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You may not know the following wrestlers, so I've indicated their ring names in brackets for easy reference. Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Kevin Nash (Diesel, aka Big Daddy) and Sean Waltman (X-Pac). Together with Shawn Michaels and Hunter, they formed the Clique in the late 90's.

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Chapter 1

"Matty, they're staring at us!" Jeff whispered as he huddled behind his brother, trying to evade the dozens of eyes looking their way.

Jeff was nineteen and Matt, his brother was twenty-two. Both boys grew up in the country and had not much exposure to the real world, especially Jeff. He was in awe with everything. Matt had at least seen the outside world, having left home for a year to attend college but subsequently dropped out when their daddy fell sick. He had decided to return home to look after him and Jeff.

As time went by, the brothers found their niche in wrestling. They were officially signed on by WWF (now known as WWE) a week ago, after having jobbed for the company for the past three years. Having just arrived at the arena, they had lost their way and found themselves in the wrong dressing room. Their entrance immediately caught the attention of some of the veterans who were staring at them unabashed. Scott, Kevin and Hunter and several others took one look at them and had started guffawing.

Scott couldn't hide his amusement, "Look at them, they're so young, like babes in the woods! If they keep turning up like that, this place will be turned into a nursery!" he chortled loudly, much to Matt and Jeff's embarrassment.

Shawn Michaels closed his locker and slapped Scott playfully on the back of his head, "Stop teasing them, shouldn't you be getting ready?"

He had just changed into his ring attire and his presence made an immediate impression on the brothers. Matt and Jeff stood with mouths agape, they were star struck! They couldn't believe their eyes, it was Shawn Michaels, the Heartbreak Kid! Shawn had been Jeff's inspiration to take up wrestling in the first place and the besotted male was now looking at him with adulation.

A low voice rumbled from behind them making them jump, "Lost your way, boys?"

They turned around and saw the Undertaker looking down at them with an eerie glare. They didn't know then that he always looked like that. Jeff gulped and took a step backwards, intimidated by Mark's overwhelming presence.

Matt managed to find his voice, "Huh, we're new here and we don't know where our dressing room is."

Mark nodded and pointed, "Walk all the way down the corridor and take a left turn, there's an adjoining room, you can't miss it."

Matt thanked Mark before side-stepping him and pushed Jeff ahead of him, not realizing that there was someone else blocking their way.

"Owie!" Jeff cried out as he collided with a wall of hard flesh.

He rubbed his forehead and looked up at the red suited giant towering above him. He was so much bigger and taller than the Undertaker and had a mask on. Jeff immediately recognized him as Kane, half-brother of the Undertaker and one-half of the Brothers of Destruction. He could see his eyes through the slits on the mask and they were staring unblinkingly down at him. For some reason, Jeff stared back, mesmerized by them. Kane remained still, his eyes locked on Jeff's, not saying a word. And then his eyes blinked and Jeff thought they looked friendly.

Matt stared up in awe at the giant. These huge men were intimidating and he felt vulnerable in their presence. He was uncomfortable with that thought and it didn't help that several men in there were staring at them like fresh meat.

Mark smirked when he noticed how Glenn's presence affected the newcomers.

He called out, "Glenn, move out of the way, the little ones need to get to their dressing room to get ready."

Jeff huffed and started, "Little ones? I'll show him …," but Matt quickly placed a hand over his mouth, he didn't want any trouble from these big guns!

Mark cocked an eyebrow and looked at them quizzically and Matt smiled weakly at him, praying the Deadman wouldn't take offense to Jeff's outburst. To his relief, Glenn stepped aside and Matt muttered his thanks before pushing Jeff out quickly, making their escape.

Jeff turned back briefly and caught a glimpse of Glenn looking back at them. He ventured to give him a small wave and smile but he couldn't tell if the gestures were returned as they had turned the corner. So, his name is Glenn, it's a nice name, better than Kane! Jeff thought to himself. Glenn struck him as an interesting individual and he decided to get to know him better.

He asked his brother who was now leading the way, "Matty, that Glenn guy is interesting, do you think we'll see him again?"

Matt kept on walking, looking for the dressing room and answered absently, "Yeah, I suppose so, why?"

"I want to know him better," Jeff answered as a matter-of-fact.

Matt stopped suddenly and Jeff bumped him from behind, "Owie, why do I keep bumping into people today?" he rubbed his nose, a woeful look on his face.

