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Chapter two: Understanding the other side


I saw Emmett with a strange crown of feathers. He didn't look like a Native American but more like an ancient god. His eyes were glowing in a freaky way.

'' Emmett, I didn't know you had a tendency of wearing feather crowns. ''

'' Huh? ''

'' This man with the strange thing on his forehead remembers you with a crown of feathers and your eyes were gloating evilly. ''

'' I don't know what you're talking about. ''

'' We don't have anyone named Poseidon among us. '' Jasper said out loud so the humans could hear him. Then the short man with the dark hair said with a hoarse voice:

'' Stop lying; we know who you are, false gods. ''

'' We're not gods. We can't flash thunderbolts through our eyes to kill people. '' Em said, not taking the situation seriously. But his little joke didn't break the tension. The glasses guy was wondering what we were and I was wondering what a goa'uld was. The humans slowly approached us but we didn't move from our defensive positions.

'' Sir, I can't feel any naquadah in their blood. '' the female said. Carlisle wondered what naquadah was and could it be used in medicine. I felt Bella's shield covering all of us.

'' Yes, I can't feel any goa'uld presence either. '' the dark haired man said in a normal voice. Jasper wondered if he used a microphone to modify his voice.

'' What's a goa'uld? '' Em asked

'' Well you know, those snake-like things that enter your body and take over your mind. Then make ya dress fancy and believe you're the Almighty. Like the one in his head does. '' the guy with the sunglasses pointed his P-90 at Emmett.

'' I don't dress fancy willingly. Alice made me do it. Don't judge her by her size. Her wrath is worse than that of a fat woman who's been called fat. '' Emmett joked earning a smack on the shoulder from Alice and a giggle from Bella. The 4 eyed-guy thought we were taking this as a joke. I decided to interfere.

'' We do take this seriously, Dr. Jackson. But Emmett here has his own way of doing things. '' Then I whispered to all the vampires '' I think it's safe to tell them the truth. ''

'' Won't that endanger their lives, son? '' Carlisle thought.

'' No dad, they have bigger secrets then ours. ''

'' What secrets? '' all of them thought.

'' I don't think it's me who should tell you that. ''

'' Will they tell us? '' Carlisle asked

'' I think so. Yeah they will. Oh! You're right Edward, that secret is big. '' Alice saw the future.

'' What are you? '' Daniel asked. I turned to Carlisle and he said so the humans could hear him.

'' We are vampires, Dr. Jackson. But please don't be alarmed, we don't drink human blood. We hunt animals only. That's why our eyes are golden, not red. ''

'' What's cliché Colonel? '' I read the mind of the person with the sunglasses, whose name was Jack O'Neill.

'' Well, you know, '' we are vampires but we don't drink blood. ''

'' So that means you've watched a lot of movies. When you meet a vampire in this world you're not going to hear him say '' I'm a vampire ''. You'll be dead before you know it. '' Jasper said

'' Well, I think I can handle myself pretty well, thank you ''

'' You don't understand Colonel O'Neill '' I ran vampire speed behind him. '' We vampires are immortal. Your guns cannot save you. ''

'' I'm willing to try my luck '' he turned and pointed his P-90 at my chest.

'' Let's not get carried away, shall we? Calm down Colonel. '' Jasper sent a wave of calmness on the meadow.

'' You know, I'm not a big fan of people messing with my head. '' I thought I'd like this O'Neill guy. His thoughts seemed humoristic.

'' I'm not messing with your head. I'm just manipulating your emotions. '' Jasper smiled innocently.

'' Oh, 'cause that makes me feel so much better. ''

'' Glad to hear that, Colonel. '' Rose spat at him.

'' Rose, chill. '' Jasper pat her shoulder. I returned to my previous spot with my family.

'' Wait, you said you don't drink human's blood. Why is that? '' the archaeologist asked.

'' Daniel. '' O'Neill said thinking 'it's not time for that'.

'' Jack, I think it's important. ''

'' We don't drink human blood because we don't want to be monsters. I myself have the best self control ever since I'm a doctor. '' Carlisle answered on the behalf of the family.

'' And you never drunk the blood of a patient? '' Major Carter, the blond female, asked.

'' I haven't drunk any blood in my 338 years of life. ''

'' You're more than 300 years old? You mean you actually lived during the Middle Ages? '' Dr. Jackson asked

'' I was a human back then in the beginning but I still remember clearly that Europe wasn't the best place for humans. Not that the vampires lived happily but still… ''

'' I'm so glad we are having this conversation and getting to know each other but what about Poseidon? '' the Colonel said with fake carelessness.

'' Never heard of him. '' Emmett shook his head.

