By adriana s (hikari yuuko)
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There is just something about this man, she thinks as she watches him sleep, her long fingers carelessly running through his bare chest. He isn't as pretty as a girl or handsome like the other many rock stars on teen magazines; he's simply that kind of man to whom the word 'beautiful' fits like it's been invented for his sake. Ren is beautiful.

With fair skin, fine cheekbones, and contrastingly dark eyes and hair… he's not quite a model, but so much more. Is he the epitome of male beauty? Maybe not, but in her mind, he's very close to reaching it. He emits that kind of glow that attracts others but at the same time keeps them at distance. He also has a dark side of him, like all humans have: he's torn and sad and lost, and even then he is beautiful. He is mystery and passion blended into one. And his kisses always taste of menthol cigarettes. She is addicted to his taste and that is perhaps the only, true reason why she smokes Seven Stars herself.

What is she beside him, then, if he is so unfathomably beautiful? He's become almost like an unreachable star, out of her comprehension. There is an ache in the pit of her stomach, twisting her insides, an ache that she chooses to ignore. She's been running away for a long time. She's a master already, so this is nothing to her. 'Ignorance is bliss,' was it? Yeah, she likes living by that... rule.

He stirs at the feather-like touch of her fingertips. His eyes open themselves reluctantly, deep blue orbs glazed over with heavy sleep. Nana thinks he is beautiful. And he is.

Her lips quirk into a smirk when Ren gazes at her with sleepy eyes and he nuzzles against her, bringing her closer to him. "Mornin'..." his voice is raspy, but still characteristically deep and husky.

Nana's eyes fall to his lips, to the curve of his neck, to his chest heaving up and down in a slow rhythm, to his arms curled around her and holding her tight. When she tries to move she finds that Ren doesn't have the slightest intention of letting go. He is acting like a child, almost pouting, as if complaining about her wanting to leave him. Definitely a child, she concludes.

There is rich laughter in her voice as she mumbles, "Hello, beautiful."

And there are tears in her eyes and a smile tugging at her lips. Ren doesn't even ask a thing.