Matt took him by the shoulders, "Jeffro, I want you to listen very carefully. I don't want you going off looking for trouble, do you understand?"

Jeff pouted, "Who says I'm looking for trouble? I just want to know some of these people, there's nothing wrong with that!"

Matt sighed, "Look, can we talk about this later? We need to find the dressing room and get ready. There'll be a briefing session and we don't want to miss that!"

He pulled Jeff along, "Come on, I think it's around the corner."

Fortunately, they found the dressing room where wrestlers on the lower card were relegated. They quickly changed and managed to get to the briefing session on time, they just followed the other wrestlers.

Chairs were placed randomly and Matt and Jeff took their seats at the back of the room, away from the others. They wanted to remain inconspicuous. Jeff craned his neck, looking around for Glenn. He shouldn't be hard to miss! He grinned, was pleased as punch when he finally spotted him. Glenn was sitting on the far left, half-way across the room.

"Matty, there's Glenn! Can we move up? I want to talk to him!" Jeff bounced excitedly in his seat, pulling on his brother's sleeve to get his attention.

"No, Jeff, just sit here, the meeting will be starting soon," Matt patted his brother on the leg, trying to get him to settle down.

He would have to talk with Jeff later, about meeting up with strange men. Daddy had told him to take care of his baby brother and he intended to do just that. Having lost their mother at a young age, Matt had been mother, brother and friend to his younger brother. Daddy was always working and couldn't be there for them so he had also taken upon the parental role of father as well. Jeff always looked up to him and they got along well.

Matt knew there were people out there who would hurt his baby brother. Jeff is real pretty, with shoulder-length blonde hair, dark green eyes, full sensuous lips and a lithe body with long, slim legs. God must have been in a good mood when he created Jeff that day! But his beauty attracted unwarranted attention and had been a bane to his young life, thus by far!

Matt found out about the first case of sexual harassment from Shannon, Jeff's best friend. He was younger than Jeff but they attended the same school. Shannon had called him one day while he was at home, urging him to get to the school as fast as he could as Jeff was in trouble. He said he would wait for him at the gate and he sounded scared. When Matt got there, Shannon hurriedly told him that Jeff was cornered in the gym room by two senior year boys. He couldn't get in as the others were keeping him out and his last resort was to call Matt. He quickly led Matt to the gym where yells and jeers could be heard.

Matt had pushed his way through the crowd, Shannon following close behind. He had already started building his body in preparation for a wrestling career and carried a fine physique. The crowd threw him curious looks but they let him passed.

Jeff was flanked by two lanky guys and he looked terrified. He was defending himself with a chair, swinging it at them when they tried to come near him. The on-lookers were cheering the seniors on, encouraging them to take things further, shouting, "Strip! Strip! Strip!"

Matt bared his teeth with anger, Bastards! He shouted and the crowd fell silent, turning in his direction as he made his way to his brother's side. Jeff was never so relieved to see his brother then. He was almost on the verge of tears but he put up a brave front, refusing to break down in front of them.

"Jeff, are you alright?" Matt asked in a concerned voice as he hugged his brother to him.

Jeff dropped the chair and clung tightly to him, his face buried in his chest. He couldn't speak, knowing he would break down and cry if he tried. He was shaking like a leaf.

Holding tight to his brother, Matt looked towards the two seniors and demanded to know, "What the hell do you think you're doing? I'll report you to the authorities if you don't explain yourselves right now!"

There were mutterings among the crowd and the two seniors looked at each other uneasily. One of them finally spoke up, "We were just having some fun, why don't you mind your own business!" he said defiantly.

Matt's eyes glinted dangerously, "Fun? You call terrorizing my brother fun?"

They looked taken aback at that and kept quiet. So, pretty boy had a big brother to protect him! Well, they would just have to wait for another opportunity to get their hands on him!

But Matt knew what they were thinking, "I'm warning you, if any of you so much as lay a finger on my brother, I will go to the authorities and charge everyone here for sexual harassment and abetment! You got that?!"

He didn't wait for a response. His main concern was to get Jeff safely out of there. He led his brother away from the gym and nobody tried to stop them.

From that day onwards, Matt encouraged Jeff to start training with him, to make himself stronger so that he could defend himself. But that incident and several others over the years were reminders as to how vulnerable Jeff was. He couldn't help the way he looked and he certainly didn't ask for the uncalled attention he received time to time.

