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Chapter 12.

A blur seemed to move right when Tails was sure he would collide, and Tails opened his eye, only to witness the front of the plane crash against the ground, the side breaking apart and scattering everywhere. Tails nearly lurched forward flying out of his seat, body slamming hard against the cockpit as he cried out as the plane came into impact. Some small pieces of wing were sent cascading in all directions as sand engulfed the plane, the nose digging in to the earth.

Tails groaned, feeling pain everywhere, now keeping his eyes closed, almost afraid to know where he was. While his eyes remained closed, he gently moved the joints he could, feeling for pains. He could feel the stings of sand all against his arms and legs, the thud and pressure against his stomach, as he slowly moved his hand to clutch against himself as he moaned.

He instinctively moved to shift open the door of the plan, falling with an "Umph!" on the sandy ground, groaning, before shifting to have knees perch him up on the ground. Vision shaky, he saw his propeller bent, tail end of the plane buried in sand, broken apart from the rest of the plane. The wings looked ready to fall off any moment, a forty-five degree angle forward, the exact flipped opposite of its initial state.

His blurry gaze shifted forward, and he tried to sit up, knees aching and his arms hurting to rise. His hand then was grasped, and breath lost that moment, he peered upon a blue hedgehog, who had a grin, trying to usher him up. "Say, that was a close one there!"

"Huh?" Tails blinked, gazing up at the hedgehog in surprise. His tone wasn't angry, it wasn't hostile, but he felt worried, yet let hedgehog help him up his feet.

"You went almost fast enough to hit me. Almost. The blue hedgehog's grin remained, though a hand reached up to clutch the groggy fox's arm, as his foot took a step away from the wreckage, and to the left of the hedgehog. The fox coughed into his hand, before he took another shaky step, eyes spinning around.

"Take it easy." The blue hedgehog said, trying to motion for the fox to take a seat after they moved a few feet further from the wreck. The sand below them was soft, and the ocean's waves heaved forth into the coast gently. "What's your name?"

The fox paused, and he then thought of home, where his father would beam on him, where his sister called his name in sing-song and giggled. He thought of Tyler, and Lili, and Rosaline, who had given him a new name. He had just come out of rest, but he felt as if he had not slept since he had vanished from his home.

"Fwiends…" Echoed Rosaline's voice into his mind…the haunting last word that was pronounced so warm and weakly.

"My name is Tails."

Sonic glanced at his two name-sake-tails, and he quickly added, as if he felt dishonest, "Well Miles Prower…but my friends called me tails.

"Tails? Heh." His hand extended, and the fox shook it firmly. "My name's Sonic. What's this here?"

"It's a plane," Tails began to explain. "It is guided by a propeller to keep it up in the air, and it has wheels to increase its velocity for the launch."

Sonic gave him a blank look, and then just grinned. He didn't understand. "Look's dangerous, but was pretty fast."

"Ran out of fuel," Tails tried to explain further. "I was dodging enemy pil-."

"Enemy pilots? You were under attack by others flying the same thing?"

Tails nodded. "Servants of some Robotnik…the place I flew from, it was being invaded, and I was ordered to fly away along with my friends."

"Eggman." Sonc said with familiarity.

"You know him?" Tails asked curiously, brushing his legs from sand as he sat.

The hedgehog, still standing, nodded firmly. "We've faced off before, he captures animals and enslaves them in his strange machines, or robotizes them. I thought he had given up, but he's back."

"You mean this isn't the first time?!" Tails asked incredulously. "Why wasn't he put away?"

"I don't kill." Answered the hedgehog. "And it seems he did quick work of his captors." Sonic peered up at the sky. Tails followed his gaze quizzically, still stroking at his injuries when the hedgehog asked, "Did you see him?"


"Eggman." The hedgehog said simply. Tails shook his head no.

"Well that's okay." Sonic said reassuringly with another grin, looking towards the land. "I'm just going to find a hill, look for the weirdest thing in the sky, and chase it!" Sonic seemed just about to bolt off then and there, already moving a few paces full of excitement, when Tails shouted.



"Wait for me." Tails pleaded.

Sonic tilted his head and looked over the fox, and Tails did the same. He was bruised, tired, and had slept only a little on his sad flight. The hedgehog didn't know anything about him, and he didn't know anything about the hedgehog either. But he wasn't going to let Rosaline's death be in vain.

"I want to help you." Tails added, as if it would help convince the hedgehog.

The hedgehog gave him an uncertain look, and Tails pushed on, "I want to seek justice for my friends. I don't want their losses to all be in vain."

Stupid tears. Tails knew one was sliding down his face then, and he shamefully tilted his gaze to the sand. He was weak, he knew, he was tired, he very well knew, and he was grieving. If he could suddenly pause all action in the world, if only for a moment, he would find a tree, he would make a memorial, and he would cry, cry as long as he could, until things got better, until things made sense, and were fair again.

Perhaps the tears put the hedgehog in a sense of awkwardness, for he was quiet for a moment, and then a second one, but then he crept closer, and he said, "If you can keep up with me, you can follow me, and we'll kick this Eggman's butt to a place it deserves."

Tails wiped his tears, and he looked up…but Sonic was already running, quickly up the elevation, up the emerald green hills. His feet ached, and so he did the only thing he could to keep up, he knew he could do it.

He spun his tails, and he flew quickly after the hedgehog, nearly out of sight.

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