The two girls who were in the dress vault were nothing more than aquaintances. Actually, they weren't even that. They were enemies. Miranda, a gorgeous brunette with golden brown skin, deep chocolate brown eyes, brown, silky hair, and a beautiful height, was in the middle of making a silver ball gown. Everytime she touched that dress, she had a delicate touch to it. Fiona, a beautiful petite dirty-blond who has an athletic body that worked well with her curves, pale, beautiful skin, and a sea blue green color eyes, was working on the accessories for her own creation;
a pale purple strapless party dress. She always believed that accessories made the outfit what it was supposed to be. "You know," Miranda said, breaking an awkward silence between them, "The dress you are designing is beautiful." Fiona's eyes sparkled at the comment. With her index finger, she flipped a strand of her hair back. "Why thankyou. It took a lot of work. I had to try it on many times." she replied, proudly. Miranda smirked slightly. "I saw you in the dress, like I said the dress was beautiful. I never said you in it made it any better." Fiona frowned. Miranda knew how self-
cautious she was about her body. "I should say the same for you." Fiona said quickly,
to hide how dull she was feeling at the momment, "You're a little too tall to actually fit in your dress. I bet it comes up to you calves." She smirked back at her and went back to her work. "I may be tall, but atleast it works for Marcus." Miranda snapped at her. Fiona paled at the comment. Marcus had been her boyfriend for 2 years.
One night when they went to a romantic dinner, she thought that he will finally say her 3 favorite words, "I love you." But instead, he broke up with her and moved on to Miranda. "You don't know anything about Marcus!" Fiona yelled at her.
Miranda stayed calm but her eyes were burning with fury. "Maybe," she said,
simply, "But I do know that he really went for backstabbers before he met me."
Miranda cocked her head to the side. "Bring back any memmories Fiona?"
Of course it did but she didn't want to be reminded. "You're right about one thing,
he did went for backstabbers. But he still did when he asked you out." she replied through her teeth. Miranda's jaw clenched. Fiona always knew one thing about Miranda. Once she tightens up in any part of her body, it's a sign to run away and hide. But Fiona didn't want to seem like a chicken. She stood up to Miranda and had her head held high. Even if her head was telling her to back down.
Miranda hated to admit it, but she was impressed with Fiona's courage. No one has ever done it before. When she peered into Fiona's eyes, she saw nothing but fear. She just had to smile at that. "You seriously think that I will hit you?" she asked, amused. Fiona didn't respond and looked down at her Jimmy Choo heels.
"Fiona, I know you still like Marcus. But let's face it, he's better off without you.
Or maybe I should say that you're better off without him. He was just a waste of your time and you know it. You just don't want to admit it." she said, walking towards the door. "By the way, nice shoes. But it would totally look better on me." And with that, she left the dress vault. Fiona stared at the door for a while. She thought about what Miranda said about Marcus being a waste of her time. She was shocked that it had came out of her enemy's mouth. And even worse, it had came out her old bestfriend's mouth.