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Author's Note: Nope, you're not imagining this. There is ONE MORE update for this story! Lol. Now, this is actually not a chapter, per se, for "Fires." It is actually a little preview for the… get ready… SEQUEL! I loved writing with these guys so much I had to do another! Now, I'm not sure when I'm actually going to get this started since I am now going to college and I'm also working on another story that I haven't updated in a while, so just bear with me. I promise you that it will be posted! Another note on this is that it's written in the form of a movie trailer (it's a nifty idea I've done for some of my other stories, and it seems to work well), so you'll have to think of it as such. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. But, without any further ado, I'll let you read this! Thank you so much to those who reviewed!


Song: "Seasons" by The Veer Union

A black screen

Brittany (Voiceover): "You took my father…"

Shows a quick shot of Matt Hardy watching, horrified, as Eric Howe is engulfed in flames and runs out of sight before cutting back to a black screen

Brittany (Voiceover): "You broke my heart…"

Shows a quick shot of Jeff Hardy pulling his face away after Brittany Howe kisses him and fades into a shot of him tenderly kissing Beth Britt before cutting back to a black screen

Brittany (Voiceover): "You hurt my feelings…"

Shows a quick shot of Beth hugging Jeff tightly before cutting back to a black screen

Brittany (Voiceover): "And now, you will regret it."

Shows a quick shot of Matt yelling out in fear when he enters Jeff and Beth's guest bedroom before cutting sharply to a black screen

Three months after returning safely to their home in Cameron, North Carolina, life is going well for Jeff Hardy and his family…

Shows a shot of Beth and Jeff standing outside in the snow in front of an almost completed house, her wrapped tightly in his arms

Jeff: "Just think about it, Beth. In a couple more weeks, we'll finally be able to move into our own place again."

Cuts to a shot of Jeff and Beth sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace in Matt's living room, sipping on hot chocolate as she looks down at her left hand

Beth: "I love you, Jeffro."

Cuts to a shot of Matt wrapping his arms around Jeff and Beth

Matt: "Anything for my favorite little brother and sister."

Shows a shot of a laughing Shannon Moore standing outside and throwing a snowball in Beth's face before running away

Shannon: "You can't catch me!"

Cuts sharply to a black screen

until they hear some startling news…

A shot of a crying Matt putting his head in his hands fades in

Matt (Voiceover): "I killed Eric Howe."

Shows a shot of an agitated Jeff as he cries out in frustration and slams his hands down on the counter before cutting to a shot of a shaken Beth

Jeff (Voiceover): "And you just bothered to tell us this now?"

Beth: "Matt, do you have any idea what this means?"

Cuts to a shot of Shannon as he walks past Matt

Shannon: "It appears that your asses need saving… again!"

and the return of a familiar face.

Shows a shot of Brittany Howe as she smiles triumphantly. Fades into a shot of a horrified Jeff before cutting sharply to a black screen

Brittany (Voiceover): "Hello again, Jeffro."

Now, it's a fight for survival…

Shows a shot of Shannon grabbing Beth's hand as they run down a path through snow-covered trees with Matt close behind them

Shows a shot of Jeff swerving on the icy street as he avoids hitting someone standing in the middle of the road

Cuts sharply to a black screen as the sounds of squealing tires and a crash are heard

as they fight to protect everything they love.

Fades into a shot of Jeff holding Beth in his arms as she cries

Beth: "How the hell did she find us in Cameron?"

Cuts to shot of Jeff as a single tear falls from his eye

Jeff (Voiceover): "I will not let anything happen to you."

Shows a sequence of shots in slow motion:

Matt hugging Jeff

Shannon high-fiving Beth

Beth laughing with Jeff and Matt

Shannon kissing Julie

Jeff tenderly brushing some hair out of Beth's face before meeting her lips in a kiss

Brittany (Voiceover): "Just what would you do to protect the one thing you treasure most in your life? How far would you go?"

Cuts to a shot of Jeff stumbling out of his crashed car and falling to the ground, looking at the night around him nervously

Jeff (Voiceover): "I would give my last breath. I would go to the ends of the world if I had to."

Shows a shot of a grinning Brittany with a gun in her hand

Brittany: "Would you?"

Cuts to a shot of a determined Jeff

Jeff: "Yes."

Shows a sequence of shots:

Shannon anxiously talking on a cell phone

A sobbing Beth being held by Matt

Jeff collapsing to the snow

Matt fearfully screaming Jeff's name

Beth hugging Matt

Jeff standing in front of Beth protectively as Brittany points a gun at them

Matt staring in horror as he's approached by a dark-haired man

Shannon shaking his head and covering his mouth as tears fall from his eyes

Brittany getting close to Jeff as she kisses him

A gun being fired

Cuts sharply to a black screen

Melting Ice

Brittany (Voiceover): "I always get what I want."

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