but today she was anything, but funny.

Rima walked into the room, her face its usual mask of calmness and carefree. She bounced over to me, picking up the cell phone on her desk and frowning.

"I hate chain letters," she murmured softly, peeking up at me from black eyelashes. She sighed and took a seat on her black computer chair.

"What's it say this time?" I asked curiously, slightly leaning forward toward her. She handed me the phone and I read the message.

"Why do people keep sending ones where you die if you don't forward it? It's really annoying me," I stated, handing her the device back. She closed it and placed it in her pocket.

"These people think they're soooo hilarious or something. It's not funny one bit," Rima concluded, crossing her arms and laying back into the chair. I began to swing my legs, a bit fidgety.

"Well, you seem anxious. What happened?" Rima asked as soon as her anger had subsided. I shrugged, ignoring the burning stare she was giving me.

My phone began to vibrate, saving me from coming up with an excuse for Rima to believe. I flipped my pink Sprint phone open and clicked on the message.

"Chain letter," I muttered to Rima, who came over and plopped down next to me on her soft bed.

"What's it say?" She asked, and I read the text aloud.

"If you're reading this, you must forward it to 5 people in about ten minutes. If you don't, you'll end up fearing the worst to come." I raised an eyebrow at the strange message and Rima stared at me.

"Who sent it to you?" She asked as I shook my head.

"I don't know. The numbers blocked. Maybe Yaya wants to mess with us or something."

"Yes. Because Yaya is the ultimate queen of comedy," Rima responded sarcastically and rolled her eyes. I just shrugged. I quickly gazed at the letter once more before immediately deleting it. Rima glanced up at me.

"Not afraid of what's to come?" She asked and I shook my head, grabbing my black bag and heading toward the door.

"Not really. Things like text messages don't scare me; but what will is the look on my parents face if I walk home to late. I'll see you tomorrow." I waved casually behind my shoulder and proceeded out the door.


Maybe that wasn't such a good idea…

I thought, walking down the dimly lit sidewalk. Night had fallen over us and I was walking home, a bit too aware of my surroundings. I was afraid of a lot of things, but I never admitted to the weakness. So why was I so concerned over a chain letter?

A slight rustle interrupted my thoughts as my eyes widened, turning to the bush nearby. I was passing by the main park in town, and I was freaking out. It's probably just an animal! I reassured myself, continuing to walk home normally.

The bush continued to move and I noticed it had gotten closer. I whirled around, facing the thing and was prepared to run as fast as I could go. A small black figure jumped and I yelped, bolting off toward the park swings. I wasn't sure what it was or if I should even be afraid of it. I was too scared to look back.

I ended up jabbing my gut into a giant swirly slide, the compact of it leaving me breathless as I slowly slipped onto the ground. I clutched my stomach, the pain of it making small tears brim in the corner of my eyes. This really did hurt.

I wasn't one to believe in supernatural stuff, but the letter began to freak me out a bit. What if I was "fearing the worst"?

A hand lightly touched my shoulder and I jumped back, turning. Only, I wasn't met with my worst fears.

Instead, a little boy was at the bottom of the slide, staring at me curiously. His hair was a bit messy, a dark blue almost black and his eyes were the color of ocean waves, almost turquoise. His skin was peach, his face seeming a bit flushed for some reason. He couldn't be any older than five.

"W-Who are you?" I asked, confused and still scared out of my mind. He didn't answer and continued to stare at me with those strange colored eyes. I relaxed as my limbs went weak. I was overreacting.

"Are you lost?" I asked. Why would a five-year-old boy be alone in a giant slide? I quickly checked for any adults hanging around, but only saw a few cars pass in the distance. I turned back to him.

He wasn't looking at me anymore, but instead took a sudden interest in the ground. I looked down as well, and noticed that there was a cut above my knee, red blood oozing from it.

"Ah!" I stated, grabbing my school bag as I began to look for a tissue or a bandage of some sort. I was finally aware of the pain, the slight stinging sensation the wound brought. I sighed, finding nothing, but my school work and a pack of bubble gum.

"Great." I sighed. As if this day couldn't get any worse.

It was a few moments, and with a little hesitation, the boy crawled out of the slide. Very slowly he took a bandage out of his back pocket and peeled off the back. He examined my cut carefully, almost as if he were a doctor checking the patient's every move, and wrapped it around my cut. His touch was soft and gentle I barely recognized the bandage pressed to my skin.

I stared at him in awe, and as he finished he continued to stare at it, as if he had nothing better to do.

What a strange kid…

"T-Thank you," I whispered to him, not knowing what else to do. Children were different from adults. They took gratitude in a different way. The small boy looked back at me, curiosity filling his gaze and he seemed to accept it. I smiled at him.