'' Indeed you have Emmett Cullen. I have seen you; I have led battles with your Jaffa. '' the alien guy said.

'' First of all, what is a Jaffa? And second of all, huh? '' Emmett was once again completely ignorant. He was ignoring the flashes he had but I saw one of them. It had some fat looking guys fighting another fat looking guys with different tattoos on their foreheads.

'' Okey, can someone explain me what's going on? '' Jack yelled looking really pissed off.

'' I am sure that the situation will get clearer to both sides on the way to the Cheyenne mountain. '' Alice smiled sweetly and danced off to hug Crater. The female was surprised and her team mates pointed their weapons at Alice's direction. '' I can feel that we're gonna be great friends! Especially with that tall guy. '' and she gave a small hug to Teal'c.

'' Indeed she is. '' I smiled at the Colonel's thoughts.

'' Well if you already know about it, why don't we take you there? '' Daniel said

'' Daniel '' Jack raised an eyebrow

'' Jack '' the archaeologist repeated the movement

'' Daniel, let's talk. '' he ordered his team mate. '' I thought I was the one giving orders '' he said in a low voice unaware of our ability to hear him

'' But, Jack, they already know, what harm could it do? ''

'' Hey, any of you know what's in the Cheyenne mountain? '' he turned in our direction.

'' They do. '' Bella and Emmett said at the same time pointing at me and Alice.

'' There's one biiiiig circle. '' Alice waved her hands in the air and jumped.

'' Hey, kid, cut the candy. '' Jack yelled, Emmett laughed and Alice pouted.

'' I'm 81 years old! '' she stuck her tongue out

'' Well, you don't look like it. '' Jack tried to be nice because he remembered she was a vampire.

'' Let's leave that and go to that mountain with the big circle. '' Rose looked pissed. I was sure no one wanted to hear her thoughts.



I was trying my best not to rip my husband's throat. The past 2 hours he didn't tell me what the heck was going on. I was nearly pissed.

I gave Jacob the fake passports, licence and some money to go on a trip with Nessie. When he saw the name he roflmaoed (roflmao – Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off).

And now here we were riding on a private plane with some freaks from the USAF. I liked the sarcastic one they called Jack but I still wondered what the short man with the 2 voices was. The nerd guy spoke the most but the blond woman looked smartest. Somehow I couldn't imagine Alice being best friends with the tall guy.

'' You said that only the 2 of you know about the gate. How come? '' the nerd said pointing at Edward and Alice.

'' That's because the freak Edward can read minds and freaky Alice can see the future. '' Emmett said and turned to Rose who was pretending to sleep. I was sure she was pissed.

'' Carter, is that even possible? '' the Colonel looked like he didn't believe it

'' Well sir... According to Newtonian physics, yes, if you could know the position and velocity of every particle in the universe at any given moment you could accurately predict all of their interactions for the rest of time, but according to quantum mechanics it is impossible to look at a sub-atomic particle and know both where it is and where it's going a t the same time. '' she gave a long explanation that I didn't get at all and by the look of it neither did the Colonel.

'' Is it or isn't it possible? ''

'' Apparently, sir, it is. ''

'' Ah '' he nodded '' Ok, kid what did you see? ''

'' If I didn't know you were calling everyone around you kid I would've taken you shopping. '' she turned her back at him and Edward explained instead

'' She saw a big circle with weird pictures on it, that looked like writings. It was connected to a big computer system and some guy with glasses was choosing the signs. Then a light came out of the ring and it looked like water, I think. Some people went in it and there were many soldiers around them. ''

'' Carter, is that what I think it is? '' the Colonel turned to the female

'' Yes, sir, he gave an almost accurate description of the Gateroom from the point of view of a person who's never seen or heard about the Stargate before. ''

'' Because I haven't. Please explain its meaning and purpose. ''

'' It's a giant superconductor that creates a stable one way wormhole between two gates. The writings as you called them are called chevrons. Every planet's address consists of 7 chevrons. Six are for its coordinates and the seventh one is the point of origin. Basically the Stargate takes you to a place that you'll need much time and a fast spaceship to get to it in few seconds. '' Ok, I was lost. I looked at the rest of the family and they seemed to understand. Of course, they had several degrees in different subjects while I didn't go to college even once.

'' So what do the worms have to do with the whole story? '' Emmett laughed at my stupid question and Edward tilted his head probably thinking of a dumb explanation.

'' Thank you '' O'Neill, as Edward said was his name, raised his hands in the air. It looked like I wasn't the only one who had problems with what the female said.

