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Chapter one: New encounter


Daniel POV

"Unscheduled offworld activation!" I heard Walter's voice trough the base speakers. Great, another one. Every week there were at least two of those, when was it going to stop? Anyway, I ran to the control room only to hear Walter saying to General Hammond

"Receiving IDC, Sir. It's the Tok'Ra."

The others had already arrived and I heard Jack murmur.

"What do they want now? Make us try knee protectors that can makes us fly so we can wipe out a Goa'uld fleet in orbit?"
Sam ran down the stairs and I decided to join her. So did Jack and Teal'c.

We went down just as the Tok'Ra stepped trough the event horizon. It was Jacob accompanied by Martouf. After the brief welcome Jacob raised his head to the control room window and said

"George, we need to talk."

Fifteen minutes later we were in the briefing room

"We have a reason to believe that there's a goa'uld on Earth." from the changed voice I could tell it was Lantash, Martouf's symbiote.

The General rose from his seat and headed to his office, probably to order for a search to start, but when he was halfway there Walter flew in the briefing room.

"General, Sir, we just received a report. A cloaked goa'uld cargo ship has been found in a forest in Tennessee."

"Well, that was fast." Jack pointed out


"You were saying something about a goa'uld?" I asked

"Yes" Martouf answered me "I believe you are familiar with the System Lord Cronus."

"He is on Earth?" the General asked

"No. We have an operative in his ranks. Recently he learned that Cronus is conducting a secret search."

"What is he looking for?"

"Not what, who." It was Jacob this time "He is looking for his son, Poseidon."

O'Neill POV

There I was, in the briefing room for the second time this day. The lights went off and Daniel appeared in front of a white screen. "Great" I thought, it was going to be another lecture.

"Poseidon" he started "God of the sea and the earthquakes, son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea and brother of Zeus and Hades. From the info the Tok'Ra gave us we know that about seventy years ago he was sent to one of the planets in his father's domain to observe the work in the naquadah mines. He never returned. Since then Cronus had searched over half of the planets in the galaxy without any luck."

"He thinks Poseidon is on Earth and, as much as we'd hate to say it, we agree with him." Jacob told us.

"We searched the local police station reports near the place they found the ship and this came up."

A face showed up on the screen, a young man in his early 20's. I heard Teal'c move his chair a little bit.

"What's up, T?" I asked

"This indeed is Poseidon. I have led a battle with his jaffa."

"Well in our world his name is, or rather was, Emmett McCarty. Born in 1900, disappeared in 1917. He was found in the woods where the cargo ship was discovered in 1932 and was offered shelter by a local family. In 1935 he disappeared in the same forest. You'd think he used the cargo ship and flew away and that the leads stop here. Well, they don't. The year's 1937, this time he's Emmett Cullen: adoptive child of Carlisle and Esme Cullen along with Edward and Rosalie Cullen. Over the years the family is registered all over the world. Later they are joined by Alice and Jasper Cullen and guess what, nowadays they all look the same as they did seventy years ago."

"The goa'uld preserve their host from aging." Martouf remarked

"But there are seven of them. Do you think he brought more symbiotes with him?" Carter asked

"Seems like the only possible explanation."

"Actually there are eight of them now." Daniel inserted "Few months ago Edward Cullen married Isabella Swan."

"Do we know anything about their current whereabouts?"

"Their last registration is from four years ago in Forks, Washington."

"Oh great, the logging capital of the world." I have said that out loud.

Okaay that was uncomfortable. Carter grinned, Daniel smiled and Teal'c… well, Teal'c remained his usual self. I cleared my throat and turned to the General.

"Permission to go there, Sir?"

"You have a go, but be careful Colonel. We may have an entire Goa'uld family there."

"Always am, Sir" I retorted

"I would like to accompany you on this mission, Colonel." Oh, great. Marty wanted to come with us. I didn't have other choice so I answered

"Yeah, of course. Hop in."

Hammond went in his office. There was an uncomfortable silence and then he returned.

"Get geared SG- 1. Your flight is in 30 minutes."

"To Goa'uld-Land then!" I said

Two hours later, still O'Neill POV

We had arrived in Forks an hour ago. It was raining, again. We had headed straight to the Cullen's house, but surprise, surprise… They weren't there. For the first time I was happy that Carter had brought all of her techno toys. As usual I understood only 1% of what she was talking about, but it involved sound waves and some other stuff I didn't even care about. Bottom line was that there was another sound that the thunders were muffling. The important thing was that we had a location. It wasn't far away and it took us only ten minutes of walking trough the forest to get to the place.