"Well…do you have a family? What's your name?" I asked, standing up and extending a hand toward him. He hesitated, glancing down at it in a strange way, but soon took it.

"Aruto…Tsukiyomi." He spoke like he was questioning himself and I smiled. His hand was small and cold in my grasp, and I tried my best to warm him in my grip. I frowned, taking in his pink flushed cheeks and puffy breath.

"Are you cold…Aruto?" I asked, but the boy didn't look up at me. He stared straight forward with pursed lips, so intent on ignoring me I would have believed he wanted me to go, but when I tried to let go of his hand to get a closer look at him, he held it tighter.

I watched him, curious as to what he was doing. I stared down at the tiny child for some time, feeling myself begin to shiver the closer we got to night. Then I looked toward the slide.

"Is the slide your favorite thing here?" I questioned, and the boy finally met my gaze again. He watched me, then turned his head back to glance at the large slide. He shrugged.

"Its okay…not very comfy," he mumbled and let out another breath of cold air. He still clung to my hand with his own.

"Do you come to this park often?" I tried another question, hoping I can string enough information to find out where he lived and what happened. Aruto shook his head.

"No…I go to the bigger park."

"Is the bigger park around here, Aruto?" He shrugged. He wasn't talking much, and I could tell he was getting annoyed about me being so nosy. I tried being as patient as I had to, taking the time to stand in the cold air and just hold his hand in my own. We stared at the cars in the distance, and listened to the sounds of a load of crickets and bugs in the air. At some point my phone vibrated and I fished it out of my pocket with my free hand.

A text from my parents. Great.

"You're going?" Aruto suddenly spoke after all the silence, and I looked back down at him. His expression was clear, but a little distrusting.

"Ah…" I tried to think of what to say. Aruto waited for my answer. My eyes softened. "It's late," I pointed out, gesturing to the sky. It was a dark glob of midnight blue. "My parents are probably worrying where I am. I have to get home soon, I don't want to get in trouble." I hoped he took my words and felt them as his own.

Aruto looked down at the woodchips under our feet, and kicked some with the tip of his shoe. He began pushing stacks of them, until he wrote the letter T in the brown earth.

"I guess…" He began, not continuing his statement. I tilted my head, trying to see his face.

"Aruto…isn't there somewhere you should be?" I asked then, knowing this would come to a victory. Aruto was still at first, before pouncing.

He pushed me, not hard enough to knock me down, but to make me stumble slightly. Then he ran back into the yellow slide and from the bottom, climbed up into the round tube until I couldn't see him anymore.

I waited, confused, and stared at the top of the slide. When he didn't appear, I lowered my head and looked through the bottom of the slide.

"Aruto?" I called, worried. He sat at the top of it, arms crossed and legs pressed to the side. When I called his name out again, he stared down at me, glaring.

"Don't…" He muttered the rest under his breath and I could no longer understand him. I struggled to hear.

"What?" I asked again, confused. The boy broke out of his position and placed his legs to a regular pose for a grand slide.

"Don't call me that. Aruto. I don't want you to call me that," he stated, putting each hand on either side of him. I stared, tilting my head to the side.

"What would you like me to call you then?" He shrugged. Seemed like it was his thing to shrug.

"Well, I can't call you anything besides "you" or "blue" until I have a name. What's wrong…Aruto?"

Aruto closed his eyes and every so slightly, slid his way down back to me. He didn't meet my eyes, but wrapped his arms around my stomach where he began to weep.



I walked into the house, slipping the key under the mat and silently closing the door behind Aruto. I couldn't just leave the boy alone in the park, and he didn't seem to be wanting to visit his family anytime soon.

The house was dark and quiet, and I was relieved and scared altogether. Mama and Papa were always here, always checked to make sure I was here. I pulled my phone back out to make a call to them, only to see the text Mom sent me earlier. I opened the message.

Out late with Papa, please be careful walking home. Call us when you get back! – Mom

Well, that sure explained it, but at least this would be easier kept a secret. I texted back I was fine and walked into the house. I turned on the lights and motioned for Aruto-kun to step inside. He took awkward, scared steps.

For the first time, I was happy not to have a little sibling who would tell Mom or Dad about Aruto. Being an only child did have its benefits.

I tiptoed upstairs, gesturing for Aruto to follow. He was silent, following me without a single word. I was surprised he didn't seem terrified of strangers like me. Was he that rebellious he didn't care about his parents rules anymore? Or was he too young to understand "stranger danger"?

But what if he didn't have parents? The thought struck me and I felt guilty. What if he didn't even have a family? Was just some random boy in the street? Aruto-kun's answers to my questions hadn't solved anything, but told me very trivial things about his life.

There was one crucial piece I remembered from him though. He told me his full name. Aruto…Tsukiyomi. Maybe I could google search and something would pop up.

