*Someone's thoughts*

Inner Thoughts

Chapter 1.

12:00pm - Konoha

Sakura watched lazily as the cloud above the sky floated past, she noted how they didn't seem to have a care in the world, she also noted how one looked like a kettle and another a duck. Yes it was a quiet day in Konoha.

(We're lucky to have gotten this day off, we haven't had a day off in months!)

Sakura smiled at her inner, usually she was ranting and raving about something or someone, but today she was peaceful...Maybe having a inner wasn't all bad, even though Sakura was sure she should've grown out of it by now.

She rolled over from her spot to stare down at her reflection in the waters edge, she considered herself lucky that she had found such a secluded little area at all, there were plenty of trees for shade and even a small lake.

Staring down, she noted how, even at 21 she hadn't changed much, She still had her pink hair, her bright jade eyes, sure she looked more mature, her body had finally caught up with the rest of her, she had long slender legs, a "spankable" ass according to her teammates and breasts!

Aah Breasts...How she had envied Hinata and Ino and Tenten before, her once small size B breasts had 'flourished' into ample D's which had caused one than one nosebleed, mainly only to Naruto though.

*Pervert* She giggled to herself.

Sighing Sakura decided that now would be the best time for a nap, she scooted away from the waters edge, just to make sure she didn't roll in (It had been commented that she was dream dancer) so she wasn't taking a chance, last thing she wanted was to look like drowned rat.

Unfortunately though it seemed Sakura wasn't going to get any sleep as she had planned, just as she closed her eyes and began to drift off into peaceful slumber a dark shadow loomed over her, cracking open one eye she scowled at the figure above her.


The figure above her didn't move...ANBU's rarely did when they had news to deliver.

"Tsunade-Sama has requested your presence...It's urgent"

Sakura sighed, why was it only a very small handful of ANBU's didn't sound like a robot with a stick up their arse like this guy did.

Before she could press further, he disappeared in a cloud of smoke Growling quietly, Sakura picked herself up, packed up her picnic blanket and bath pillow (also useful outside the bathroom) and headed over to the Hokage tower.

"This had better be good..."

12:30pm - Hokage Tower

Sakura stood outside her mentor's door, she really didn't want to be here.

(I don't want to work...It's our day off!) Whinged her inner

Raising her hand, Sakura half-heartily knocked on the big wooden door infront of her.

"Come in!" Boomed the voice inside Sakura stepped into the office and took her place in front of the large oak desk as usual.

Sat or rather slumped on the desk was the Hokage herself, Her blonde pigtails draped over her shoulders and she was clutching a bottle of sake.

"You requested me?"

Tsunade lifted her head from her desk, a piece of paper was currently glued to her left cheek and she had bags under her usually bright honey eyes.

"Sa...Sakura...Oh thank kami you're here!" She slurred.

Sakura watched as Tsunade fidgeted in her chair, she tried three times to grasp at the piece of paper that seemed to refuse to leave it's home on her face before she managed to rip it off.

Sukura raised an eyebrow but said nothing, it's wasn't surprising to find the Hokage like this, she did like her liquor.

"Sakura...something..*hic* Something happened...Naruto...Sasuke...Eurgh" Tsunade slammed her head against the desk before standing abruptly, grabbing Sakura into a bear hug.

Sakura began to tremble, she knew that Naruto had gone to look for Sasuke again, she had wanted to go but she was needed at the hospital.

"Wha...what happened?" She whispered, hoping that the news wasn't what she feared Tsunade looked Sakura in the eye...Her face had sobered up and her eyes held serious.

"There was a confrontation, Naruto found Sasuke and they fought...Naruto tried a new jutsu he was learning and...It...Backfired"

Sakura's face fell, terrible thoughts started racing through her mind She felt Tsunade place her hands on her shoulders and turn her round, she found herself facing a very large cardboard box.

"Look inside..." Tsunade instructed.

Sakura turned and looked at the women behind her, confusion plastered on her face.

"Oh they're both alive don't worry..." Tsunade suddenly laughed "But...Um...We need you to take care of this until I find a solution" And with that, Tsunade ran out of her office at full speed.

"Gooooooood luck"

Sakura edged her way towards the box, she jumped when it moved slightly, peeking over the edge her eyes widened and her mouth fell open.

(There's goes our plans to go skinny dipping)

"Oh Shit..."

Little bit of a cliffy...I'll try to make it funnier but i wanted to get the first bit out of the way hahaha!

What's in the box...Oooooooh!