Emma had gone to New York. Sean was god knows where doing what 'he did best'.

Emma was living a different life now, her life. She was almost done Brown for accounting and business, and she was now waiting for her boyfriend who was going to meet her up after work.

She had gotten a good job as a manager at a very top and expensive car shop. The richest man in New York owned it, just what she needed... to live with another rich man, right?

She wore a tight long black dress, it had sleeves just above the elbow but showed off her chest, she wore a belt right around her upper waist and the dress ended just before her knees so her curves were delightful. A professional looking woman! She wore her hair in long waves.

When everyone had left work, she was the closing girl. She grabbed the keys and checked the alarm. It was pitch dark outside, until a car pulled up.

Emma walked to the car shops front door and opened her door. It slowly opened up to Sean's face. He leaned against the door frame smirking and she smiled happily back.

Did she say she put ON the alarm? Because she meant to check to see if it was off, because you know, car shops was her boyfriends favourite place to steal from, you know?


You really thought she left him?

As if.

"Missed you." he said with a grin as Spinner and Jane ran past them.

"Hey Em!"

"Sup Emma."

"Where's Jay?" Emma asked, watching Lucas come in too with a tool box and moved out of the way for him. You could tell she's done this more than once by how ease she acted.

Sean took in a deep breath putting hands on Emma's hips as he stepped in, "Oh you know, home with Manny and the babies." He said, squinting his eyes to lock onto hers and grinned.

"And he once said he couldn't live without doing this." Mocked Emma.

Sean snickered watching Jane and Spinner hot wire two cars for them to take, "He'll come back soon, until then," he looked at Emma hungrily, "your his replacement... only sexier, and smarter, and mine." He kissed her passionately.

Emma giggled between the kiss, "Sexier? Telling Jay you think he's sexy."

Sean rolled his eyes tearing from her, "Do that, and I'll have to kill you." he watched her take some steps back.

"And then what would you do without me?" Emma taunted, standing against her desk and leaned back slowly and seductively onto it, to sit on it and he got a little bothered, walking swiftly over to her and then pushed her skirt more up to her thighs to run his hands up them... to that spot.

Emma moaned and he kissed her.

"I'd be lost and torn." He whispered to her.

Suddenly the alarms went off, Emma yelped but laughed when Sean yanked her up and then grabbed her hand, pulling her to a red mustang.

They got in it, and Emma wondered how the hell they were going to get out, they were surrounded by windows.


The mustang flew out the crashed window and dove back onto a road, Sean drifted to the right and then sped down the road...

...to live happily ever after.

THE END. Hope you liked it Like I said! I will make trailers of any of my storms or 'shegoesthere' stories, you just got to tell me which ones. Also, sequel to this story or no? I'm thinking a bit more into the future. They have kids, like I said in the chapter 'jays watching the babies' but I never said whose! I'm thinking of making their kids into the SKINS kids. I want Manny & Jay to have Effy, Emma and Sean to have Cassie, Mia & Lucas to hve Tony, Spin&Jane to have COOK from me what you think, and who you want together. I'm a bit of a fan for cook/effy, tony/effy, cassie/tony