When we finally reached my room, I opened the door and turned on the lights.

The room came into vision, my white walls and pink bed seemed plain as always. The furry pink carpet and punk-ish decorations gave it its spice, but I still felt it needed something. I walked in, Aruto close to my side as I began to look for pajamas I would sleep in.

I switched on the bedside lamp, its light was dim and perfect for a little boy to sleep with. Then I turned off the big light and walked toward Aruto-kun. I could smell the scent of musk and rain radiating off his skin and clothes. He must have been out all day, if not more, but he couldn't be a street kid. He was much too clean and naïve to be one.

"I'll run a bath for you to clean in. Do you like the water cold or warm?" I asked, hoping for an answer from him.

"Warm," he stated in his tiny high-pitched boy voice. I giggled at how cute little children sounded. Some people found the talking annoying, but I found it adorable.

"All right." I stepped into my bathroom, the tub a long white one. It was based off the old fashioned ones, which I found pretty appealing for some reason. I turned the handle, testing the water under my hand until it turned warm. Then I looked for a nice bubble bath scent for a boy, and ended up using my deep ocean one.

The bubbles began to form and rise, revealing the white surface. I came back out to find Aruto in the exact same place I'd left him.

"Baths ready, Aruto-kun. You can come now." I smiled and he came in, standing in front of the long tub. Then he turned to me.

"I'm…hungry too," he added, not sure if he was being rude or not in asking. So he was able to grasp manners as well as embarrassment. He couldn't have figured this all on his own when so young. I nodded.

"I'll be right back. Just hop in and start washing," I replied, closing the door. I picked up Aruto-kun's clothes and inspected it. A black sweater and a white T-shirt under. Along with dark blue jeans and black white socks.

I took the dirty clothes, along with my hamper, and brought it down stairs to the laundry room. I stuck them all into the washing machine and started it, before looking inside my refrigerator. The freezer was stocked with chicken fingers and I cooked them in the microwave, before returning to my bathroom. Aruto sat in the tub, motionless.

"Everything okay?" I asked, kneeling before the tub. He stared at the bubbles as his cheeks turned lightly pink. Was he…embarrassed?

I tri hard not to let a laugh escape my lips and grabbed a shampoo bottle. "For now, all I have for you to use is ocean scented things. I hope that's okay," I asked, handing him the bottle. He gave one nod and stared at the bottle, still unmoving. My eyes narrowed.

"Do…Do you need some help?" I questioned, remembering he was probably four or five. He looked up at me with those eyes again, which seemed to answer yes.

I squeezed out some of the shampoo and mixed it in my hands. I began to rub it into his hair, then lightly getting to the scalp. He seemed to enjoy it, his eyes closing as I continued running my finger through his hair. Then I washed it out.

Aruto-kun finished the bath, now wrapped in a white fluffy towel. I handed him a black T-shirt of mine for him to wear and checked on the laundry. The washing machine beeped as I pulled out the wet clothes and stuffed them into the dryer. I took a dryer sheet and placed that in as well, turning the knob as the thing started.

I walked back into the kitchen and added rice to the meal. Then I took the food along with some water up to my room for Aruto-kun.

When I came back up stairs, I saw the cutest thing. Aruto sat on my bed, staring up at me in an innocent manner. His legs were spread out in front of him, apart as his hands were just forward, laying themselves on the pink fabric.

I came over to the twin bed, handing him the plate of warm food. He ate it quickly, obviously hungry from a long day, and finished in no time. I lightly patted his head at the finished meal, and took it back down to the kitchen. I quickly washed the dishes and went to get Aruto-kun's dry clothes out.

When I was up stairs again, Aruto was already lain in my bed under the covers, his eye barely open. I shook him softly, and he struggled to look at me, giving a big yawn.

"I know your tired Aruto-kun. Just put this on first, okay?" I handed him the clothes and he changed himself under the covers, much too comfortable to move. After he was done he yawned again and fell back into the pillow.

I smiled, and lifting the covers, I slipped under them as well. Aruto was facing me as made sure there was no contact between us, in case he was still cautious. He looked too tired to care and then he began to sleep peacefully.

I grinned at the sleeping face. It would take him a while to open up…and it would be a miracle if I could convince him to go home. The first thing to do in the morning though was to find out who was Aruto Tsukiyomi.

ShellyCullen: So, here is chapter one. We finally meet Aruto, the cute little boy who's lost at the park. And, yes, I do know that is Ikuto's father's name. Also, Ami is not Amu's little sister, if you're all wondering about that. Amu is an only child in this fanfic.

I think this started out pretty well, and I'm hoping you'll all be kind enough to give this story a chance. Any questions I will answer next chapter if your confused and hope to start chapter two as soon as possible. And, as always, long reviews are encouraged. Happy Reading!