Sirius is back two years after falling through the veil, but what has changed?

Okay, before you read, please know that this is my FIRST FanFiction. Criticism is expected and welcomed. That being said, Enjoy!(:

No Remus/Sirius slash [yet, and it is certainly implied]

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Sirius POV

Sirius woke up to the blackness surrounding him. He felt around him blindly, feeling the cold, smooth surface below him. "What in the bloody hell..." he thought, before remembering what had happened. He remembered laughing at his cousin, Bellatrix for her horribly aimed curses she was attempting to throw at him in the Department of Mysteries. He remembered taking a step black, into the fluttering, black veil. But most of all, he remembered the faces around him. Harry's, showing clear shock and disbelief at where his godfather was standing. Bellatrix's, a horrible sneer showing her yellowed teeth, a reminder of her years in Azkaban. But above all, he remembered Remus's beautiful, aged face looking at him, his golden eyes widening in fear. Sirius raised a hand to his aching head and felt a bump. How long had he been asleep, or unconscious, or whatever it was? Where in the hell was he? He tried to look around him, but only an impenetrable area of darkness met his eyes. Sighing, he clumsily stood up, searching for a way out. Groping through the darkness, he strained to see what was ahead of him. The tiniest speck of light shone through the inky black. Stumbling towards it, Sirius saw the light growing bigger, brighter. And then he was out. A pressure he hadn't realized was there lifted off his chest, and he looked around at the stone stands. Where was everyone? Surely the fight wasn't over already. He had only been in there for an hour or so. Then a feeling of dread crept through him, the skin on is arms tightening. Maybe, they had lost. Maybe they had taken the kids and the members of the Order. Sirius ran. He ran as fast he could to the only place he could think of.

Approaching Grimmauld Place, Sirius stood at the weathered black door. He turned the knob slowly, preparing himself for the sight of the empty house he had always loathed. He stepped through the threshold, holding his breath as a whole other scene greeting his eyes. Through the long and narrow hallway, Sirius could see Molly Weasley in a checked apron, stirring what looked to be soup from the large pot on the stove. Next to her was Tonks, her bright hair bobbing as she moved about energetically, and occasionally giving small kisses on the cheek of a tall bloke standing with his back to Sirius. Who was he? A new member of the Order? Sirius looked closer, to see if it was somebody he knew. And then he looked at the navy jumper he was wearing. He recognized that sweater. It was the one Sirius had given Remus for Christmas. No. No, it couldn't be. But his thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Weasley yelling. "Everyone come down here for supper! It's soup for tonight!" A boy with messy black hair caught his attention, running down the crooked stairs, closely followed by a red haired girl Sirius recognized vaguely as the only Weasley daughter. The smiling boy turned towards the hallway, and froze, the giggling girl running into his back. Harry didn't even blink at the contact, his mouth gaping open, looking remarkably like a goldfish out of its bowl.

"Oh my… Oh my god, it's Sirius!" Ginny gasped, tucking a long strand of hair behind her ear. "It can't be!"

Harry stared, his bright green eyes boring into Sirius' grey ones. He cleared his throat. "You… you see him too?" he managed to utter, breathless from shock. Without another word, he ran at Sirius, sobbing and laughing into his coat. Sirius slowly put his arms around him, hugging him tightly, still pondering over what had happened. Everything was happening so fast. How long had he been gone? But while he pondered, he realized that Harry had grown a good 3 inches and he had a trace of stubble on his chin and cheeks. He looked over to the kitchen, its occupants now aware of his entry after Harry's outcry. Both Molly and Tonks stared, a mixture of surprise, happiness and disbelief crossing their faces. But Sirius only looked at Remus' face. Remus stood there, his eyes reflecting astonishment and guilt. Sirius stared once again at the clasped hands, a feeling of understanding and dread washing through him.

"How… how long have I been gone?" He breathed.

Harry looked up at him, finally pulling away from the hug,"Two years, Sirius! Where have you been? You fell through the damned curtain, and everybody said you were dead, but I knew it couldn't be true!" The wide grin on his face made Sirius smile too, remembering his promise to Prongs.

"I don't really know, to be honest," Sirius muttered, "I thought I was only in there for a bit. Where in the bloody hell is Bellatrix? I'm going to murder her sorry ass."

"She's dead," Tonks spoke for the first time, "Molly got her in the final battle." She grinned at Mrs. Weasley, who in turn replied with a sheepish smile.

"Well, I couldn't just let her go, could I?" She said, smiling warmly up at Sirius. "Come on into the kitchen dear and we'll explain everything. And have some soup. You look awfully peaky." Sirius grinned in turn, but the smile didn't quite reach his eyes.

Sirius walked into the familiar kitchen, careful to avoid Remus's stare. While tucking into his soup, a rumpled looking Ron Weasley and a bushy haired girl walked in. Sirius gave Ron a knowing wink, and he flushed. "Obviously snogging." Sirius smugly thought before returning to his onion soup. Memories of other Gryffindor boys snogging ran through his head and he blushed, choking on the hot soup. What he wouldn't give to be in that damned Tonks's place beside Remus at that moment. That was where they both belonged.