Remus POV

It was surreal. Once again, he woke up in Sirius's arms. Cold nostalgia chilled him to the bone as he remembered back before the Department of Mysteries and after Sirius escaped Azkaban.


Remus was lying awake in his bed, staring at the stars through the open window. A cold breeze blew in and he shivered but didn't get under the covers. He just lay there, watching the twinkling stars above that reminded him so much of Sirius's bright eyes. He missed having his arms around him, and felt guilty. He knew that he should hate Sirius, but he could never quite accept that Sirius had really betrayed Lily and James. He knew that he couldn't have; James was more of a brother to him than his own brother, and they were his family. Sirius looked around the bare room. He still did the same things as when Sirius was here; he still made the tea that Sirius always said tasted too strongly of licorice, he still watched the sky turn blue in the morning, but it wasn't the same without him. It took two to whisper quietly as he watched the sun set, and loneliness washed through him. He could deal with the silence to a point in the tiny flat, but he felt most sad when he looked down at his hands, and he remembered how Sirius's fingers fit so perfectly with his. He hadn't slept for days, thinking of happy days in Hogwarts, lounging around the sunny grounds where there was nothing to do except stare at each other and enjoy the warmth. So drenched in moonlight, Remus though of Sirius. Because when he thought of him, he didn't feel so alone.

*End Flashback*

Remus snuggled happily in Sirius's arms and breathed in the scent of cinnamon and sandalwood, so much stronger than it had been on his dark button down that he had secretly smelled when he felt too alone. He felt so at home with him again. It was safe to say that his days would be infinitely brighter with Sirius by his side.

Harry POV

Harry knocked softly on the green door before him. "Sirius?" he whispered, listening intently for a reply. A sound came from inside, and Harry heard his godfather mumble incoherently. He shrugged and went downstairs for some coffee and toast so Sirius could get some rest. "And," he thought, "Ginny will probably be down stairs by now." Harry quickened his pace to see the only girl he had loved.

Harry walked into the kitchen to see Hermione and Ron snogging vigorously on the couch. He knew they fancied each other, maybe even loved, but it was still weird walking in on them alone. "Ehm ehm." He heard a cough that sounded remarkably like that bat Umbridge's, and Ron and Hermione instantly whipped themselves upright, staring at the source of the noise. Ginny snickered as Harry enfolded her in a hug and held her close.

"Thanks for that," Harry grinned as he looked at Ginny's face. She was so beautiful, it was a wonder she didn't know it. He captured her lips in his for a kiss, pulling back as he remembered that Ron was still sitting nearby. He flushed as he looked at Ron apologetically, who was looking away pointedly. Harry grinned thankfully and took Ginny's hand in his to go to the kitchen to make some coffee and maybe have a quick snog, completely forgetting about Sirius.

A bang issued from the hallway and Harry stood up quickly, staring at Ginny with wide eyes as she set down her cup of coffee slowly. Nobody was supposed to come to Headquarters this early. Harry took his wand out of his jeans and walked through the doorway slowly, looking for the source of noise. He breathed out a sigh of relief as he recognized who was in the hallway.

"Oh bugger," Tonks moaned, looking at the awful troll leg umbrella stand, "That must be the hundredth time I've knocked that thing over. Oh, hello Harry!" She grinned at him from the hall where she was trying to right the stand again, no easy feat, considering the thing probably weighed a hundred pounds. He caught a glimpse of her bright hair as she bent over, struggling to lift the umbrella stand still.

A low chuckle issued from the foyer, and somebody stepped forward from the shadows. "Let me help you with that." A brawny, red-haired Charlie Weasley easily righted the huge object and grinned down at Tonks. "Need more muscles, love."

Tonks stuck her tongue out at him and then laughed. "Well, there's no competing with you. You handle dragons for god's sake." Charlie rolled his eyes and laughed, walking into the living room where Ron and Hermione were talking to each other quietly, Hermione laughing occasionally. Charlie wolf whistled and Ron looked up quickly, a deep scarlet blush crawling up his neck and into his face.

"Looks like Ronnie's finally got himself a girl!" Charlie laughed and grinned lopsidedly down at Hermione, her cheeks starting to turn pink. Ron flustered, his face steadily growing the shade of a tomato.

"Well, it's better than you!" Ron uttered, standing to glare down at his brother. But while Ron was about three inches taller than him, Charlie was heavily muscled, and he narrowed his eyes threateningly. Ron seemed to remember this, because then he slowly sat down and looked at Hermione, grinning sheepishly. Charlie raised his eyebrow and smiled at Tonks, who was busy laughing at Ron. Harry looked back and forth between Charlie and Tonks, realization hitting him. Charlie looked at Harry and waggled his eyebrows mischievously, his grin spreading from ear to ear. Hermione gasped and smiled widely at Tonks, whose hand was now twined with Charlie's. Ron gawked at Charlie for a minute before roaring in laughter. But Ron was saved a beating from Charlie because just then, Molly Weasley entered the drawing room, muttering to no one in particular.

"Yes, we'll need about eight potatoes for dinner tonight, nine if Ronald wants seconds. So we'll have nine potatoes and three bundles of asparagus." Molly smiled to herself before looking up and gasping as she saw Charlie, and her mouth widened even more when she saw their clasped hands. "Oh… oh Charlie!" She dropped the laundry basket she was carrying and went to hug him. Harry saw Mrs. Weasley wipe her eyes free of the tears that were springing from them. She stammered for words until stopping to kiss Charlie on the cheek and smile warmly up at him. "It looks like we'll be needing two more potatoes for dinner then."


Remus and Sirius finally woke together in the the late afternoon. They walked down to the kitchen together, an impenetrable aura of happiness surrounding them. Sirius practically bounded down the staircase; he couldn't help it. He felt so happy and free, and his heart felt like a helium balloon. He'd never felt so at home, and could hardly relax. He felt so warm with Remus's hand in his that he couldn't bear himself to remove it when they got downstairs. He walked into the kitchen to see Tonks talking animatedly to Charlie, a wide grin spreading across her face. Sirius saw Remus smile as he saw her and Charlie together. Sirius always knew that Charlie had liked Tonks, and had, accidently, let it slip to Tonks last week. Oops. Sirius laughed out loud as he beamed from ear to ear and looked into Remus's amber eyes. Remus grinned back at him, and motioned for him to sit down beside him at the table. Nothing could break them again; not time, not death. Nothing would ever keep them apart again. Sirius smiled in pure bliss, a feeling he hadn't felt for at least twenty years before shoveling steak into his awaiting mouth. Remus rolled his eyes in disgust before sipping his water. Sirius never did change, and never would. And for that he was grateful.


Inspired heavily by Owl City, because it makes me feel happy and sad and mushy all at the same time.

All right, now that there's a happy ending for everyone, I'm not sure what I should write, or if I should write any more :C

I mostly wrote this story because I found myself wanting all the stories I read on this website to have a different ending, different pairings, etc.

And it really bothered me that the characters I loved couldn't have the ideal [well, my ideal] ending. For example, Remus & Tonks??? Charlie ends up with nobody???

WHY, JK Rowling, WHY? Haha. So, yes. Here it is. The End. Well, possibly. And I think I'm going to write another story that I'll just add my random short story ideas to.

Sound good to you? Sounds good to me. Because trust me, I've got LOADS more ideas. :D Oh dear.