Imagine the galaxy is an apple. We burrow our way through the apple like a worm, crossing from one side to the other instead of going around the outside" that was a little better and I nodded, pretending like I understood. If she kept talking I would be completely lost.

'' What about you? We understood that you are very fast and some of you can read minds but that can't be all of it. '' Daniel, the nerd, said

'' Basically every vampire is fast, strong, bullet-proof, has sensitive hearing and vision, meaning we can hear 1-2 floors above and underneath us. We see at night as well as we can see at daylight. There are some vampires with exceptional gifts. Every gift is special in its own way. Edward here can read minds. Alice can see the future; Jasper can manipulate the emotions of both humans and vampires and Bella can create a shield for many protecting their minds from attacks of the special gifts. '' Carlisle explained our abilities.

'' If you are so strong, Carlisle Cullen, can you be killed? '' the tall dark man with the golden tattoo asked.

'' Yes but only by another of our kind. A vampire must tear apart the body and burn every single part of it. If the body's not burned it could be put together once more and the vampire would keep living as if it never happened before. ''

'' Splendid! '' Jack O'Neil said

'' We never actually introduced each other. How shall we call you? '' Esme asked quietly

'' Oh, well, I am Jack O'Neill, yes that's two l's, of the USAF. This here '' he pointed the female '' is Major Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson is next to her. The big guy's Teal'c and the one next to him is Martouf. ''

'' And I am Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme Cullen and those are our kids. Edward and his wife Bella, Alice and her husband Jasper, Emmett and his wife Rosalie. They're not our actual kids but we love them as such. ''

'' So you consider yourself a family? '' the Martouf guy, who was definitely not human asked.

'' Yes, we are. '' Esme smiled and hugged Edward.

'' Sir, ma'am '' some soldier came from the cockpit '' we'll be in Colorado Springs in 5 minutes. ''

'' Thank you Lieutenant '' Colonel O'Neill answered '' Hey, big guy, you may want to wake up that girlfriend of yours. ''

'' I'm his wife and vampires can't sleep, bimbo. ''

'' Excited, aren't we? ''

'' Chill, Rosie, darling. ''

'' Humph, humans ''

'' Hey, I heard that. ''



Now we were in a holding cell, which they called guest chambers. It was poorly decorated. By now I was afraid of Alice because she was pacing around mumbling 'shopping'. Apparently she didn't like the empty grey walls. I was still wondering what she put in those 10 suitcases. She made the dark tall guy carry 4 of them and separated the rest of them through the family. It was funny when the Colonel tried to pick up one of them but failed. Then she made Emmett carry it in his mouth.

The bad thing was that they confiscated all of our belongings and Alice was pissed. She wanted to decorate the room.

'' Alice calm down, sweetie. When they are sure that we don't carry any weapons they'll give them back. '' Esme tried to calm the little ball of energy

'' But I can't stand it any longer! '' Alice yelled '' Look at this room! Does it look like a room? No! It looks hi-de-us. I want, no I have to decorate it! '' I hoped Edward could hear us. If he could he would tell Jasper to send a wave of calmness.

'' I don't like that Colonel ''

'' Why is that Rose? I think he's funny. ''

'' He thinks we're disgusting, Bella! ''

'' Since when do you have Edward's abilities to read minds? ''

'' I can tell just by looking at his face. ''

'' Rose, it takes time for people to adjust to us. You know that ''

'' Yes, I do. But somehow he seems different, I don't know… just… forget it. ''

'' You know that keeping things in won't do you any good, sweetie. ''

'' Esme's right Rose, spill your soul out! ''

'' When I look at that Colonel I get the feeing he's not very friendly to other races but humans. I know where that feeling is coming from. It's just there. ''

Rose's little confession didn't interest Alice the slightest bit. She continued pacing and mumbling. Now I remembered it's been a week since she last went shopping. I felt bad for the people who held us here. I knew she would attack some of them.

Then we heard some heavy steps coming closer. Someone opened the door and the archaeologist, Jackson entered. Poor guy, Alice launched herself at him before we could react. She grabbed his jacket's collar and glared at him. Then she said in a trembling voice.

'' Shopping! '' the guy looked scared for his life.

'' Alice, relax! '' Esme tried to pull her back.

'' Shopping! '' she repeated.

'' Alice, look a credit card! '' I yelled pointing under the bed. She snapped her head in that direction and disappeared.

'' Where is it? ''

'' Looks like Steve stole it. ''

'' Who's Steve? Where did he put that credit card? ''

'' Um… Steve's in… '' I looked at Dr. Jackson

'' The briefing room! '' He almost shouted '' Yeah, we came to ask you to come with us there. ''

'' Yes, Steve is there waiting for you. '' I smiled at Alice.

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