Matt was worried that Jeff might get himself into a fix. He suspected that Jeff was leaning towards guys, having discovered the magazines with explicit pictures of the male gender which Jeff kept under his bed while cleaning his room. He had never seen Jeff dated any guy, or gal, as a matter of fact. Maybe, his brother was just curious but he didn't want to take the chance of Jeff getting himself involved and hurt by one of these big men.

The side door opened and Vince McMahon stepped in. He was followed by Jim Ross, the Talent Relations Manager who had signed on Matt and Jeff. Vince greeted everyone and gave them a run-down of the game plan for the week. After answering some issues raised by several wrestlers, he handed the floor to JR.

"I know all of you have to get ready for the show so without further adieu, let me introduce to you two newcomers who have joined our family. They are brothers and they hail from Cameron, North Carolina. Let us put our hands together for Matt and Jeff Hardy!"

Everyone gave them a warm welcome of applause and JR called out, gesturing to them, "Matt, Jeff, come on up here!"

The boys got up and walked towards JR who put a hand each on their shoulders as he introduced them, "This is Matt and this is Jeff."

Vince walked forward to shake their hands warmly, "Welcome to the family, boys!"

The brothers beamed but their joy was temporarily cut short when cat-calls and whistles started ringing out among the audience and someone shouted, "Look at that blonde, I want a piece of that ass!" This was followed by raucous laughter.

Jeff blushed furiously and kept his eyes down but Matt was outraged. His eyes searched for the offender but it was impossible to pick him out.

JR shook his head despondently and pushed them gently towards some empty seats in the front before turning back to the crowd, "Shame on you for spoiling it for them! I may have to ask Vince to levy a fine on the culprits!"

The room went quiet, someone coughed and snickering was heard. Jeff kept his head down, eyes brimming with tears. He longed to be accepted but the reaction he got was always the same wherever he went, he should have known better! He felt bad for Matt who always got implicated in his problems. His tears fell and he quickly wiped his sleeve across his eyes, not wanting anyone to see him cry. Matt noticed and put one hand around his shoulder to comfort him.

Glenn watched the proceedings from where he sat. His face was unreadable with the mask on. He would normally put it on only just before he went out to the ring but for some unknown reason, he had decided to wear it when he heard about the newcomers coming in that day. As he watched the little blonde cry, the only visible sign that he was actually upset were the clenching and unclenching of his fists.

JR turned to look at Vince who glared at everyone in the room.

He issued a stern warning, "I'm going to let it go just this once but if it happens again, a fine of $1,000 will be imposed! You know who you are! What you do in your private time is your business but don't you dare bring your sick perversions into the workplace, I will not tolerate this nonsense here!"

He paused to let the message sink in and then dismissed them curtly, "The meeting's over!"

As the wrestlers streamed out, several made their way towards the Hardys to introduce themselves.

"Hi, I'm Chris Irvine, but Jericho is my ring name," Chris shook hands with first, Matt and then Jeff.

He held onto Jeff's hand longer than necessary and smiled warmly at him when Jeff lifted his eyes to look at him. Jeff smiled shyly back at him and tried to pull back his hand but Chris wasn't about to let him go.

"Don't worry about those assholes, if they give you any trouble, just let me know and I'll take care of it!"

He finally released Jeff's hand but his eyes were still trained on Jeff's face. He was captivated by the boy's beauty, those beautiful emerald eyes with the girly lashes and those lips! He unconsciously licked his lips as he stared at those sensual full lips, they looked so kissable!

A tall lanky blonde guy pushed Chris friendly, out of his way, "Move it, Chris! Hey guys, remember me?"

"Adam!" Matt and Jeff shouted gleefully in unison.

Adam gave Matt a fist bump and a quick hug but opened his arms wide to receive Jeff.

Jeff obliged and jumped into his open arms to hug him tight, "When did you get here? How come we didn't see you back there?"

Adam hugged him back and laughed, "I'll explain later but to keep it short, I was late but don't tell the boss and I wasn't the only one, see who's hiding behind me!"

He put Jeff down and stepped aside to reveal Jay Reso, aka Christian, who grinned broadly at the brothers.

"Look at us, we're finally back together! I'm so glad to see you guys finally made it here!" Jay gushed as he gave Matt and then Jeff, a brotherly hug.

