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Summary: Like any popular boy, Ikuto has many girls that chase him on a daily basis besides his sister, so there's only one way, in Ikuto's mind, to stop them. Have a fake girlfriend of course!


"I already have a girlfriend."

At those words, the group of girls surrounding poor Ikuto Tsukiyomi groan their disappointment, frowns on each of their faces. Another girl not far off from the group, sighs in disappointment, sorrow marring her features.

'A girlfriend..? Now he'll never look my way...'

Her lilac bangs hide her face as usual as she begins to look through her bag.

"Ikuto-sempai, who is it? How do we know you're not lying and just saying this to get us away?"

Ikuto sighs a bit, his blue hair swaying in the stray breeze passing by.

"I don't know if I should tell. I never told anyone before because I was afraid she'd get teased or worse..."

'Crap. How do I get myself out of this one?'

A lot of the girls look down or at each other.

"We promise we won't do anything. We wouldn't want to upset you."

Ikuto pretends to think it over while his eyes shift around for a temporary way out. Suddenly, his eyes spot a young girl not far off, her hands fumbling through her bag, her hair hiding her face.

'She doesn't seem fan girlish.'


He begins to push his way through the fangirls, the girls moving to create a path, his eyes obviously locked on someone. The girl finally manages to pull her sketchbook out, her eyes wandering up to notice her childhood crush walking her way, straight towards her.

'Oh my god! Ikuto-sempai is walking towards me!!'

She freezes in place, her face already gaining a pink hue. She watches as Ikuto stops in front of her, a sexy smirk on his lips.

"Do you mind if I tell them?"

The girl only tilts her head in confusion before Ikuto suddenly pulls her into his arms, her head barely passing his shoulders. Her whole face goes a darker shade.

"Do you mind...if I tell them about us?"

The young girl's eyes widen at his words, her face buried in his chest, her shock hidden from the others.


Ikuto pulls away to look softly at her face, since her face is mainly hidden by her hair.

"It's alright....they know, so you can call me Ikuto-kun like you usually do."

The girl's cheeks turn reed, her eyes noticing the group watching them, her mind starting to register what he's talking about.


Ikuto's smile widens, only causing her heart to race more.

"Awww....she's shy. Give her a kiss Ikuto-sempai~!"

Both turn at the random outburst as all the girls start echoing their enthusiasm to the idea. Ikuto only smirks as he leans down to whisper in the girl's ear.

"Do you mind..?"

The girl lowers her head shyly a bit, her cheeks red in anticipation.


Ikuto's smirk widens as his eyes soften, the amethyst color barely catching her emerald ones.


Hotaru continues to look down before Ikuto gently places a finger under her chin, raising her head as his lips place themselves over her own. Hotaru sighs into the kiss, allowing Ikuto to lead as the girls 'Awe' in unison before beginning to dissipate gradually. When the last one disappears behind the school doors, Ikuto pulls away.

"Good, they're gone."

He looks down to notice Hotaru's face a deep red, her fingers gently touching her lips. Ikuto smirks teasingly, tilting his head to get a better look.

"Was that your first kiss?"

Hotaru jumps a bit at his comment, looking up, only to look down quickly as her face darkens once more. Ikuto chuckles a bit before making her face him, still not really seeing her face clearly.

"Well...I hope you get used to it. Starting today, you're going to play the role of my girlfriend."

Hotaru jumps a bit as the bell rings on cue, both looking toward the school.

"Well, don't want to be late."

He quickly places a peck on her forehead before beginning to walk away.

"I'll see you later."

Hotaru watches his back until he disappears inside the school before falling to her butt in shock, her hands touching her red, heated face, her glasses crooked a bit from the fall.

'What....What just happened?!'


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