Sam stood there amazed, ashamed, and bewildered. Jessica hit him with a pillow before he knew what happened and he turned.

"I don't even know what to say to you." She said with a sigh and headed for the bedroom then turned around. "Yes, I do. Family is important Sam. Just because we are together and make our own little nuclear family, doesn't mean you forget the ones you were raised with, or the ones who loved and nurtured you your entire life. It means that there are simply more people out there for you to love. And you have a brother that sacrificed his whole world for you. I'd be a little bit more grateful and a little less angry if I were you. His life is dangerous…"

"I know that Jessica. I've lived his life."

"Then you of all people should know how precious each moment is. I could be hit by a bus tomorrow, and you won't have a thing to regret. You'll have told me you loved me and know that I love you. But if you get word that Dean is dead. How full of regret are you going to be? Especially if you leave it as it is. Think about it Sam. Just think about it."


Dean just finished a hunt, was sitting in a no name bar partaking in a celebratory drink. It was a miracle that he survived this one, and survived it intact. But saving those children, and giving them back to their parents, seeing the looks on their mom's faces as they hugged the kids close and whispered and wailed 'I love you' to their children had been worth the bumps and bruises to his body. He never stayed long enough for them to say thank you. He simply ruffled each kid's hair and moved on. No sense in getting attached, no sense in getting to know these people, he was simply thrilled that they were okay and that their families wouldn't have to suffer the loss of a child. No one should have to do that.

Sam walked into the bar, and saw his brother's profile. He hadn't been hard to find, newspapers were reporting that a mysterious man saved five of the small town's children and hadn't even stayed for a thank you. The children claimed that the man in the big black car saved them from a monster. The officials were claiming that the monster must be the serial kidnapper who had taken a break ten years ago. They decided that he was starting back up and that all parents should keep close tabs on their children until the officials were certain that they had apprehended the individual.

Sam knew better, the 'serial kidnapper' wouldn't ever be heard from again. Odds were it had been salted and burned. The 'kidnapper' would never bother that town again, and all evidence pointed to his brother.

Sam pushed himself towards his brother. It had been three months since he had last seen Dean, and said those awful things. He knew that he needed to go to his brother, reconnect, but he was scared of rejection. Jessica reassured him that Dean loved him and would accept his apology as long as it was sincere. He pushed himself further.

"Sammy?" Dean said when Sam was still feet from his brother. Dean's senses were still super acute from the hunt. Of course he was going to sense his brother, he probably knew the moment Sam had entered the bar. Some things never changed.

Sam sat in the bar stool next to his brother and ordered a beer. "What are you doing here Sammy?"

"I heard about the kids."

"The 'serial kidnapper'?"

"No. The mysterious stranger in the big black car." The corners of Dean's mouth turned up slightly and he took another draught of his beer.

"Good thing that mysterious stranger salted and burned the 'serial kidnapper'."

"Yeah. Good thing." Sam said as he took the beer proffered from the bar tender and took a drink of his own beer.

"What are you here for Sammy? It's the middle of Idaho. It's a little far from school."

"Jessica and I are on our way to South Dakota to spend some time with Bobby on our summer break."

"Is it that time again?"

"Yeah." He said casually and took another sip.

"I was thinking of heading out to Bobby's to make some legit money for a couple of weeks."

"Huh." Sam said noncommittally.

"Your girl is going?"

"Yeah. She called Bobby not too long ago asking about a protection charm she found online."

"She has Bobby's number?"

"She got it out of my phone."

"Ahhh. You really should lock that thing."

"I probably should."

"Would definitely keep her out of things."

"I don't know if I want her to stay out of things."


"Because she is pretty smart."

"Yeah. She is."

"She's pretty good at putting me in my place too."

"Is she now?"

"Yeah. She knows not only how to make humble pie, but how to force me to eat it."

"Had to eat a lot of it lately college boy?"

"Yeah. I have." Sam said and twisted the beer in his hands.

"That sucks little brother."

"Well, stop being a dick and you won't have to eat so much of it." Dean smirked.

"Funny, that's what she says."

"Like I said, smart girl."

"See you at Bobby's?"

Dean nodded casually. "Where is Jessica?"

"In the motel down the road." Dean turned to Sam sharply.

"What do you mean in the motel down the street? Alone? I don't think she needs to be there. That place is for….trash."

"But you are staying there." Sam said taking a drink of the beer to keep from smiling.

"It isn't a place for a girl like Jessica."

"You care about her?" Sam asked softly trying to keep the smile off of his face.

"Yeah. She's my sister. How dare you leave her someplace like that?" Dean got up and put money on the bar and headed towards the door, Sam did the same and followed Dean.

"What are you doing?"

"Going to go get her the hell out of there. What do you think you are doing leaving a classy girl like Jessica there by herself? Really Sam." Dean pushed the doors open and started for his car when he saw Jessica standing by the Impala. He stopped dead in his tracks and Sam just about ran into his back.

"Do I get to ride in this?" she asked casually. Smile spreading, and hair blowing in the light wind.

"I thought you were back at the motel."

"No. I just wanted to surprise you."

"Well I'm relieved more than surprised."

"Awww. Dean you care." She laughed and came across the distance and gave him a hug. She felt his awkwardness and laughed. "Really. I just wanted to congratulate you on saving the kids. We heard."

"I didn't do it. A 'mysterious stranger in a big black car' did." He said. She shook her head.

"We're going to Bobby's for summer break, and we were hoping that you would be there too. I want to get an opportunity to get to know you and your family."

"Bobby's isn't anything like your parent's house." Dean said by way of warning. He didn't want her to be disappointed with Bobby or his house. Bobby's was the closest thing he knew to a stable home, and it meant a lot to him.

"I've heard. But I want to get to know you guys on your terms and your turf."

"Suit yourself."

"Catch a ride with you?" she asked.

Dean nodded. He was trying desperately to keep his excitement and happiness at bay. "Get your stuff I'll throw it in the trunk."

"It's already there." Sam said. "I picked the lock." Dean blanched and Sam laughed. He held up a key.

"I have a spare key. Don't worry I wouldn't hurt your baby."

"Better not, or I'd have to kill you Sam." Dean shook his head as Sam laughed and unlocked the back passenger's door, Sam held the door for Jessica, and closed it. Dean was just about to go to his side of the car when Sam grabbed his arm. Dean looked up at his brother questioningly.

"I'm sorry for everything I've said Dean. I was wrong."

"Damn right you were wrong." Dean said. "But it's all good."

"We're okay?"

"Yeah. We're okay." Dean went to his side of the car, and the brother got into the old Impala and the doors slammed in sync and Dean pulled them out of the parking lot and off towards South Dakota. The most precious cargo in the world inside his car.