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Evil takes a Vacation

1: A Year Later

"Shego, Yori, it's time!" Drakken bellowed, throwing his hands in the air and laughing joyously…or maniacally. It was always hard to tell with him.

"Doctor D, what the hell are you yelling about now?" Shego inquired curiously as she marched into the main control room of the current lair. They had lost quite a few lairs in the past year, but Drakken did not seem too bothered by it because he could now afford it. Without having to pay a horde of henchmen, he was actually saving money. It would seem that he had made a good decision to fire all of the henchmen and hire Yori, even though he did not think it was such a good idea early on.

Drakken was about to respond, but when his eyes fell on Shego, he thought that she knew just what he meant. She appeared to be dressed for it and everything. He grinned, which got wider when he noticed Yori pop up behind Shego. She also looked prepared for what the night held. He actually jumped up and down like a delighted child, making a strange happy hum. Shego regarded Drakken with a half-sneer and an arched eyebrow while wondering what the hell was wrong with him.

"It's Friday," Yori reminded Shego, who had to turn around and look at the ninja. A lighthearted smile adorned Yori's face and realization slapped Shego in the head.

"No, no, no." Shego shook her head emphatically and waved her hands to let them know that was not happening, not this Friday.

"Yes, yes, yes. We've got to get going soon, and I'm happy you're dressed for it for once!" Drakken declared, clapping his hands and continuing to grin broadly.

Shego looked down at her outfit. She was wearing casual clothing with her usual colors, black pants and boots with an emerald form-fitting shirt. Her black leather jacket was resting on her left arm, prepared to put it on when she got to the front entrance of the lair. She rolled her eyes and another sneer tugged at her lips.

"I'm not dressed for that silly crap," Shego replied, appearing quite disgusted that Drakken would think that she would ever, in a million years voluntarily put on good clothes for something so stupid.

"It's not silly!" Drakken argued; Shego would not have paid him any mind if only Yori had not shouted the same thing.

Shego groaned and ran her hand over her face while shaking her head. Over their time together, Yori and Drakken had bonded over the most annoying activity that Shego could think of—karaoke. The first time that Drakken took Yori to sing karaoke, the ninja fell in love with it, really upsetting the balance in Shego's universe.

Well, actually, karaoke was also a good thing in Shego's life, not that she would ever admit it out loud. This was something that Drakken and Yori had bonded over and enjoyed doing together. This one thing got Drakken to give Yori a chance and stopped him from talking about sending Yori back to Japan. He had really taken to her after that and she returned the affection, enjoying that he liked her for herself now and not because she was an employee.

Because Drakken got along with Yori, Shego had to take less time screaming at him. This was something that Yori found good. She spoke to Shego about her temper many times and got Shego into mediating, hoping that it would calm her down. It seemed to be working.

"Look, we're not going to do any silly karaoke. It's Friday, past five, and we're off the clock," Shego pointed out, motioning between herself and Yori.

Drakken's brow wrinkled. "So?"

"So, damn it, we're not going!" Shego hollered in frustration. Suddenly, she felt a gentle hand on the small of her back, tracing circles around the base of her spine. She sighed and took a couple of breaths before speaking again. "Look, Doctor D, we're not doing karaoke tonight. We've got other plans," she explained vaguely.

"Other plans? Like what? Maybe I can come along," Drakken suggested with a bright grin. Shego flinched at those words.

"Sorry, but it would not be a good idea, Drakken-san," Yori said, cutting in because she knew that Shego was on the verge of blowing up on their employer. All day, all Shego wanted to do was get out of the lair with Yori and now Doctor Drakken was holding that up. Yori knew that it was only a matter of time before Shego lost it on him and no amount of deep breaths or soothing back-rubs would save him from Shego's wrath.

"What? But, we always hang out!" Drakken whined, making tight fists and shaking them back and forth.