The four of them had met at training school and had become firm friends. They had gone on their separate ways after that, keeping touch occasionally. Adam and Jay were signed on recently as well, just about a month ago but they had kept it a secret from the Hardys. They heard from JR that he was signing on the brothers and had decided to wait and surprise them at their first meeting.

Matt punched Jay friendly on the arm, "How come you didn't tell us that you were already here?"

"Well, we wanted to surprise you because we heard from JR that he would be signing you two on as well!" Jay grinned widely.

The four shared a group hug but were interrupted by a cough. They looked up to see none other than Shawn Michaels and Hunter themselves! Both men extended their hands to shake the brothers' hands.

Shawn apologized, "Sorry about the incident in the locker room just now, Scott runs his mouth a lot. He's all hot air, must be the onions he eats like staple food, you have to excuse him!"

Jeff giggled, he liked Shawn immediately. The guy had a great sense of humor!

Hunter grinned, "You're lucky you don't have to share your dressing room with him! When he breaks wind, all of us scrambled out as fast as we could, you would be knocked out by those fumes! Whooee!"

He fanned a hand in front of his prominent nose in exaggeration, drawing giggles from Jeff and chuckles from the rest. Someone clapped a hand on his back and Scott and Kevin made their presence known.

"Talking behind my back again, chico?" Scott asked, a toothpick stuck in the corner of his mouth and Hunter smirked, "You got it, I've nothing better to do anyways!"

Scott shook his head in resignation before turning his attention to Matt and Jeff.

He stared at Jeff who looked vaguely familiar to him, "You know, chico, I think we wrestled together a couple of years back. You were that kid that I went one on one with. I think I hurt your knee back then, sorry chico."

Jeff beamed at him, "You remembered!"

"Onions and chillies, they're good for the memory," Scott tapped on his temple to make his point.

Hunter and Shawn guffawed and that drew a frown from Scott, "Hey, don't make fun of me or I'll poke your eyeballs with my toothpick!" He removed the pick from his mouth to carry out his threat, his Cuban accent becoming distinct when he got agitated.

Kevin chuckled, one hand squeezing his buddy's shoulder, "You have to learn to ignore them, their bark is worse than their bite!"

He turned back to the Hardys, shaking their hands, "Name's Kevin Nash. You can also call me Diesel. Hey, no hard feelings but I'm just stating the facts, you boys are really small!" He said, looking them up and down.

"So what, we can still wrestle as good as the others!" a small built man stepped up to join them and introduced himself, "Sean Waltman, stage name's X-Pac." He extended his hand to shake the brothers' hands.

Matt and Jeff were finally glad to meet someone more to their size and immediately warmed up to him.

"He's the one to talk! At 7 feet and 340 pounds, he's always telling everyone else that they're small!" Sean laughed as he gave the brothers a wink.

The brothers laughed along with him and Kevin look abashed, "Okay, I shouldn't have run my mouth before thinking! You guys want to go to the cafeteria to grab something to eat?"

Mark spoke up then, "After we have introduced ourselves to these boys. I'm Mark and this here is Glenn. I believe we've met," he shook the boys' hands and stepped aside for Glenn to step forward.

Glenn shook Matt's hand first before taking Jeff's in a firm grip. He stared at him and Jeff stared right back at him. A glimpse of Glenn's pearly whites was visible through the slit and Jeff's face brightened up, Glenn was smiling at him!

He grinned up at him, "Hi, I'm Jeff! Your mask is so cool!"

Before Matt or anyone could stop him, he reached out a hand to touch the mask. Everyone froze, all eyes turned to them and they widened with further astonishment when Glenn allowed Jeff to continue his inspection. As Jeff ran his fingers lightly across the mask, Glenn stood still but if anyone was watching closely they would be able to see that his eyes softened considerably.

Matt gripped his brother's hand and pulled it away, hissing at him, "That was rude, Jeff, you shouldn't do that!" and to everyone's surprise, Glenn spoke, "It's alright, I don't mind."

Mark feigned a cough and turned away, hiding his amusement. It was the first time he had seen Glenn hit it off with anyone and to think it was with a cute, green-eyed blonde! He was going to have a helluva time teasing Glenn tonight when they were alone in their room!

Kevin broke the silence, "I'm hungry, let us get to the cafeteria before all the good food's gone!"

Everyone started moving towards the door and Glenn gestured politely to Jeff to walk ahead of him. It looked like the Big Red Machine had found himself a friend!


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