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Sitting in the cockpit of their patrol cruiser, Jeena gave an annoyed sigh, before stealing another glance at her partner, who seemed oblivious to her inner turmoil.

Two days had passed.

Two days since Jeena had experienced her first kiss at the hands of Rallen.

In that time, there had surprisingly not been another Krawl sighting. As they were the best at taking care of them, Rallen and Jeena had mostly been on standby the last few months, so that they could head out at a moment's notice. With the lack of activity, Commander Grant had seen fit to place them back on Patrol Missions; what they would've been doing anyway had they never located that distress beacon. Rallen, naturally, had complained loudly at that, before Grant yelled at him and reminded him of the importance of such missions, and why they were done at all.

Jeena had been so immersed in her own thoughts, and watching Rallen, that she barely heard a word of the argument until Grant addressed her directly. She had nodded in acknowledgment of the patrol mission before heading towards the cruiser with Rallen in tow.

Jeena sighed again, as the vessel exited Kollin's atmosphere and headed towards Sector T. She wasn't sure what she was going to do about it. Sure, she could talk to him, but that was too direct. She had questions that she wasn't sure if she wanted the answers to.

"Is something wrong?" asked Rallen suddenly. He'd been getting steadily more nervous as she continued giving him the silent treatment over the last two days. Sure, it wasn't actually the silent treatment (she answered whatever questions she had, as always, and talked when she was talked to), but she never started up a conversation. With anybody really, now that he thought about it.

"No," Jeena answered honestly. It technically wasn't wrong. It was just a kiss…but it was her first kiss. What alarmed her the most was that she didn't think she minded.

"Is something bothering you?" continued Rallen. Jeena turned to face her red-haired partner, scanning his face for something, and only finding curiosity and concern. Jeena continued to stare, and Rallen continued to stare back, but he was a little unnerved at how she suddenly didn't have the need to blink.

Finally, "Why did you kiss me?"

Almost instantly his cockiness kicked in, "'Cause I felt like it," he said shrugging. As the words left his mouth, he knew that was definitely not what he should have said.

Jeena stiffened. Then, "Was that the only reason?"

"Well," started Rallen, grateful for a chance to save himself, "I had been thinking about doing it for a few days before. It was only two days ago that I finally got the courage to do it. And even then…I..." he struggled to find the right words before settling on, "wasn't sure what you would think." He turned towards her with a cocky grin and asked, "Why, want another one?"

"Yes, actually," replied Jeena after a brief moment of thought.

Rallen's grin transformed into a look of surprise, "I mean a kiss," he said

"I know," replied Jeena, raising an eyebrow at him.

Rallen's face grew serious as he stared at her for several seconds, before standing up. As he walked over, Jeena noted that this was the most serious she'd seen him in the entire time she'd known him. Her heart nearly skipped a beat as he kneeled in front of her.

Staring into her eyes, Rallen wasn't sure what he was looking for, or if he was just looking. He brought his left hand up and cupped her cheek and smiled in satisfaction at the small shiver it incited from her. As he inched forward, he saw her lick her lips in anticipation. After an eternity, their lips finally connected.

Rallen gave a second to enjoy the initial connection before tilting his head further to the side and deepening the kiss, his hand snaking from her cheek to the back of her neck, pushing her closer ever so slightly. He wasn't stealing a kiss this time. No, this time he had been given permission, and he was going to make sure she enjoyed it.

Letting his knees hit the floor to relieve the pain that had been growing in his ankles from kneeling, he wrapped his other arm around her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling each other closer.

After almost a minute of this, with Rallen going so far as to nibble lightly on her lower lip, Rallen finally pulled away. Taking a few seconds to breath, he said, "Anything else you want?"

Jeena, slightly more out of breath then he was, merely shook her head. But as he stood back up and turned away she said, "wait," turning back to face her, he was pleasantly surprised to find her standing, with her hands on his cheeks and her lips on his mouth.

A half second later she pulled away with a blush and a satisfied smile, "Ok, I think I'm satisfied now," before sitting back down.

"Alright, I'll…I'm just going to check on the incubator real quick, but I'll be right back." Jeena stared at him as he exited the cockpit, concern and anxiety building up inside of her. 'Did I do something wrong? What was it? How could I screw up now?'

She needn't have worried as a few seconds later she heard Rallen yell, "YES! BOO-YAH!"

The giggling from the cockpit told Rallen he hadn't said that quite as quietly as he had intented.


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