"Doctor D, we don't always hang out. We've gone to do stupid karaoke a few times and that's it," Shego huffed, making tight fists and closing her eyes tightly. She counted to ten in her head, but it was not helping much. She felt a little more pressure on her back and talented fingers eased the tension out of her body.

"What Shego-chan is trying to say, Drakken-san, is that tonight is, what do you call it?" Yori paused for a moment, putting her finger to her chin in thought. "A girls' night out, I believe the term is. We are having a girls' night out."

Once again, a cerulean forehead furrowed. Black eyes were laced with confusion. It was almost as if he did not know that they were girls or that he was not one. The idea tickled Shego while it did not even cross Yori's mind.

"What do you mean?" Drakken asked curiously. He poked his lip out a little, threatening a full-on pout.

"C'mon, Doctor D, you know if it was something regular, we'd be willing to let you tag along, but it's not!" Shego huffed, glaring at her boss as if she was trying to set him on fire with her mind.

Often, Yori could coax Shego into letting Drakken come along on outings. The ninja honestly liked Drakken "off the clock," as she had heard Shego put it. When he was not trying to take over the world, he could be sweet and funny and sometimes he was just as clueless about things as she was. She wondered why he wasted his time with sinister matters and she hoped that one day he changed his mind and tried to do the right thing. Although, as she understood things, he had tried to do the right thing—going so far as to help save the planet—but, for whatever reason, he could not stick to it.

"Drakken-san, please, try to understand," Yori pled, onyx eyes begging.

"But, what about karaoke?" Drakken asked. "Don't you want to go?"

"I would like to go, but Shego has already planned this night out. We will go do karaoke next week, yes?" Yori countered. She would like to do it, but she also wanted to go out with Shego.

"Hell no," Shego said under her breath. She knew that she would be going, though, if Yori went.

"All right, all right. I guess I'll just stay here…alone…" Drakken put on a pout and flashed them sad eyes.

"Okay!" Shego grinned and clapped her hands together, ready to go now that everything was settled.

"Shego-chan," Yori said sharply.

The green-skinned warrior sighed and rolled her eyes. "Next time, Doctor D," she promised, hoping that he would stop forcing out that expression, so that she and Yori could get the hell out of there.

"Uh…okay," Drakken agreed because of the look that both ladies were giving him. Emerald and obsidian implored him to just let them go.

"We'll see you later, Doctor D," Shego said while putting her arm around Yori's waist to lead the ninja out of the room.

"Later, Drakken-san," Yori said politely while trying her best to ignore the look that their boss was giving them as they left. "Drakken-san looks so lonely," she commented.

"He probably is, but we can't take him everywhere we go. It's a date, after all," Shego reminded the ninja.

Yori nodded. "Why is it that we just do not tell him that?" she wondered aloud.

Shego sighed and shook her head. "First off, he wouldn't get it. You know how Doctor D is. We say one thing, he takes it to mean something else and then we have to spend the whole day trying to explain it to him. That's annoying enough when it's something easy. If we told him that we're dating, we'd be drawing him diagrams for the rest of the month."

"Is it such a hard concept?" Yori asked.

"For Drakken, yes. He looks at us all as, you know, an evil family and whatnot." Shego paused and Yori nodded. "By telling him we're girlfriends, it messes up the picture already in his head. Once we mess up that picture, we have to take the time to first erase the image and then draw another image for him. Like when we had to explain to him what hot cereal was and he wouldn't believe us because he thought of cereal as just the sugar with marshmallows and crap," Shego answered.

Yori nodded, as if she understood, even though she did not totally understand. She just believed in Shego and she did know that Drakken had a habit of being difficult when something did not conform to the picture in his head. She supposed that was one of the things that made Drakken insane.

Shego made sure the matter was dropped in favor of more stimulating conversation, bringing up where she was taking Yori tonight. The kunoichi was excited just hearing about it, as always. She held onto Shego tightly all the way to the car, trying to contain herself, but eventually it became too much; this often happened. She began to bounce a little in her seat as Shego drove them away from the desolate area that surrounded the lair. Shego smiled; for some reason, Yori's excitement always flowed into her and filled her with joy. It made going even the simplest or most annoying places bearable.

