Sly Cooper fanfic4


Charged with Treason

LOCATION: Sector: Sierra Griffin - Khartoum, Sudan
TIME: 11:36 PM

Aboard a train in motion, assigned to guard a priceless relic, Sergeant Inspector Carmelita M. Fox, Lt. Constable Neyla, SWAT Captain Detective Jack Wilson and his SWAT team sat comfortably within their passenger seats.

Carmelita sat closest to the doorway, leading to the other car. Freddy sat next to her, soundly sleeping, his arms drooped to the edge of the seat while he snored particularly loud. Neyla was seated next to the window, her head leaning on Wilson's shoulder as he simply read a book. Fitz and Adams were seated in the other seats across from theirs, they were playing a game of checkers, they must have been really bored. And then there was Reign, who was seated, not in the train, but rather on top the car, eyes on the lookout for any bandits traveling on top the trains.

Within the secured cable car of the train, the Interpol car, sat the Chalice of Khenmu, the Great Potter. Despite the stories, the Chalice was made of pure gold, jewel incrustations were made, full of rubies and sapphires. This relic was discovered by an archeologist, who said the Chalice was worth beyond billions, a simple merchant in possession of the Chalice could retire as early was wanted, buy a business, build the biggest house among all others, and live as a king for their entire lives.

Of course, the archeologist wanted to present the relic to a worthy museum, so he asked Interpol to send their best ages to guard it until they reached Cairo, Egypt. It was most likely that a thief would definitely attempt a robbery of the artifact.

Anyway, back at the seats, Carmelita cast a glare upon the sleeping possum, who was drooling on her shoulder. "Jack," she began, calmly, "Could you please wake Freddy?"

"Why?" Wilson asked, not looking up from his book, "We'll be at the airport by the day after tomorrow, we've got plenty of time."

"I know that, but I would very much appreciate it if Freddy would wake up and stop drooling on my shoulder," Carmelita growled.

Wilson looked up at Freddy, he marked the page of his book, picked up a bag of peanuts, and tossed it at him.

The possum immediately sat up, awake, "W-w-what's happening!? Are we in danger? Is the train falling down a waterfall!?"

"Freddy, calm down, we're no where near a waterfall," Wilson assured.

"But that could change if you keep drooling," Carmelita concluded.

Freddy instantly wiped his mouth of the saliva as Wilson stood up from his seat.

"And just where are you going?" Neyla asked, who apparently was awake.

"Restroom," Wilson said, "What else do you think I'd do on a train?"

Neyla smirked as Wilson headed down the alley. Freddy on the other hand began to drift off again, his head leaning slightly...

"Freddy, if you as much touch my shoulder again, I will throw you off the train," Carmelita warned.

With that, Freddy got the message, retracting his head and turned to lean against the window.

After washing his hands and his face, Wilson stepped out the restroom and headed back to his seat. But before he could get far...

"Psss," whispered a voice.

Wilson turned his attention to the luggage room, where the whispering appeared to have come from.

"Psss, in hear," the voice said again, Wilson stepped into the luggage room looked around, spotting no signs of anyone.

Suddenly, none other than Sylvester J. Cooper, alias "Sly" Cooper, appeared in front of him, grinning. Wilson nearly jumped out of his skin, "Dammit Coop," he cursed, whispering in order not to be heard, "Don't startle me like that."

"Well I am a thief after all," Sly pointed out, "being sneaky is part of the job."

"Well whoever gave you the job should give you a raise," Wilson said and changed the subject, "Are you all set to guard the relic?"

"Trust me, Agent Wilson," Sly started, "the relic is safe under my watchful eye."

"Trusting a thief is harder than you think, how do I know you won't steal it for yourself?"

"Because I'm not specialized to steal from normal people," Sly explained.

"Even so, we're not all normal people on this train," Wilson pointed out.

"Hey now, Wilson," Sly began, placing a hand on his shoulder, "You asked me to help protect the relic from any other robbers, and that's all I intend to do. At least until we get to the museum in Cairo."

Wilson folded his arms, "Why?" he asked, suspicious.

"I'd tell you, but then you'd turn me in before I even preformed the crime."

"Think again, I'm the least you'll have to worry about," Wilson explained, "If Carmelita knows about this she'll have both our heads."

"What about Neyla, doesn't she know about all this?"

"Of course, I trust her," Wilson said.

"And yet you don't trust me?" Sly concluded.

"Just make sure the Chalice is secured," Wilson said, "And remember, it is not to leave the train unless under Interpol possession."

"Got it," Sly said, nodding his head. Just then the door opened. Sly instantly cloaked himself as Wilson stood at attention, only to find Neyla at the door.

"Does it really take this long to go to the restroom?" Neyla asked, "Looking all around the luggage room, "What were you doing in here?"

"just making sure the relic will be safely guarded," Wilson replied, winking at her.

I know, the start's not that good, but just wait until the next chapters, you'll be shocked at what comes next. But don't let the title fool you, there's more to the story than just the name. R&R!