I came back to the world of the conscious and found myself to be in mine and Eric's room at the hotel. I groaned as I shifted. I was still quite tired but I felt disgusting. Stupid suicide bomber. I closed my eyes and sighed, I felt something shift in the air and opened my eyes to see Eric standing above me.

"You should clean up." He stated simply. His body shook lightly for a moment as something flashed in his eyes. He looked like he was restraining himself. I nodded my head and slowly sat up, my vision swarmed before me and I took a minute for the world to get back to the way it was supposed to be. I slowly got up and headed towards my bag. I picked out a some cloths and set them in a pile. I could feel Eric's eyes on me as I walked around the bathroom. It was uncomfortable. Finally after a moment longer I walked quickly into the bathroom. Feeling his eyes on me the whole way. Once the door shut and locked behind me I let out a breath. I knew he wanted to talk, and I knew the confrontation was bound to be interesting. Great...

I stripped the ruined cloths from my body and turned on the shower, pushing it hotter than I would normally have it. I stepped under the spray of the water and trembled as it washed the gore, and various other things from my body from the explosion. Oh, it felt like heaven.

I scrubbed at my body for a long while. Making sure that I was very, very clean. I did the rest of my usual routine, shaving, washing my hair and face and all that. And than I just took a while to let the spray of the shower calm my nerves and my still slightly sore body. Finally I stepped out of the shower smelling of vanilla and feeling very refreshed. I wrapped the towel around my body and than added another into my hair. I glanced around and than mentally smacked myself. I had forgotten my clothes in the room.

I walked out of the bathroom in only a fuzzy white towel, Eric seemed to have taken a shower before me now that I observed him, his hair wasn't slicked back, and it was still slightly damp, he was wearing only a pair of black jeans and nothing else, he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his elbows resting on his knees as he looked down at the floor.

"All healed?" I asked in a mild tone as I ran my other towel through my dark wet hair while keeping my towel tightly around my body, I was trying to be passive about the fact I was almost naked. He looked up at me and raised an eyebrow, a smirk smearing across his face, I just glared at him and reached for the pile of clothes that I had forgotten to bring with me into the bathroom. Before I could reach down and grab them, Eric was right behind me. The pulse through the air the only indication that he hadn't been there all along, he grabbed both of my wrists and hauled me back up into a standing position away from the clothing that awaited me, his body pressing against mine from behind. The towel for my hair fell down onto the floor in a flutter and my face showed surprised.

"Er-Eric?" I asked in a stutter, he just slowly raised both of my arms until they were over my head and than switched his grip so he was holding both of my wrists in one of his larger hands. His other one was free to use as he saw fit, I swallowed hard and I was shaking again, something I found myself doing a lot in his presence. He reached around to the front of me, where the towel was tucked in so that it would stay up, his fingers found it with ease and pulled at it, the towel loosened around my petite body before fluttering down to the ground around my feet, leaving me naked in front of a very sexually dominant, Viking Vampire...

I knew there would have been a confrontation when I got out of the bathroom, I know he was angry at me for what went on at the Fellowship and for getting myself in the middle of the stuff with Lorena. But I didn't know he had this in mind! I was just about to open my mouth when Eric's hand started skimming my stomach. I froze and my body tensed.

"Eric?" I managed to choke out again. He didn't say anything as his fingertip skimmed up my ribs towards my breasts. His fingers traced over them, his thumb rubbing against the nipples just enough to tease. I could feel heat pooling between my legs and I shuddered. Why couldn't I fight back? I didn't want this... right? Finally his whole hand cupped my breast and I groaned at the feel of his cool skin against my heated flesh.

His hand skimmed until he found my other breast, this time rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger and I moaned and arched my back slightly. Quicker than I could comprehend, Eric's hand was at my core. His pointer finger rubbing torturous slow circles against my clit. I tried to move my hips to get more friction. But he was having none of that. His hand let go of my wrist and suddenly his arm was wrapped around my waist. Yanking me back against his naked chest, controlling my range of movement. His grip around me was tight and I knew I was not escaping him anytime soon. His finger trailed down between my folds and he seemed quite pleased at how ready I already was for anything he had planned for me.

"Fae..." He managed to groan as he leaned down towards my ear. "Yield to me..." He commanded. His voice thick with restraint. I knew what he wanted. He finally wanted me to admit to him, and myself that I was his...he wanted me to give in. To give him everything. But could I do that? I hated him.. I did... I.. had to. His finger dipped into me and I threw my head back in surprise. I had been to absorbed in thinking. My head came in contact with his chest and my eyes instantly closed as pleasure rippled down my spine. My breath hitching in my throat as he once again proved to me how good he was at pleasuring my body. His finger worked at a frantic pace before he added a second. I was clawing at his arms, I couldn't tell if I was trying to push him away or get him to do more. He had me writhing in his arms. Had he not been holding me up, I would have been on the floor.