"I love plays!" the ninja declared while reaching over and clutching onto Shego's arm, despite the fact that Shego was driving.

"I know," Shego replied with a smile. A green hand gently patted the slim thigh in the passenger seat.

Over the past few months, Shego and Yori had both been discovering things that Yori liked beyond manga and anime. All types of comics delighted Yori, which made it very easy to get her gifts. Dates were just as easy because she loved the theater and movies. She loved seeing stories unfold, especially fantasies. Anything with a lot of imagination captured her attention until it was over.

Early on, it was touch-and-go with their dates because they did have to figure out what Yori liked and what Shego was willing to endure. Concerts were out. Yori just could not get a grasp for music, which Shego thought explained why the little ninja enjoyed karaoke so much. Yori had sat through a couple of concerts after that discovery because she knew that Shego was a big fan of all types of music and she also went to clubs for that reason.

Clubbing had been limited recently, even though Shego thoroughly enjoyed that activity. It was just that she knew Yori was terribly uncomfortable in clubs. In fact, Yori stuck to her as if they were glued together whenever they entered a club. Shego figured that they could try the whole clubbing thing again when Yori got used to being in a big crowd without having to watch a target or thinking that someone might attack them. Also, Yori still needed to learn to dance because what she called dancing now was painful to watch; Shego cringed whenever she thought about it.

"Is it a musical?" Yori asked curiously.

"Am I going to take you some place where you'll whine through the whole thing?" Shego countered with a teasing smile.

Yori smiled too, knowing the answer to that. Once again, music was not something that grabbed Yori, so she disliked musicals. They did not make any sense to her. Yes, she knew that it was all make-believe and she enjoyed things that involved imagination, but still, she could not make any sense of musicals. Why did people always burst into song in the middle of something? For her, that was just about the most unrealistic thing ever and no amount of imagination would fix that.

"Are we going to eat first?" Yori asked. She just could not sit in silence when in the car with Shego on their way to a date.

"We should have the time for that. Where do you want to go?" Shego countered.

"Oh, Thai! Thai!" Yori cheered.

Shego could not help smiling, just loving the excitement oozing from her girlfriend. "Thai it is." It's amazing how different she is now compared to when she first came.

Yori grinned; the expression let Shego know exactly what the ninja was thinking. Shego, you're the best! Yori had said those words often, but her eyes and face said them much more. Shego was stunned that whenever she heard those words or noticed the expression, she felt lighter and her insides quivered with delight.

Shego drove them to a Thai restaurant that she knew Yori enjoyed. Since Shego looked at it as her job to make sure that Yori experienced as much of the world as possible, she made sure that Yori always got a touch of new cuisine when given the chance. Yori now had a top ten list of favorite types of food; the list could be broken down into many different categories. If going by country, Thai food was definitely on the list; West Indian and Indian food also made the list. She loved spicy food.

Shego liked watching Yori eat. It was always an exercise in control and neatness. She used chopsticks for everything that she could. Whatever the chopsticks could not handle, she used a spoon. She always slow and deliberate when eating, trying to take in all of the flavor. Yori had a way of making every meal seem like a religious experience that Shego could not tear her eyes away from.

"Shego-chan, aren't you going to eat?" Yori asked, halfway through her own meal. A smile was on her face due to the warm meal and her current company.

"Of course I am. After I take in your beauty for a little longer," Shego remarked with a charming smile and got exactly what she was aiming for—a blush from Yori.

"Shego-chan…" Yori was speechless. Even after a year of dating, she really did not know how to take compliments, especially from Shego.

The pale woman only smiled, letting Yori know that words were not necessary. They finished their food and left for the theater. Yori clutched onto Shego out the whole production; her face was bright with happiness. Shego was content to stare at Yori for the whole night, enjoying the elated expression on Yori's face and proud to know that she was the one that put it there.

