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Chapter Two: Understanding the other side

Daniel POV

For a minute it looked like they were having an almost silent conversation and then the guy with the funny blond hair yelled

"We don't have anyone named Poseidon among us."

"Stop lying, we know who you are, false gods." Lantash spat at them

"We're not Gods, we can't flash thunderbolts trough our eyes to kill people" Emmett-Poseidon said. That was strange. Not only were they trying to hide their identity and have a reasonable conversation. No Goa'uld ever did that. Then the question was if they weren't Goa'uld what were they? Definitely not human.

Jack gave us a sign and we all slowly approached the strange group our weapons still pointed at them.

"Sir, I can't feel any naquadah in their blood" Sam called

"Yes, I can't feel any Goa'uld presence either" Martouf agreed

"What's a Goa'uld?" hmm, I thought he would know. He was one himself after all and even if he wasn't anymore the host preserved some of the memories of the symbiote.

"Well you know" Jack started "those snake-like things that enter your body and take over your mind. Then make ya dress fancy and believe you're the Almighty. Like the one in his head does." He pointed the big guy with his P- 90

"I don't dress fancy… willingly, Alice made me do it. Don't judge her by her size. Her wrath is worse than that of a fat woman who's been called fat" he retorted earning a slap on the shoulder by the pixie and a giggle from the one called Bella. Why were they all taking this as a joke?

"We do take that seriously, Doctor Jackson, but Emmett here has his own way of doing things." Wait, what? How did that Edward guy know my name and was he reading my thoughts? Well, if time travel was possible why not mind reading?

I turned to the others, but Sam looked at me and pointed the group with her head. I turned and saw their lips moving

"What are you?" I asked

"We are vampires, Doctor Jackson" They were what? "But please don't be alarmed, we do not drink human blood. We hunt animals only. That's why our eyes are golden."

O'Neill POV

Okay, totally didn't expect that. I mean seriously, vampires? What's next, Darth Vader's real? Oh, and they were vegetarians, absolutely cliché.

"What's cliché, Colonel?" oh joy, someone was reading my mind. The last thing I needed

"Oh well, you know 'We're vampires, but we don't drink human blood'…" I trailed off

"So that means you've watched a lot of movies" yep I had, I liked the part with the staking "When you meet a vampire in this world you're not going to hear him say "I am a vampire". You'll be dead before you know it" the guy with the funky blond hair said

"Well, I think I can handle myself pretty well, thank you." I answered

"You don't understand, Colonel." That Edward guy said and disappeared from his place in the group. Half a second later I heard his voice behind me. "We vampires are immortal" Oh, great news. "Your guns cannot save you."

"I am willing to try my luck." I said and turned to face him, my P- 90 pointed at his chest

"Let's not get carried away, shall we? Calm down Colonel, we're not going to hurt you." Said the blonde guy, I felt myself calming down against my own will. What the hell was that guy doing?

"You know, I am not a big fan of people messing with my head." I said without moving

"I'm not messing with your head, I'm just manipulating your emotions" he did something that was supposed to look like an innocent smile.

"Oh, cause that makes me feel so much better"

"Glad to hear that Colonel." The blond female spat. Wasn't she nice?

"Rose chill" the funny hair guy patted her on the shoulder

Next thing I knew Mr. Mindreader was back on his previous place in the group

"Wait, you said you don't drink human blood. Why is that?" Daniel decided to interfere

"Daniel." I said raising my eyebrows trying to say "It's not the time for that"

"Jack, I think it's important." He answered, man he really was thinking it

"We don't drink human blood, because we don't want to be monsters. I myself have the best self control, because I am a doctor." The "Father figure" explained

"And you never drank the blood of a patient?" Carter asked

"I haven't drunk the blood of a human in my 338 years of life" He responded to her. Was the guy smiling?

"You are more than 300 years old? You mean you've actually lived in the Middle Ages?" we were standing against a group of vampires and Daniel was interested in history

"I was human back then, in the beginning, but I still remember clearly that Europe wasn't the best place for humans. Not that the vampires lived happily, but still…"

"I am so glad we're having this conversation and getting to know each other better, but what about Poseidon?" I said pretending to be careless

"Never heard of him." Said the Emmett guy shaking his head

"Indeed you have, Emmett Cullen. I have seen you; I have led battle with your Jaffa." Teal'c pointed out

"First of all, what is a Jaffa?" If this guy was not pretending then we were dealing with some major case of memory loss "Second of all, huh?"

