Guess what, Twi-slash mavens? My first m/m erotic romance novel was published August 6th, 2013, by Grand Central Publishing-Forever Yours! IN HIS COMMAND is the first in the DON'T TELL trilogy. I'd love it if you checked it out! And any time you need to find me, my pen name is Rie Warren, and kinks and links are below and on my profile.

Tease blurb:

A race against the Revolution. A forbidden love. The future is on fire. Attraction isn't just dangerous. It's deadly.

Here's a fuck-hot sneak peek:

He took the hint and retreated to the tent where he tacked down the sides. "Why don't you come in here?"

"Used to roughing it."

"Just because you're used to it, doesn't mean you have to."

"Yeah, it does." Because my lack of creature comforts was my own personal torture device, like the horsehair shirts I'd read about once. My reminder I was a hypocrite, doing The Company's dirty work when every part of me was disgusted by them.

Still, my fucking motor mouth decided it wasn't time to turn in. "Erica always thought there was something better. I couldn't afford to think that way."

Stepping around the hot coals of the fire, Blondie stood over me with his hands on his hips. "Maybe you can."

I rolled onto my side, lifting my head to meet his gaze. "You suggesting you're that something?"

"That's exactly what I'm suggestin'." He was defiant. There was no smile to relieve the seriousness on his face. His dimples had been MIA all night long and I wondered if I'd ever see them again. "I've been beaten by the same stick, you know? Guess I'm just an idealist."

He turned back to the tent with a shrug, leaving me with a few words that were nothing near the goodnight I wanted. "But I understand where you're comin' from."

Where I was coming from wasn't a place I wanted to revisit. This thing unfolding inside me was taking up a lot of space. It felt like hope, hope I hadn't tasted in a long time, and I wasn't willing to give that up yet. Leaping to my feet, I followed him into the tent. His shirt was halfway over his head, his back to me.


I ran one knuckle down his spine, watching chills rise and collide along his sides. His motions halted with his head still stuck inside the shirt.

I peeled it all the way off, his jaw captured in my hand while I brushed his ear with my lips. "I'm looking for something better tonight."

Shudders coursed from his shoulders to those lean hips I was growing to love. I spun him around and yanked his pants lower until a peek of pubes and the cliffs of muscle showed.

My forearms grasped in his hands, he drove his tongue along my collarbone. "That's right, big man, take what you need."

Shoving him on top of a sumptuous bed of blankets he'd arranged inside the tent, I towered over him. "You sure you know what you're saying?"

His wink set off the crinkly corners of his eyes. "Sure as I am of anything."

I toed off my boots, staring at his mouthwatering torso, the sloping pads of his pecs. "That's not real reassuring."

"Fuck reassuring. Take those pants off and get down here, honey." He grinned.

Mmm, hello dimples. I've been waiting for you.

I knew when I broke the rules people got hurt. Well, there was no one left to hurt out here but me . . . and him. What the hell else did I have to live for? Maybe the Corps was a bust and this mission was a trap. Maybe I'd never been allowed to have what I wanted. That was gonna change now.

Then he arched in such a sinuous way, my mind was totally made up. My fatigues quickly shed, I kicked his legs wide. I tore through the button and zipper of his pants, bringing his cock into my hand. Fuck, he was gorgeous. His penis was a thick solid length drizzled in pre-come. His body shifted and bucked in time with my caresses as I stroked him in and out of my fist.

I felt the beat of his dick under my lips when I sent slow wet kisses up and down his shaft, nibbling the thick veins, lapping at the soft triangle of skin under the head until his thighs jerked beneath my hands. His cock batted my abdomen when I stalked higher, biting and bruising his nipples with hard pinches. And true to form, Blondie was a talker.

"Fuck, yes," he hissed. Hiking up his hips, he hit his cock to mine, letting out a dirty laugh when I moaned. "Like that, big man? Like to feel my cock sliding against yours?"

I mashed my mouth to his, planting my hands beside his head as I rose up. I brushed his hair aside and sampled his earlobe, "You're damned right I like it. What about this?"

I slid our throbbing weights together, propelling him up while I fucked down until we made a magnificent rhythm of balls slapping, cockheads tapping, hands kneading. His ass in my hands, I sat back on my heels, our shafts sliding and grinding together.

"Look at that," he gasped, lunging his hips.

I slapped my hand down on his abs, controlling him. "You wanna come?"


Our cocks crushed between our stomachs, I let go to the hungry rush ricocheting inside me. I spread his thighs so I could get right between them, nipping his lips, sucking his tongue into my mouth.

Blondie lent a slick hand to my balls. "I'm gonna suck you so good down here, have these plums inside my mouth until you come right down my throat."

Thrown into ecstasy, I yelled, "Ahhh, yes, baby!" Lightning raced down my spine and up through the tip of my cock, and I jetted come up his chest, jerking like a puppet on the strained strings of my orgasm.

Choking on groans I couldn't contain, I tore my fist up and down his dick, watching his pulse kick, his blood race, his face cave in as his muscles screamed for release.

Knocking his knees further apart, I brought a fingertip damp with my seed to his lips. "Taste this while I drink you."

I swooped over his cock, taking it down until all his long dense arousal was beating against the back of my throat and his sacs rested under my chin. Then I lashed low upon his delicious testicles with my tongue. His cry billowed out the same as his come did, unending satisfaction rending the night, rippling in a warm gush down my throat.

I gathered him in my arms. A job-well-done grin spilling from my lips, I nuzzled the shaved side of his hair. "Next time, you're gonna come same time I do."

His stomach jumped under my hand. "That an order, Commander?"

"Get used to it, Blondie."

Full blurb:

Attraction isn't just dangerous, it's deadly.

It is the year 2070. Generations ago, the world was annihilated by catastrophic environmental events. The survivors were driven to live in big city centers ruled by the Company. To rebuild the world's population, the oppressive Company had one rule: all homosexuals must be exterminated.

Commander Caspar Cannon has a stellar military reputation—and a life-threatening secret. When a revolution rips through the territories, Cannon is ordered to escort Company executive Nathaniel Rice to a secure location. For months, the commander has harbored illicit desire for Rice, knowing he cannot act on his attraction. Privileged, polished, and groomed to one day take over the Company, Rice is drawn to the rugged, military man. Yet Rice has his own mysterious agenda, and he knows their love can be as dangerous as the wasteland they must traverse.

Now leaving the besieged city behind, the two men embark on a journey that becomes a minefield of sabotage, betrayal—and forbidden passion. But when danger catches up to them, can Cannon trust the secretive man who holds his heart—and his fate?

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