Shego was not sure what came over her since Yori entered her life. Sometimes, she paused and thought about the things that she did and she could not believe that it was her doing the actions. She did not mind, but she just could not believe it. She had not figured out what it was about Yori that touched something inside of her that she did not know existed, but she recognized that Yori did touch her and she accepted it. Hell, she liked it—a lot.

Because Yori triggered things inside of her, Shego was willing to sit through all sorts of things that she did not like, like plays. If she was in a theater, she liked a concert to be happening, but she supposed that was not going to be happening anytime soon. She was willing to put up with Yori's disregard for music; why? She could not figure that out yet, no matter how often she thought about it.

"I love it when there's a happy ending!" Yori grinned as they exited the theater with the rest of the crowd once the show was over. She was still latched onto Shego's arm, resting her head against Shego's silk-covered shoulder. Smiling came so easy to her now, and the ninja did know that. She enjoyed smiling, enjoyed having things to smile about.

"You do? I had no idea!" Shego teased, smiling as she spoke. She slid her arm around Yori's slim waist, resting it on her hip. Yori had to adjust her arm due to the new position, but she liked it because it brought her closer to the older woman.

The ninja chuckled a bit and lightly hit her companion. "Oh, you! Thank you for this, Shego-chan."

"It's my pleasure, cherry blossom. I'm here to show you the world, after all," Shego replied proudly.

"Thank you, Shego-chan. You've been so good to me," Yori said with a sincere, touching smile.

Shego could only shrug because there were no words in creation to respond to that smile. She wondered if Yori realized what lengths she would go for the younger woman just to see that smiling face. It scared her to think about it, really, but she could not do anything about it because she was sure that she would never be the same without that smile in her life.

The year for Shego had been just as fulfilling as it had been for Yori. Shego found someone whose company did not set her off every two minutes and who was respectful toward her, which was something that she thoroughly liked. Something about Yori helped keep her calm and made her patient—at least when it came to Yori anyway—and she found that she liked that. It felt good not to get worked up every two minutes.

"Home now?" Yori asked curiously as they got to the car.

"Why? Is there somewhere that you want to go?" Shego countered.

Yori shook her head. "Home sounds very nice." In fact, the thought of home put a smile on her face. She was starting to understand that home was a concept and not just a place because going to Yamanouchi never put a smile on her face like going home with Shego did.

They lived together, away from whatever lair Drakken was using. There was a practical reason for it. With Yori around, Drakken lost a lot more lairs than he used to. Shego was not looking forward to having to replace some of her more beloved possession every time Yori interfered with Drakken's crazy scheme. Yori agreed with that logic, especially as she got more and more possessions; she would be crushed if her manga collection was so much as singed.

Living together also allowed them to be alone together. Whenever they were at the lair, they had to worry about Drakken. Most of the time, they could put up with him; Shego was an expert at ignoring him by now. There were times when they both did just wish Drakken would go away, though, but now that they had a place of their own, they could just retreat to their home.

The couple lived in a small condo by the beach; the condo was on a hill and in the day, they could look down at the shoreline. Shego pulled into the driveway and they exited the car. They took a moment to look out beyond their home and they could hear the waves crashing against the shore. Yori could not help wrapping herself around Shego as they enjoyed the quiet moment.

Once the moment passed, the couple turned to go into their home. They took their shoes off at the door; it went beyond it being force of habit for Yori, but to keep their carpets cleaned and their floors unmarked. Shego turned on the lights, revealing a comfortable size living room with partial carpeting. The carpet was white while the walls were a very light green. The sofa was black leather. Beyond the living room were large, square windows.

Yori made a beeline for the living room, wanting to watch television. They had satellite and it picked up three different channels with anime, so Yori was pretty much addicted to it. Shego often left her to it, figuring that Yori had a lot of television watching to catch up on, since she did not get to do it much in her nineteen—almost twenty—years of life.