"Eric..." I breathed as my eyes slowly managed to open, my vision clouded by my desire for him and what he could do. His finger pumped into me quickly, his palm, rubbing my little nub just enough. I started tensing, my body ready for the release it so desperately wanted. And than he stopped, he pulled his fingers away from me and I cried out in protest as I angrily glared at his hand that had stopped.

"Yield to me, Fae." He commanded again. My body was trembling, I was pudding in his hands. "Tell me you're mine." He breathed huskily above me. I tried to regain my breathing, but my heart felt as if it was going to jump out of my body. I couldn't stand this teasing. I needed him. I needed him, now.

"I'm yours." I said quietly. He growled victoriously and I found myself slammed against the bed, his powerful frame above me. His knee parted my legs and I found myself whimpering slightly. Somehow when he had thrown me onto the bed, he had managed to rid himself of his pants, and he was.. impressive. Like I had thought the night he had been pressed against me. I didn't know how in the world that was going to fit inside of me. His hypnotic blue eyes bore into mine with an intense fire of emotions. I trembled again as his hands slid up my thighs and slowly parted my legs even more so.

Eric was every woman's fantasy. His body was perfectly muscled, his frame overpowering. His tall body was built like the Viking he was, and his still slightly damp hair hung lightly over his beautiful eyes. He just oozed sex appeal, and he had over a thousand years to practice his skills and I knew I was in for it. He wanted to claim me for himself, and something told me this wouldn't be the last way he showed that claim over me. Eric wanted me. And as the true Viking he was, he was going to take me. And I was going to let him.

"I wanted to take my time with you the first time... but I can't find the patience to do so." He breathed, his accent seemed heavier with his lust and I loved it. His hands danced up my inner thigh and I once again felt his fingers on me. I clutched the sheets underneath my hands and groaned as I arched up. I blushed furiously at my reaction and he grinned. I now noticed that his fangs were out and glinting in the low light. It turned me on that much more. His fingers slipped between my folds and he once again started at too fast of a rhythm for me to keep up with. Causing my senses to go into overload as he pumped his fingers into me. My body was already worked up from earlier and I could feel the coil starting in my belly. I squirmed underneath him but he held me firmly in place with is other hand as he worked my body higher and higher.

I clenched my eyes tightly and bit my lip. "Look at me, Lover." He commanded me with a growl. I snapped my eyes open as I panted, my chest heaving. "Do not, look away." He snapped. He seemed angry, but I couldn't focus on that. I did as I was told and kept looking right into his eyes. And finally that coil snapped and my world shattered around me. I cried out as pleasure overtook me. White spots clouded my vision and I could feel Eric moving. My legs were spread wide, to fit his hips as I came down from my high. My body slumped against the bed.

Eric grabbed my hips in his hand, slightly raising them as his gracious plenty pressed against my entrance. His eyes met mine directly, the intensity growing. His eyes hardened and he surged forward claiming my virginity and my body as his. His entire length stretching me. I felt like I was breaking in two. I cried out as my arms immediately latched onto his back. My nails ripping into his flesh as I tried to push him away. He didn't move, as tears leaked from my eyes. He just continued to watch my face. He was letting me get used to his impressive size patiently. I felt so overly full and as the pain died down, I found myself loving how he felt inside of me.

I slowly tested it with a slight twist of my hips and Eric growled loudly above me. He slowly pulled out of me and I mumbled my protest with unrecognizable words before he surged forward once more. I cried out again, my nails raking lines down his back. His hands slid from my hips down to my thighs as he grabbed my legs and pulled them around him. Going deeper and hitting this one spot that drove me crazy with pleasure. There was still a slight sting of pain every now and again, my body trying hard to get used to the new invasion.

"All mine..." He breathed into my hair. I couldn't keep up with his pace, it was hard, and quick. He went deep inside of me every time. His hips a blur of movement. I felt like I was going to die from pleasure. I tipped my head back, my moans growing louder.

"Say it again." He rasped against the side of my neck as he planted kisses down to my collarbone.

"Yours" I choked out. He snarled and pumped into my harder. I cried out as I shattered once again around him. But he didn't stop, he wasn't finished with me yet. Not now that he had me where he had always wanted me. Underneath him. He was tying me to him in an another way. He was ensnaring me in every possible way that he could. Eric Northman wanted to possess me, in every way he possibly could. I knew that now. And he was succeeding.

