I don't own Jedi Quest. Darra's POV.

I never really noticed him, until they stuck him in my saber class and made him my partner. My previous partner changed his schedule to take some smart-people hyperspace calculations course. Good for him. If he had stuck with me, he would have been the second best in the class. Everyone knows I'm the best.

Except for this boy; this serious, sandy haired boy who tripped over his own feet. He was my new partner. His name was Anakin.

That was my first impression. Put a saber in his hand and he's as graceful as a waltzing courtier.

Day one was easy. He had no idea what he was getting into. No idea at all. In a couple blows I hit him. I hit him hard, too. He fell to the ground, clutching his arm, embarrassed, and…afraid. He was afraid of me. Afraid I would surpass him. I could sense his pride.

But now I had a rival. I, Darra Thel Tannis, A bright spirit, had a rival. Jedi didn't have rivals. I suppose they did, now. I wouldn't back down.

I could see it in his eyes. This was war.


Day two was way different. I should have seen it coming. He must have been up all night practicing with Mace Windu or Yoda, endlessly sparring, for he beat me. Me. Best in the class, winner of tournaments. Me.

My fame had gone to my head, made me cocky on the inside, though I dared not show it. But now everyone would be talking to him, congratulating him, getting advice from him. Not her. Not until I got her spotlight back.

The rivalry made me feel…terrible. Would Anakin ever let this competition go?

Never. Not ever. Day after day they sparred, sometimes Anakin winning, sometimes I. We were even. So I spent all my spare time in the gym, practicing my sparring, and working on my defense.

My friendships were failing. I spent so much time in the gym I abandoned friends and I lost my upbeat demeanor. I was all work, all the time.

There was one advantage to spending so much time in the gym. Ferus Olin was always there, too. He was strong and handsome and friendly, and not to mention three years older than me. I had always had a huge crush on him. But we never talked; never sparred. I was invisible to him, I bet.

I should have known better than to hang around in the main gym so much. Everyone went there, each and every Padawan, Knight, and Master. It was inevitable Anakin would be there at some point.

And he was. I saw him before he saw me, so I tried to make myself invisible. That was a failure. Of course he spotted me. And he approached me, boldly, without fear.

"Want to spar?" He asked casually.

"Why not? I have nothing to worry about," I shrugged coolly. I brushed past him to the center of the gym, clutching my lightsaber in one hand, the hem of my tunic in the other. I could not let him know I was nervous. Especially not with Cin Draillg, Soara Antana, and Ferus Olin watching.

Anakin looked almost…serene, as he polished the hilt of his lightsaber with the corner of his robe. "Alright, let's begin." He said cheerfully.

We bowed. We activated our lightsabers. We stood, unmoving, for the slightest instant. Our eyes met. At that moment I knew that I, Darra Thel Tannis, did not like just Ferus anymore.

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