Shego went to the back, intent on taking a shower and changing into some house clothes. She went into her bedroom; they had separate bedrooms. Shego thought it would be good for Yori to have her own room and the ninja had been very excited to have a room to herself. Of course, the room was packed with manga, anime, wall scrolls, posters, and collectible figurines. It was heaven for Yori.

There were days when Yori would follow Shego into her room and sleep with her. There was some contact, heavy petting on occasion, but nothing further than that. Shego was determined to show self-control for once in her life and not push Yori into something that she might not be ready for, and a sexual relationship when they first began was definitely something that Yori was not ready for. As time went on, Yori did get more and more curious and have deeper urges, but they just never went to that point.

Sometimes, Yori crawled into Shego's bed, not for making out, but for sheer comfort. Yori suffered from very bad nightmares and she could not sleep on those nights, but feeling Shego against her, arms around her, chased away some of the nightmares and the bad thoughts. Another reason that Shego really let Yori set the pace of the relationship was because of how damaged the ninja's psyche seemed to be. Shego did not want to add to Yori's troubled mind.

Once she was showered and dressed, Shego went to keep Yori company; hey, there were a few shows that Shego could not only stomach, but she actually liked. As the night drew on, they both decided it was bedtime. Yori showered and put on her pajamas and that night she crawled into bed with Shego without even thinking about going to her room. She did not just crawl into bed, but she crawled on top of Shego.

"You seem like you want my attention, cherry blossom," Shego remarked with a wide smile.

Yori smiled. "You're so good to me," she replied and then leaned down to place a tender kiss to Shego's willing lips.

"You make it easy."

"Do I?" Another kiss.

"You are extremely low maintenance." She meant that in a good way. It was easy to take care of Yori and that was something that she thoroughly appreciated. She hoped that things were always that way.

The ninja knew that Shego meant that in a good way and leaned down for another, deeper kiss. After a few seconds, Yori lapped at Shego's lips, requesting entrance. Shego smiled internally, happy with her girlfriend's boldness. It had taken a lot of work to get Yori to that point, but now she was very comfortable with taking control of any kiss.

Shego's hands wandered at leisure over Yori's body, which the ninja was fine with. Soft moans escaped Yori's mouth, swallowed down by Shego since they were still attached at the lips. As if testing Shego's crumbling resolve, Yori started grinding herself against Shego's leg. The older woman wanted to cry, knowing that things were not going to go beyond that.

The first time that Yori had rubbed herself against Shego, she blushed and apologized over it. Shego had assured her that it was fine and that was all Yori needed. Now, she basically experimented with different ways to drive Shego out of her mind with sexual frustration—in Shego's opinion anyway, even though she knew that Yori did not mean to.

Shego thought that Yori movements came from knowing she wanted something, but not knowing what it was. She was not going to say anything, though, until Yori finally brought it up. Until then, they were both going to frustrated with the situation, although Yori tended to find more relief than Shego did.

"Shego-chan…" Yori whimpered, her face flush and her face now slightly away from Shego's. Pale hands were still wandering, caressing, and outright groping the ninja.

Shego did not say anything, but shifted her leg for her girlfriend. Yori whined as pressure was increased for her. She collapsed on top of Shego with a smile on her face. Shego smiled too, certain that she had never seen a better sight than Yori looming over.

"Shego, I'm so happy you're in my life," Yori said, speaking into the warm flesh of Shego's neck.

"Same here, cherry blossom. Same here," Shego whispered.

Yori smiled and settled against the warm body underneath her. As sleep was set to carry the ninja away, darkness crawled out into her mind, making her think of the past. This is what brought on her nightmares, making her feel like her stomach was going to drop out. The idea of nightmares scared her enough to send a shiver down her spine. The fear was chased away by gentle fingers stroking her back. She fell into a peaceful sleep, as she always did when held by Shego, her savior and protector as far as she was concerned.


Next time: Yori gets a letter from Yamanouchi and she thinks that they're going to take her away from Shego. Shego calms her down by offering to go...and she plans a little side trip before they go to Japan.