His hands were everywhere on me, it seemed as if he couldn't get enough of me. And I knew the feeling. My hands skimmed down his back and up his shoulders and all over his chest as I planted kisses on this beautiful Viking before me. He caught my earlobe in his teeth and nibbled lightly causing me to squirm and tilt my hips upwards. He groaned his approval. I ran my fingers up into his hair and gripped hard when he started pumping into me harder. His rhythm gone, this was reckless abandon.

"Eric...dear god..." I groaned and tipped my head back, exposing my neck to his lustful gaze. He leaned down and took my right nipple into his mouth. His fangs lightly going across the flesh, pulling some blood from my body as he swirled and sucked and teased me into a frenzy. I was practically mewling beneath him as he switched to give attention to the other one. Sucking hard. His touches, his kisses, everything was bruising. And I didn't care. I loved every single minute of it. His greed for me was overwhelming and I could feel my third orgasm brewing underneath the surface.

Eric swore in Swedish again as one of his hands wound into my hair. His mouth met mine harshly in a battle of lips, teeth, and tongue. The kiss was full of passion as his tongue snaked into my mouth, claiming everything in it's wake. I fought a loosing battle of domination, he was winning as he tasted me. Moaning against my mouth I couldn't help but suck on his tongue, nipping at the appendage. His hand wound tighter into my hair, pulling the soft tresses painfully.

He pulled back away from my lips, I was breathing hard as my body tried to take in everything he was giving me. I felt like I was about to die, but if this was what Heaven was like. I didn't care. Eric placed hurried kissed down my jaw to my throat, and before I took my next breath his fangs were buried in my neck. I screamed his name as my body came undone around him. I clutched onto his back, my legs tightening around his waist and I rode out my orgasm. He came with me, his seed spilling into my womb as he roared his completion while drawing blood from my body. He pumped into me as he rode out his orgasm, stroking the smoldering fire. Reminding me who I belonged to with each softer thrust.

After we both came down from our orgasmic bliss, and I could think somewhat straight I realized Eric was carefully licking my neck. Cleaning the blood away from the wound while sealing it. I was panting still and Eric looked quite pleased with himself. I groaned when he finally pulled out of me. I felt the loss of him immediately and I wanted him back inside of me, but I kept quiet and didn't voice those thoughts. He growled softly but didn't move much more than that. He just kept himself propped up on his arms so that he wouldn't crush me. He watched me carefully for a moment before pulling me into another heart stopping kiss. His tongue slow this time as he played with my own. When he pulled back away from me he was smirking.

"I thought you wanted to talk." I managed to say, my voice was a little scratchy seeing as how I had been previously screaming his name. Thank god for sound proof rooms. For humans anyway. I'm pretty sure every Vampire in Texas had heard me.

"I wanted to reward you first." He stated easily and smugly I might add.

"For?" I questioned tiredly.

"Being so kind to Godric." I nodded my head slowly in understanding. He slowly rolled over until he was next to me, he pulled the blankets up over our bodies and moved me so that I was cuddling into his side. I couldn't protest. My body was far too exhausted for that. I knew Eric was still willing and ready to go another round, so I was surprised when he didn't try for more. He seemed to guess what I was thinking.

"Oh believe me, lover. I want to ravish you in many.. many ways.. but that will be for a later time." He stated with a smirk. I glared at him.

"How are you so sure there will be another time?" I challenged. His eyes narrowed as his arm tightened around me, crushing me into his side. He didn't answer me instead he closed his eyes. I finally noticed the time. It was a little after dawn. That must have been one of the reasons Eric wasn't pressing me for more. The call of the sun was lulling him to sleep. I felt my stomach flutter as I watched his peaceful face. He looked so innocent. Which was unusual for Eric. Emotions were stirring into me now that I was relaxed and we were in life threatening danger... emotions I was and had been trying so hard to ignore. They were growing, and I didn't like it.

"Tomorrow... we shall talk about your punishment." He stated easily, startling me out of my thoughts. I jumped a bit but he didn't comment on it thankfully.

"My punishment?" I questioned with a slight groan. Of course there would be a punishment. I knew he was angry with me.. Sex wasn't gonna' change that completely.

"For getting yourself into trouble at The Fellowship... for having that Male's scent all over you and a few other things... We shall talk about it come nightfall, and decide your punishment together." He spoke easily. I glared at him, but he didn't even open his eyes. Lovely.

"Sleep lover." His tone left no arguing, but you know me.

"Don't call me lover." I muttered angrily. He didn't comment, and it's not like I would have heard him if he did anyway. I felt my eyes get heavy and minutes after that, I drifted into a blissful, very much needed, and very comfortable sleep next to my Viking.

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