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Inspired by the authoress known as SerenBunny, I present to you... Vilgax/Gwen..... Please, no insults, I'm driven by inspiration.... Don't hurt me.....

These are only drabbles as I find fabulous ideas with the abstract.


....And standing upon a hill covered in snow on a day of warm summer, the warlord stood under what he knew to be a willow. Beside him, with her pointer finger a lightning blue color, weaving snowflakes from the air, the witch sat, smiling. Vilgax of Chimera Sui Generis and Gwen Tennyson of Earth.

What wonders a month with odd company can bring.


Nothing in life is for certain, that much is known through-out the galaxy. However, some things can be made semi-certain by continuously making it so.

For instance, Vilgax was certain that he hated the Tennyson clan, and wasn't shy about making this known. Often using the violence that he loved so much to get that point across.

Contrariwise, these attempts of getting the point across can only go so far.

This was made abundantly clear when he tried to kill the clan's youngest female.... failing miserably in the end. He just couldn't bring himself to hurt a girl.

Contempt can only go so far.


Oh, God, she was loosing her mind....

First thing that morning on the battleship cruiser Vilgax called home, Gwen Tennyson knew her day was going to go south... the second she stubbed her toe.

That, in itself, was not a big deal, but Gwen knew, she just knew, it could only go worse from there.

And she was right.

The next hour was a living hell. The ships anti-gravity went out, causing her breakfast to embed itself in her hair and clothes. The workout room's several hundred pound weights almost hit her head. And, to top it off, one of the robot drones blew up her wardrobe somehow.

"Okay.... All I need as a shower. Get this junk out of my hair, and everything will look better." She rationalized, grabbing one of the giant towels, which to her were more like blankets, and headed to the bathing room.

If only fate were so kind.

A quarter of a second before she punched in the access code, the big, heavy doors slid open, revealing a sopping, nice smelling and somewhat nicer looking Vilgax.

Nothing at all covering his body. Not his armor, not the mask he usually wore, not a towel..... nothing.

"There's some hot water left, if you wish to use the facility." Vilgax uttered as he passed by, not noticing the totally blank look on Gwen's face. A fire hot blush encasing her entire frame.

In my defense, I wrote these after watching Cowboy Bebop. My brain always goes screwy when watching that.

'Til next time!