This is the sequal to Destiny's Lament...I hope you all like it! Ta da, here we go! IT takes four years later, Rogue's 22, Scott's 23.


"Rogue...what's wrong?" Kitty asked, placing a hand on her sobbing friend's shoulder as she lay strewn across her bed. She just continued to sob. What was she going to do, how was she going to tell him, what was he going to say? Slowly, rogue sat up, turning to look at Kitty with puffy eyes.

"Rogue?" she asked again. Rogue shrugged and smiled a bitter and helpless smile. SHe sighed before finally confiding in her forever endureing room mate.

"I'm pregnant." she said with great strain, falling back to her bed, sobbing.

"Oh...what are you going to do?" Kitty asked, looking down to her friend,"An abortion?"

"NO!" Rogue cried, sitting up again, desprate sounding. "What would give me the right to take the life of an innocent child so I may live my life as I please?"

Kitty remembered, Rogue was Pro-Life...well, for herself anyway, she felt it was a person's coice.

"What're you going to tell Scott?"

"I-I don't know, she said leaning back onto her bed...she just didn't know.


Scott walked down the hall to Rogue's room, fingering the little velvet box in his pocket. He had, had the ring for almost a month now, but still had yet to ask her. He was was scared. It was now or never though, he had to ask. He knew Rogue was beggining to wonder about their relationship. Eventually, he reached her door, and knocked on it gingerly, hearing the sounds thunder through the hall. For a long while there was no answer, carefully he pushed the door open to an empty room, and a disheveled bed. Where was she? As he marched farther into the room he noticed a door had been pulled carelessly from the dresser and emptied, a knot was tied in his stomach. IT was then he noticed the little white sheet of paper on the red bed spread.


I had to go...I could never tell him, I don't know what he'll do. Please tell Scott I love him.


His horror was confirmed, she was gone again, but why? What couldn't she tell him? He dashed out of the room, running into Kitty as he flew.

"Scott?" she asked as he fell to the floor.

"Kitty!" he said, jumping up,"Rogue's gone. She left again", he said in a panicky fashion.

"Oh no...We have to find her now Scott!" Kitty cried,"THe situations critical!" SHe began to sprint down the hall before her wrist was caught. SHe turned, facing Scott.

"Do you know something I don't?" Scott asked, worried. KItty looked away then, before deciding he had to know...she had to tell him.

"Scott...Rogue's pregnant." Scott looked at her for a momant be fore stumbling backwards.

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