Semma. Emma Nelson is 16 with brains & beauty. Her mother is a bit of a gold digger and now enganged to a rich, 28 year old man. When they leave Emma for a few weeks at the mansion, she's taken hostage by a gang of wanted theives...and she falls inlove with one of them, Sean.

"I can't believe your Mom and Dad are leaving you at the house for 3 whole weeks!"

"1..." drifts Emma, trying on a swimsuit in the stores changeroom, "He's not my dad. And 2, that place is not a house...more like a mansion." she breaths.

Two doors were heard opened and Emma came out wearing a blood red bikini, her long blonde hair swept up in a messy bun. She was a tanned girl, and a beautiful one at that at the age sixteen, just like her best friend Manny.

Manny smiled coming out and wearing a leopard triangle bikini with her dark brown hair curled. Manny was more the sexy type, she was wild and fun. Not saying Emma isn't, Manny was just more... promiscous. Emma has only given 'it' up twice, both to her ex boyfriend Peter.

"So? Are we going to throw a party or what?" asked Manny with a smirk.

Emma giggled with a nod and replied, "Yes Manny, we'll throw a party the first weekend. Alright?"


As the girls picked out their swimsuits, they got back into their jeans and t-shirts to go pay for it and recieved their handbags. On their way out they bumped into friends from school. One was the ex we had just mentioned, Peter Stone. Emma had dumped him recently for a good reason, he was rich. She was beginning to hate the rich because well, her mom was a gold digger and had basically ruined her whole childhood just running around cities just to find a rich man, and Peter reminded her too much of her mom's boyfriend, Jesse. Greedy, cocky, and all those flaws.

"Hey guys." Manny greeted first. Peter was with his friends Craig, Marco and Blue. They were with some girls too, Ashley, Ellie and Darcy.

"Hey Em..." drifts Peter, giving the puppy eyes. Emma swore he liked her more now just because she was the only girl who rejected him. Oh and Darcy? She had a major crush on Peter... which would explain the rudeness she sent at Emma.

"What'd you guys get?" Ashley asked, they were friends with her, not Ellie though. Ellie didn't like Manny, for a reason like Darcy, Craig liked Manny, Ellie liked Craig, Manny just liked boys. Simple as that.

"Look! Aren't they cute?" Emma asked happily with an adorable smile. She and Manny reached into their bags to show off their new bikini's.

Darcy was first to answer, "I like Manny's better..." ofcourse you would.

"Uh huh..." Emma sarcastically drifts, sharing a look with Manny who snickered and shook her head.

Blue groaned, "Nelson, please. Tell me we get to see you in that thing." he joked. But wouldn't mind at all seeing it... He smirked.

"Em's having a party next weekend. Parents are away." Manny declared and they all smiled.

"Mom and her boyfriend are away." corrected Emma and sighed, "But yeah, tell people. Get it around. It's a huge house so there's tons of room, and a pool."

"Thank god we're at the mall then. I need new trunks." Marco insists, and the girls giggled as he waved with a smile and dove off into the store. Oh Marco, you'll never find a better gay.

Craig smirked and announced, "Knowing Marco, he'll get a speedo. I better go help." he waved as well and left.

"Yuck." Ashley insisted, following after.

Before Peter left with the rest of the gang, he stopped infront of Emma, "We should talk." Peter declared and Emma raised an eyebrow. He went on, "At the party and all, maybe save a dance for me too?"

Emma snuck a glance to Manny and they shared a look. Emma also saw Darcy standing with Blue and Ellie, glaring.

"Maybe Peter... but I g2g." she confirmed, taking Manny's hand and rushing out.

The girls had Emma's driver take them back home. Emma has 2 weeks close to getting her lisences, but for now, Jesses driver drove her around in a stupid black short limo.

Manny and Emma were laughing about things when they stepped out of the car, the driver carrying their bags.

"I got it." Emma insists, taking it from him and ignoring his denies.

Manny grabbed hers too and went to follow Emma until the blonde stopped in her tracks and looked over her shoulder curiously at the other side of the street.

Manny looked to where she was and questioned, "What's wrong?"

"I swear I saw the same car just last night." Emma said, nodding to the orange honda civic. You couldn't see inside though.

"Maybe your neighbors got a new car." shrugged Manny.

"Maybe." Emma said, nodding slowly.

But they kept looking while slowly walking to Emma's front door. Emma's mansion was huge and white by the way, with gates in the front of it, and a big pool in the back yard. Inside there was about 6 bedrooms, a boys room (pool table, games and such), a kitchen, bathrooms in all bedrooms and one off the side of the television room. Then there was an attic, basement, exercise and music room. OH and don't forget Jesse's home office, and her mothers very own tanning room.

"Mom?!" called Emma as they shut the door behind them. Nothing. Not even the maids. "Guess they already left?" she asked Manny who nodded and threw their bags on the couch.

"Let's go in the pool!" Manny exclaimed.

The girls got in their bikinis and Emma let her hair down, diving into the pool. Manny and her tanned for a bit and then jumped back in, splashing another then floating on air chairs.

"Be right back." Emma told Manny, climbing up the pool ladder.

She went back inside after drying herself off and went to the kitchen to see her mom at the counter and shoving something into her bag.

"Oh hey honey." she greeted. Her name was Christine, but Emma remembered a time where everyone called her Spike because of how 'hip' and fun she was.. but that was so many years ago... before her new hobby was sucking the life out of rich men and her own daughter.

"Hey. I thought you already left." Emma said, looking around.

"Just grabbing my suntan lotion. Almost forgot it." she declared.

"Life or death right?" Emma taunted but her mom didn't notice. Like her mom could get anymore tanned. She spent most days in the tan bed upstairs. But atleast for once she was going to mexico, to a place with a real sun to tan fun.

Then Jesse came walking in as Christine ran out kissing his cheek and said, "Be right back, Honey, I'm just going to pee!"

"Classy." he coughed and looked to Emma, walking over to her.

Jesse and her mother met when Emma got into an accident a year ago. He was some famous 'goregous' doctor and decided to take pity on her, how rightous. Mother practically BEGGED for a date, and it wasn't until Emma begged her mother to shut up, that Jesse accepted.

"Nice bathing suit." he said, running his hand over the bow tied at her back and then smoothed his hand down her spine.

"Don't touch me." Emma snapped, whipping around and glaring as she crossed her arms.

"I'm your new step dad, I'd never touch you like that, Em." he said and leaned in to whisper, "Unless you want me to."

"Your never going to be my stepdad, and I'll never want you, your like, 12 years older then me." Emma said in disgust, AND he's with her mother. Gross.

He shrugged, "Age doesn't matter. Hey, I'm with your mom whose like, 36." he grinned and thought about it. Good thing he let her have plastic surgery, she'd probably be looking old very soon.

He then shook off the thought and glanced at Emma, licking his lips. God she was damn right beautiful, sexy, seductive. He smirked leaning into her and putting his hands on her hips.

"GET off of me." Emma snapped, shoving his chest as he laughed and then stepped back when Christine came back in. Sometimes Emma swore her mom saw it, and just chose to ignore it.

"Alright." Christine said, grabbing her purse and goign to the door, "I'm ready. Let's not be late. I don't wanna tip the limo driver." she waved to Emma and went out the door.

Jesse stole a kiss on Emma's cheek and smirked leaving, "Have fun." he hollared.

Emma whipped her cheek in digust and followed him out, slamming and locking the door behind her. Outside her house was that same orange civic, only now a black motorcycle beside it with a guy on it, but his face covered by the mask. He seemed be looking back at the house...

Emma decided to let it go. Sometimes she was too curious, and curiousity killed the cat.