So I had to start an Eric Northman story from True Blood, I couldn't help myself. But to those of you still wondering, yes I am still continuing my other stories. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while, I got busy, but you can expect updates soon. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be completely fallowing the show's story line. But they're might be events from the show, I haven't completely decided yet. I'm not sure if this first chapter is any good, I wrote it when I was very tired. But I hope you like it all the same.


I moved to Louisiana to get away, and it seemed like one of the farthest and most different places I could go. Compared to home, this place was a blessing. Bon Temp, Louisiana was a small town located in the Northern part of Louisiana, the kind of place were if you told one person your secret, within the next hour the whole town was sure to know as well. In most sense, that did kind of suck. But at the same time, the town had a sort of...appeal to it.

I grew up in a busy city in California, the does things to people. And it sure as hell did something to my family. Everything was fine for a while, I had a loving mother, a devoted father, and a cute little sister. But by the time I was five, my mother...there was just something wrong with her. She barley ate anymore, and she was constantly yelling at all of us, especially my dad. It was like she hated everything about him. Even at such a young age, I knew she was going out of her mind. A few months later...she killed Everly, my three year old sister. After that, my dad did everything he could to protect me from her. And for a year, it worked, she only took her frustrations out on him.

But one night in November, my world had once again came crumbling down around me. In a classic move, she took a knife to him, over and over again till he was just a disgusting heap of mess on the living room floor. But her anger wasn't satisfied, she bashed my head into the wall several times. Hitting the family photo right off the wall. The glass had cut right across my right eye leaving a cut that sat diagonal on my skin, it started from my forehead above my eyebrow and went right over my eye down to my cheek bone. The concussion hurt, but the sirens and flashing lights had been my savior. The neighbors had heard both mine, and my fathers screams.

Surprisingly, I didn't loose my eyesight in my right eye that night. But I did loose the last bit of family I had left. They hauled my mom off to prison for twenty five years to life with no chance of parole, dad was buried in the local cemetery, and I was taken to the emergency room. My life was spared that night, I had beat death and only came out with one nasty stitched up gash, and trauma to the head. But there was something different about me, I didn't know what, but I could feel it... The rest of my childhood life was spent in an orphanage over in the downtown area. I bounced from foster home, to foster home, but no one ever kept me around for long. A child that could sometimes see things before they happened, spooked a lot of people.

By the time I was eighteen I worked in that same orphanage, taking care of the younger kids that were just like me, alone. Of course I had a side job working at a Library a few blocks over. I did that until I was twenty going on twenty one, by that time. I knew I needed a change in scenery, which is how I ended up in Bon Temp.

I sighed to myself as I clicked my last suitcase shut, I only had a few bags scattered around the room, but all of my stuff that I had accumulated over the years were packed away inside them. I gazed around the small dingy upstairs room one last time. It had been my 'house' for the last fifteen years of my life well if you cut out the random moves back and forth between different families, and to my surprise I wasn't sad to be leaving. This place may have been where I stayed, but I could never truly call it my home. It just didn't feel right coming off of my tongue.

I walked across the room to my small vanity tucked away in the corner. I smoothed out my tight black tank top and sighed at my reflection. It's not like I was hideous or anything, in fact I was very comfortable with my looks. It's just that I didn't trust anyone else to be, there was a thin layer of cover up on my face. But I only wore it for one reason, and that was to cover the scar that was left behind from the glass in the picture frame from all those years ago when my head face was forced to come into contact with it.

I had a creamy white complexion, that most would consider pale, it contrasted greatly with my naturally straight, black hair. My hair was moderately long, it went down right under my breasts. I had bright green eyes, there were many different shades of green in them, some light and some dark. They were currently outlined in a small amount of black eyeliner and mascara. My lips were naturally a red color instead of pink which made my features stand out a little more. I have a mostly skinny frame, but unlike most girls these days I have round hips with a plump rear end that were currently inside a pair of tight blue jeans along with nice c-cup breasts. I'm relatively short, only being about five foot five in height. A pair of half purple, half zebra print heals adored my feet adding a few extra inches to my height but not much. There was only two things I ever changed about myself so far, and that was the piece of metal going through my tongue, also known as a tongue piercing, and the piercings going through my ears which currently held a pair of purple hoops through them. Seeing as how I only made a little bit of money, I really had to stop my bad habit of buying cloths that I couldn't afford.

I turned away from my reflection and back at the bags centered in the middle of the floor. I walked over to where they sat and picked up a few of them and proceeded to drag them downstairs, setting them next to the front door. I heard footsteps behind me and turned my head to see Sister Audriene smiling at me from the staircase.

"I called a cab for you a little while ago, it should be here within the next ten minutes. You all packed dear?" I nodded my head.

"Yes, I just have to go get the last of my bags from upstairs and I'll be ready." I always watched my tongue around her, she was a very proper woman. And seeing as how she was the closest thing I had to a mother all these years I tired not to upset her too much.

"You got your money and your ticket?" Again, I nodded my head. Sister Audriene as you may have guessed was a Nun, she ran the orphanage and has taken care of me since I got here. She was a natural at worrying about everything.

"Yes, and yes. Stop worrying so much. I'll be fine." And with that I walked up the stairs past her to get the rest of my bags, not giving her time to reply back. By the time I managed to haul them all back downstairs the cab was already waiting outside for me. And Sister Audriene was loading my bags into the trunk. I scowled at her form from the doorway, she was far to old to be carrying such heavy luggage. I grasped a hold of my bags once again and brought them down the steps over to the car where I loaded them in next to her, only keeping my small shoulder bag out with me that held the important stuff I would need at hand. Snapping the trunk closed I turned to her and smiled, it was still too early in the morning for the kids to be up and running around which is what I wanted.

It would have been too tough for me to leave if they had been awake, she took me into her arms and gave me a gentle squeeze which I returned. "I'll tell them you said goodbye, you know the phone number don't you? Please don't forget to call once you get settled in."

Before I knew it, I found myself on the plane heading to Shreveport. I had no idea why I had picked Bon Temp to live in. To tell you the truth, I had picked up a map of the US and randomly picked a spot to go to. It's strange that fate would lead me here, than again I'm not sure you could really call it fate if I was the one that had picked it out. My name is Fae Victoria Dellacross and my life was about to get a whole hell of a lot more complicated.