It was a wonderful day for picnic. The thunders were so loud that the Japanese might wonder if the storm would reach them. All of the family gathered for a friendly game of baseball. I really wanted to see how graceful would Bella be on the playground. Hm… should I take my camera? Maybe if I need it just in case.

"No Emmett you won't need it. Bella will do just fine."

"C'mon Al, you're spoiling all the fun!" the little demon stuck her tongue at me and I mirrored her actions.

"If you two kids are done here, let's go the car is ready." Edward said and took Nessie with him.

"Can I please carry her? The dog wouldn't let her go for more than 10 minutes, then it's Bella, then it's Rose and then you. I don't get a turn in holding my own niece." Alice kept whining all the way to the Jeep.

"Listen Edwi" he hissed, but I ignored him "why don't you and your lovely little sister take my Jeep for Nessie's sake while I race your wife to the meadow?"

"I'm on." I heard Bella say from behind my back

"Are you sure love?"

"Yes, Edwi, I can take some time off of being a mother. Plus I can see that Alice is more than eager to spend some time with my daughter."

"I like your spirit Bells, are you sure you don't want to join my 'Let's mock Edward' team? You seem to be doing well in that area."

"Thank you for inviting me but I'll decline once again. I'm not always in the mood to mock him, like somebody else in the room *cough* you and Alice *cough*."

"Yes, and I wonder why are you mocking me at all? You are my wife for God's sake!"

"Well, you know I have eternity and sometimes it gets boring."

"I can fix that." Edward smiled wickedly

"Edward can you please hold your lust in front of your daughter. I can sense it from the other room. "Jasper said and I grinned

"So Edwi wants some. Maybe I should drive the Jeep while you get some." Edward smacked my shoulder but I didn't feel anything.

"So in the end you don't want to race with me huh, brother bear?"

"I never back down a challenge; you should know that lil sis."

Edward went to my Jeep with Alice hopping up and down, carrying Nessie. I hoped the kid would survive.

"Me too." stupid mind reader.

Jasper gave a start and I went running along with Bella. We were equally fast at first but then I took the lead and after a while I couldn't hear her behind me. I went back and saw her on the ground, obviously tripped on a root. I went to her, thinking she was still fragile, and then she jumped and threw me a couple of feet behind. After that she started running again. I got angry and caught up to her on the playground.

"That was a low blow Bella! I though you hurt yourself!"

"What are you yelling about Emmett? "Rose's angel voice reached my ears

"Bella's mean. "I whined "we were racing, then she pretended to trip, then I went to see her and she threw me back. "I finished in a fake crying voice. My angel hugged me and whispered "Way to go Bella!"

"Hey I heard that!"

"Sorry, Em, but it's nice to lose once in a while. That's why I can comfort you tonight." the last part she whispered so only I could hear. I smiled and Jasper yelled

"Enough with the lust waves everybody! If you want a pitcher stop seducing each other!"

After a while Alice, Edward and Nessie came too. Alice had a worried expression on her face.

"What's wrong Alice?" Carlisle asked her and we gathered around her.

"I don't know. I can't see. Did anyone invite Jacob?"

"I did. Nessie asked me." Bella said

"So maybe that's why I can't see. But just in case I say we pay a little attention."

"Don't worry dear; everything is going to be fine." Esme hugged Alice and she calmed a little. After the dog arrived, he took Nessie and we started playing. A thunder, a hit, running, catching the ball, again and again. No matter how strong Bella was as a vampire, she couldn't get the rules right. I was having fun making fun of Bella. At the same time Nessie clapped when I was doing tricks and Jake was yaying and booing. Then Alice froze. Again. So did Edward. What's the matter with those two?

"For God's sake what's wrong now?" I yelled even if I knew they could hear me whisper.

"USAF are coming this way. And it's too late to run away. I don't know why but I can't see clearly. There are some blank spots in the vision. They'll be here any minute now."

O'Neill POV

We stepped out of the trees and saw the eight people Daniel was talking about earlier that day. They had assumed defensive position and looked like predators. I couldn't see any Goa'uld weapons or devices. They looked like normal kids, well normal kids that wanted to rip our hearts, but still. "Appearances are deceiving" Teal'c had said one time. I think that's the only saying he knows. Anyway, he stepped ahead and yelled.

"Surrender Poseidon, or we will open fire!"

Then one of them, the one we had identified as Edward said something, or at least it looked that way, cause the whole "family"turned to face him.

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