Sly Cooper fanfic6


Charged with Treason

LOCATION: Sector: Foxtrot Delta - Paris, France

After escaping Interpol, Sly and Wilson landed on the docks, where they were suppose to meet up with Bentley and the team. After landing, Wilson breathed heavily, sitting down, "That... was too close," he said, his heart racing.

"When you run from the cops almost every day, you get use to it," Sly said, sitting beside him, "take it from someone who knows what they're talking about."

"Alright, I will," Wilson agreed, standing back up.

"Jack!" he heard a far away voice call his name. He turned to find Neyla, Bentley, and rest of his team running along the docks towards him. Wilson smiled, if there was anything he was happy to see, it was most definitely his beloved.

As they got to Sly and Wilson's position, Neyla was the first. She immediately wrapped her arms around Wilson's neck and smacked her lips against his, much passion in this one.

As the others arrived, they all just looked at the couple as they shared a tender moment. Neyla broke the kiss and reached into her pocket, pulling out Wilson's hat and placed it on his head, "There. Now everything is right where it belongs."

"Not exactly," Sly said. Neyla and Wilson turned their attention to him, "You're all free for the moment, but I suggest you do what a thief does, run away."

"I'll keep it in mind, Coop," Wilson said, "and thanks for coming for me."

"Like I said, you're like another partner to me," Sly said as he and Bentley turned to leave.

"And you're a good man, Coop," Wilson replied.

"Oh, and by the way," Bentley said, turning back to them and tossing Wilson a pair of keys, "If you need a boat, these keys will activate one of those yachts. Good luck!"

After the two thieves had left, it was all them.

"What do we do now, Captain?" Reign asked.

Wilson looked at the key in his palm, "There's no need to call me that anymore," he said, "I'm no longer your CO. So what I say is... we should split up."

"Split up?" Fitz repeated.

"Yeah, Don't you all see, I'm the most wanted of Interpol, dead or alive. They come after me the most, if you all stay with me you're all just putting yourselves a risk. So as my final order as Captain is to go. Run away without me."

"But Jack, you can't go alone, eventually they'll find you and kill you," Neyla pointed out.

"I'd rather it be I die than have you die," Wilson replied, walking over to Reign, "Reign, you are one of the most toughest soldiers I've ever met. The dept is paid, you can go."

Reign gave him a short bow, "It has been an honor, Wilson," he said, turning around and leaving.

"As for the rest of you," Wilson began, turning to the others, he faced Fitz, "you best take it easy Fitzy, there's a lot of crazy things in this crazy world."

"Noted sir," Fitz said, Wilson turned to Adams.

"Adams, I personally think it's best to keep your smart ass comments to yourself," Wilson suggested, "Might keep you alive."

"Gee, thanks," Adams commented.

"That is exactly what I'm talking about," Wilson pointed out, turning to Neyla, "And Neyla..."

Neyla looked back at him, waiting to hear his final words.

Wilson tried to speak, but just could not for he wished not to leave his love. But he had to, for it was for the best.

He sharply turned around, Don't look back, Jack o' boy, he told himself, climbing onto the yacht.

Neyla watched as he placed the keys in the lock of the yacht, tears streaming in her eyes. She had taken a goodbye from her parents and had lived with it for years, but this goodbye was unacceptable to take.

As his yacht sailed smoothly through the water, coming upon leaving Paris, Wilson was depressed, leaving the Glaciers and those he called a family was one thing, but leaving his love was too much for him.

It's better this way, he thought, The farther she is from you, the safer she will be. Although convincing as it was, Wilson did not believe it.

Suddenly, his sense warned him of another presence. He was not alone the yacht. However, he did not need to see who it was to know, "It's rather pointless hiding when you're expecting to be found," he said, as the other approached him from behind.

"Does it really matter?" Neyla asked, smiling.

Wilson turned around to face her, returning the smile, "How did you get on board?"

"Back when I was Carmelita's partner, I use to alley with Sly Cooper himself, and he needed to follow me around, and I doubt I was easy to follow," Neyla explained.

"you do realize that by coming with me, you're risking yourself," Wilson told her.

"As long as I'm with you, it's a risk I'm willing to take," Neyla said, coming closer, "Besides, you don't leave without saying goodbye me, especially without giving me a kiss."

"Then allow me to fix my mistake," Wilson said, pulling her closer. As their lips met again, it was precisely at the same time the sun set. And as their yacht sail away, it was as if they were following the sun.

Back on the docks, as the couple sail away, Fitz and Adams were left.

"Hey Billy?" Adams asked.

"Yeah, Adams?"

"It just came to me, we were delivering an artifact from Egypt in Sudan, right?"

"Yeah,"Fitz replied.

"So here it comes, why were we in Sudan delivering an artifact to Egypt when it was already in Egypt?"

"Well Adams, you really shouldn't judge. Scout works hard to piece these things together," Fitz explained.

"Well, he's working too much on the conflict but doesn't think about the explanation of proper locations, kinda lousy writer's work if you ask me."

Just then, a finger tapped his shoulder. Adams turned around to find, "Martian Scout?" he said, before getting pushed into the water.

"And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen," I said to you, "After being branded traitors to Interpol, Neyla and Wilson sailed away, never to be seen again... or have they?"

"Dude, what the hell?!" Adams complained.

"Hey, when you insult me, you get the boot," I told him, "plain as that."

"Well I don't like it."

"Well what are you gonna do? Call the authorities? Right after you just broke out of jail?"

"He's gotcha there, Adams," Fitz agreed.

"Fitz, shut up."

"And by the way," Fitz began, turning to me, "What ever happened to Freddy?"

"'And what happened to Freddy' you all ask?..."

Back in the jungle of Sudan, Freddy although exhausted continued to run from the jaguar not too far behind. Eventually, he found a river passing by. Something clicked into Freddy's brain as he ran for the river and jumped into it.

Once in, he swam and grabbed a passing log, he climbed aboard and turned back to the jaguar. The big cat glared at Freddy and began gave up, heading back into the jungle.

"Ha ha!" Freddy mocked, "In your face, big kitty! You're fear of water is no match for my brain power. Who's stupid? Not me."

He continued to mock the jaguar that was no longer there, until he heard another roaring sound. Not of an animal but of water.

Almost afraid to be curious, he slowly turned his head back, only to find an enormous waterfall up ahead, and his log was heading for it, "Okay, I'm the one who's stupid," he admitted, as his log reached the edge of the fall.


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