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Rallen stood just inside the hanger bay on Genshi watching Jeena look through some calibration errors on one of the landing gears. It wasn't anything serious; in fact it was a rather routine management for their ship. If it wasn't taken care of, it, naturally, could quickly turn into an actual hazard by turning the only kind of landing Rallen could perform into a crashed landing, but it only took a few minutes at most to correct. With the NPP's level of technology, it was one of the few forms of maintenance that still actively existed.

But Rallen wasn't too concerned about it, not even thinking about it. No, his focus was centered on his pink-haired partner.

He debated doing it for a couple days. Battled with himself over whether he actually wanted to or not. But just then, as he was watching her, he felt the sudden urge to go through with it.

And being the impulsive and instinct-trusting guy he was, he found himself approaching Jeena a few seconds later with a fair load of confidence, "Hey, Jeena."

"What is it Rallen?" asked Jeena, sparing him a brief glance. She sounded bored to Rallen. He could sympathize, having had to go through maintenance as many times as she in training.

Trying to keep a straight face, his small smile showing his effort, he hesitated a second before saying, "I want to give you something." It was true, strictly speaking. He'd even hid his hands behind his back before walking over.

She looked at him, eyebrow raised curiously, before slowly standing, letting the holographic screens die for the moment, "Okay, what it is?" She was as confused as to what would bring on this behavior as she was curious as to what he'd give her. They'd been partners for a few months now, and he'd never given her something before. It was probably something small in size, if he could hide it behind his back like she thought he was.

For a brief second, thoughts of him having a romantic gift entered her head, but they easily slipped away. Rallen just wasn't the type for that, and they were just partners in the NPP. Nothing more. That, and the thought of Rallen being romantic felt both unnatural and disturbingly pleasing to the pink-haired officer.

Rallen looked sheepish for half a second before asking her, "Could you close your eyes first?"

The surprise showed on her face, and the thoughts of a romantic gift reentered her mind. She humored them for a moment, before dismissing them again; it was just a little too absurd. Though with Rallen, she really couldn't be too sure…

After the shock wore off a second later she gave a bored sigh before complying.

As Rallen was about to give her his 'gift' a wave of doubt suddenly hit him. She could react badly to it, she probably would react badly to it.

After twenty seconds of patiently waiting, Jeena peeked an eye open to see Rallen standing in the same spot looking off to the side, scratching his head with his hand and looking more sheepish then before. As he turned towards her again, he noticed her single open eye.

"Well?" she prompted

"Okay, okay, I'll give it to you now. Just keep your eyes closed, alright?" he said, sounding a little exasperated. He now knew why he wanted her eyes closed for this. She'd doubtlessly stop him if she saw it coming and he wasn't sure if he could handle looking into her eyes as he did it.

She obeyed for the second time, this time with a slight twitch on her forehead. She felt, as much as heard, him take a few steps closer to her and suddenly very different thoughts from romanticism entered, ones that seemed to fit Rallen better in this situation.

As Rallen was about to act, Jeena suddenly said, "Do anything perverted and I'll kill you." Rallen hesitated again; yup, she definitely going to react badly to it. But was what he was doing considered perverted?

'Probably,' he decided, as he leaned forward.

Instantly, Jeena's eyes shot open, and continued to stare at Rallen even after he pulled back away, a goofy smile on his face. "D-did you-you…did you j-just,"

But Rallen cut her off with a, "Totally worth it." The statement surprised her even more and she had extreme difficulty putting together even a simple five word sentence, and she was looking more and more flustered as the seconds past. He stayed with her a few moments longer, waiting to see if she would put together something coherent, before saying, "I'll be in the cockpit if you need me," and leaving her alone.

She continued to stare after him, before turning away. Bringing a trembling hand to her lips, she said something Rallen would have probably been very interested in hearing.

Quietly, barely a whisper, Jeena said, "My first kiss…" after another second she turned back to the landing gear, attempting to immerse herself in her work to calm her raging mind.


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