I'm so sorry this didn't come sooner. I decided to add one more chapter with a little angst.

I'm no longer a Jedi. I've joined the force. In the force, most Jedi think you don't watch over them and know what they are doing.

I do. Most other Jedi do, too.

I'd been watching for years. Been watching Anakin, watching Ferus, watching my Master.

All was well for them; except Anakin. He was dead. They now called him "Lord Vader." The boy I knew was gone. A Sith had taken him over.

I watched him as he killed himself, turned into that monster. I watched as he killed my Master, and my friends. The Younglings, the Padawans, the Knights, and the Masters. I wanted to scream, to charge forward with my lightsaber and put a stop to it.

But I was gone. That was impossible now.

I thought of Ferus. He was in hiding, but what would happen to him? I was torn. To think I had thought I had loved Anakin. I had trusted him, and look at him now.

He had changed; so had Ferus. Ferus had changed for the better, I thought. Anakin had done the complete opposite- he had broken my heart.

If we were still together, if I hadn't died, would all of this happened? Or would I have read my heart differently?

It didn't matter now, anyway. It wouldn't have mattered who I had cared about then, because we were Jedi.

But my biggest regret? I had been so stupid. After I had had that conversation with Anakin, I started… giving Ferus the cold shoulder.

Is that why he left?

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