"Okay, can someone please explain to me what's going on?" I asked really wanting to know. Hell, they were vampires

"I am sure the situation is going to get clearer to both sides on the way to Cheyenne Mountain" the pixie said. She then danced of to Carter. When she left her spot in the group we noticed two figures, a guy and a girl. We immediately pointed our weapons in the direction of the small vampire and observed how she… hugged the Major.

"I can feel that we're gonna be great friends, especially with the tall guy." She then went to Teal'c and gave him a small hug. That was… weird, no creepy.

"Indeed, she is." The Edward guy said turning in my direction

"Well if you already know about it, why don't we take you there?" Daniel said

"Daniel." I turned to him raising my eyebrows

"Jack" he mirrored my expression

"Daniel… Let's talk" I made it clear that this was an order. He came closer to me

"I thought I was the one giving orders here!"

"But Jack, they already know. What harm could it do?" I didn't answer, but turned to the vampires

"Hey, any of you know what's in Cheyenne Mountain?"

"They do." Emmett and the one called Bella said pointing to Mr. Mindreader and Ms. Hyperactive

"There's one biiiig circle" the pixie said waving her hands in the air and jumping. Was she on drugs?

"Hey kid, cut the candy!" I yelled

"I'm 81 years old!" Miss Way-Too-Much Candy looked pissed and stuck her tongue out at me.

"Well, you don't… look like it." I tried to be nice remembering that Emmett guy's warning. She was a vampire after all.

"Let's leave that and go to that mountain with the big circle." Ms I-Look-Like-A-Model said. She looked annoyed.


Carter POV

So we had met vampires and not only that, we were on a plane full of them now. It was so strange, but well, science never excluded the possibility of humanoid beings that needed blood to survive.

I turned my attention to the conversation that had started. Daniel was talking.

"You said that only the two of you" he pointed to the ones called Alice and Edward

"Know about the gate. How so?"

"That's because freaky Edward here reads minds and freaky Alice sees the future." She was seeing the future, how? It was possible to calculate the probabilities, but nothing more.

The guy then turned to who I thought was his girlfriend, Rosalie who was sleeping.

"Carter" the Colonel turned to me

"Is that even possible?" He asked

"Well, Sir. According to Newtonian physics, yes, if you could know the position and velocity of every particle in the universe at any given moment you could accurately predict all of their interactions for the rest of time, but according to quantum mechanics it is impossible to look at a sub-atomic particle and know both where it is and where it's going a t the same time."

"Is it or isn't it possible?" he asked slightly annoyed. I had managed yet again to confuse him with my "techno babbling" as people were calling it.

"Apparently, Sir, it is.:

"Ah." He answered nodding "Okay kid, what did you see?"

"If I didn't know you were calling all of the people around you kid I would've taken you shopping." She made it sound like a treat

"She saw a big circle with weird pictures that looked like writings on it. It was connected to a big computer system and a guy with glasses was choosing the signs. Then a light came out of the ring and it looked like water, I think. Some people went in it and there were many soldiers around."

"Carter." Colonel O'Neill turned to me "is that what I think it is?"

"Yes, Sir. He gave an almost accurate description of the Gateroom from the point of view of a person that had never seen or heard about the Stargate before." I answered

"Because I haven't. Please explain its meaning and purpose." Edward turned to me

"The Stargate is a giant superconductor that creates a stable wormhole between two gates. The writings, as you called them are called chevrons. Every planet's address consists of seven chevrons. Six are for its coordinates and the seventh is the point of origin. Basically it takes you to a place that you'll need much time and a fast spaceship to get to in few seconds." I looked around. The Colonel and Daniel had the "I already knew that" expression on their faces. Teal'c was looking trough the window. Martouf was looking at me. The Cullens seemed to understand the explanation.

"So what do the worms have to do with the whole story?" the dark haired woman we identified as Bella asked.

"Thank you." The Colonel told her raising his hands in the air.

Okay, I had to explain it as simple as possible.

"Imagine the galaxy is an apple. We burrow our way through the apple like a worm, crossing from one side to the other instead of going around the outside."

Bella now had a blank look on her face, but she nodded. I hoped she had understood it.

"What about you?" Daniel interfered

"We understood that you're very fast and some of you read minds, but this can't be all of it. I was wondering about that too.

