Sebastian, Casey and his date were at Jessica's campaign fundraiser. Sebastian had the luck of being sat next to Jessica whilst Casey and his date were sat next to Casey's father. Sebastian was going to add to that fund tonight and Casey was there because his father had requested he should come to meet some influential politicians

"Enjoying yourself?" Sebastian turns to Jessica. She had her hair in a bun and she was wearing a low cut black dress. She looked every inch the District Attorney she was as well as Sebastian's dream woman

"Surprisingly yes I am" Jessica smiles. She and Sebastian had been getting along a lot better maybe, finally, they could their differences behind them "You" Sebastian was feeling the same way maybe it was time that they were friends rather than at each other's throats

"It's bearable" Sebastian laughs with Jessica. The band starts to play a slow song and couples get up to dance. Sebastian smiles and stands up "Where you going?" Sebastian straightens his suit before turning his head to the band then back to Jessica

"May I have this dance Madame" Sebastian puts on false French accent and offers his hand to Jessica. She smiles and takes his hand

"You may Monsieur" Jessica stands up. Sebastian leads them to the dance floor. He puts one arm around her waist and pulls her close. They begin to dance. Casey, his father and Mayor Delgado spot them. Their mouths fall to the floor with shock

"Is that Jess dancing with Sebastian?" Casey just looks at Delgado before turning his head back to the sight in front of him. Sebastian and Jessica looked like a perfect picture on the dance floor

"To think a month ago we could barely look at each other" Sebastian laughs as they continued to work their way around the dance floor

"And now look at us huh" Jessica tightens her grip on Sebastian's arm. Sebastian tightens his grip around Jessica's waist "So has my fifteen years of flirting paid over?" Jessica shakes her head and laughs

"So this is what you think this is, a chance for you to seduce me huh?" the thought had crossed Sebastian's mind but then he thought he better not push his luck

"No, this is me saying I'm sorry for being such as self righteous, arrogant, money grabbing bastard" Jessica believes Sebastian is genuinely sorry for what he was before he became a DDA "And for all the grief I have caused you" Jessica smiles and nods

"Apology accepted, see that wasn't so hard was it" Sebastian shakes his head. Jessica just smiles before resting her head in the crock of Sebastian's neck. Jessica, for some reason she couldn't explain, felt at home in Sebastian's arms like she belonged there and Sebastian was having this strange feeling as well. Jess fitted perfectly in his arms. He also felt at home with Jess in his arms. The song continued for a few more minutes. The song ended and neither Sebastian nor Jess wanted to let go of each other. They look at each other; neither of them could look away. Sebastian leans in; Jessica goes to meet him half way. Sebastian's phone rings and the moment is ruined. They sigh

"Stark" Sebastian looks at Jessica, he had worried look on his face "Thanks Raina" Sebastian hangs up and puts his phone back in his pocket "Something's come up I have to go" Jessica nods. She was disappointed that moment was ruined "See you tomorrow" Sebastian kisses her on the cheek before leaving taking Casey with him. So near and yet so far.