"Basically, every vampire is fast, strong, bulletproof, has sensitive hearing and vision, meaning we can hear 1-2 floors above and underneath us. We see at night as well as at daylight. There are some vampires with exceptional gifts. Every gift is special in its own way. Edward here can read minds, Alice can see the future, Jasper can manipulate the emotions of both humans and vampires and Bella can create a shield for many, protecting their minds from attacks of the special gifts." Carlisle explained. Wow, shielding minds, I was wondering if we could use that.

"If you are so strong, Carlisle Cullen, can you be killed?" Teal'c asked his tone calm like he was talking about the weather.

"Yes." The Colonel seemed relieved "but only by another of our kind. A vampire must tear the body apart and burn every single part of it. If the body's not burnt it could be put together once more and the vampire would keep on living like it never happened." That sounded creepy

"Splendid." O'Neill exclaimed

"We haven't actually introduced each other. How shall we call you?" the woman with the caramel hair asked. She had been silent through all the conversation.

"Oh well. I am Colonel Jack O'Neill, yes that's two l's, of the USAF. This here": he pointed to me "Is Major Samantha Carter. Doctor Daniel Jackson is next to her. The big guy's Teal'c and the one next to him is Martouf.

"And I am Carlisle Cullen, this is my wife Esme Cullen and those are our kids, Edward and his wife Bella, Alice and her husband Jasper, Emmett and his wife Rosalie, They aren't our actual kids, but we love them as such."

"So you consider yourself a family?" Martouf said. He really didn't grasp the concept of unrelated people being a family.

"Yes, we are." Esme said and hugged her son Edward.

"Sir, Ma'am" a young Lieutenant appeared from the pilot's cockpit "We'll be in Colorado Springs in five minutes."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," we answered

"Hey, big guy, you may want to wake that girlfriend of yours."

I am his wife and vampires can't sleep bimbo." The blond said bitterly

"Exited, aren't we?"

"Chill Rosie, darling," Emmett told her

"Humph, humans" She answered

"Hey, I heard that." O'Neill yelled. Great he was being one of the kids now. I sighed.


Daniel POV

The trip from the landing site to the SGC wasn't really interesting. Well, except the part where it turned out that the little spiky vampire had brought ten pink suitcases. She managed to assign different members of her family to carry them. She gave two to her brother Edward, three to her husband Jasper and four to… Teal'c. One remained and Jack tried to lift it, but failed miserably. "What are you carrying, kid? Naquadah?" he had asked. "One tenth of the shoes I have and the half brought." In the end she gave it to her brother Emmett who was carrying other four suitcases. The pixie got really mad when, at the entrance of Cheyenne Mountain all of the suitcases were confiscated. Her brothers had to hold her to protect the poor soldiers that took them.

We entered the briefing room where the General and Jacob were waiting for us,

"SG- 1, what happened there?"

"We went for Goa'uld, but brought back leeches, Sir." Jack answered

"Vampires, Sir." Sam answered to his puzzled expression

"What?" both Hammond and Jacob exclaimed

"What about the Goa'uld." Selmac asked

"We have the host, Teal'c recognized him." I answered

"But the symbiote is no longer in him." Martouf interrupted me

"Sir" Sam said "He doesn't have any memory of being a host. He didn't even know what a goa'uld is."

"Maybe he lost his memory." The General offered

"I suggest that we test them all with a Tok'Ra memory device" Jacob said

"I will return to Vorash and bring one." Lantash offered

"Go. In the meantime I would like to meet those… people."

"Yes, Sir" We answered and left the briefing room heading to the guest rooms.

We split in two. Me and Sam went to get the females and Jack and Teal'c went to get the male vampires. A soldier opened the door and I entered first. Huuuge mistake. As soon as I entered something or rather, someone lunched themselves at me. I felt strong hands clutch the collar of my jacket and finally understood who it was- the little one, Alice.

"Shoooping!" She said in a trembling voice. The pixie looked like a druggie during intoxication. Her hands almost tore my jacket and if looks could kill I would've been six feet under by then. For the first time in my life I was afraid of someone so short.

"Alice relax!" her mother shouted

"Shooooping!" She repeated. It sounded like a treat. Two soldiers entered the room pointing P- 90's in her direction.

"Alice look! A credit card!" Her sister Bella yelled pointing under the bed. I was released.

"Where is it?" her voice was filled with anger

"Looks like Steve took it." Bella answered

"Who's Steve? Where did he put it?" Tell me!"

"Um… Steve's in…" she looked at me

"The briefing room!" I almost yelled "Yeah, we came to ask you to come with us there,

"Yes and Steve is there waiting for you." Her sister smiled.

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