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Chapter 1

He didn't feel anything.

Not anymore.

Not after that.

"…Why Zelos? You were our friend!" Lloyd yelled out with the ever ounce of his voice filled with sadness and pain. The others stood behind him with the same shock expression. Sheena looked ready to kill along with Raine.

"Friend…huh?…I never did get you to trust me, though." I said a cold smirk forming over my face. Lloyd's face flashed in pain.

"That was…" He mutter looking down at the floor.

"Don't feel bad about it. I mean, I did deceive you, after all." I looked down at him with glare. He never cared about me. Then again… No one did.

"There's got to be some sort of explanation for all this. This is just another joke, right?" He said looking up with just a bit of luck in his eyes. The hope that maybe this was just a ploy.

"…Haha, I don't know what to tell ya. I'm just a weak, lazy bum. All I want is a fun, easy life. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less!" I laughed as golden wings erupt from my back stunning them all.

They killed me.

He killed me.

I was finally free of my 'curse' as Chosen.

"Th…that was pretty good…" I managed to say as I lay on the floor bleeding badly from the many stab and slash wounds that I was unable to heal. Lloyd was kneeling above me with the saddest look on his face.

"Zelos…" He whispers and I can see tears forming in his eyes. I sigh but end up coughing in pain.

" …It's okay. To tell you the truth, I was getting pretty tired of living anyway…" I said coughing more now. It was painful even to talk but I had always been good at that.

"…Don't talk like that!" He begged trying hard not to let the tears fall. I feel guilty about doing this to the poor boy. Him and everyone else.

"Oh yeah, about Colette… She's in the hall of the Great Seed. Make sure you save her…" I can hear Sheena crying in the background with Regal trying to comfort her. Raine is of to the side looking distraught. She can't heal me now.

"W…why did you fight us?!" Lloyd yelled finally letting the tears fall. I look at him sadly.

"Because…my life was a mistake. But…once I'm gone…Seles might…be happier and…they'll finally let her out of that abbey…" I was coughing up a liquid now which I could only assume was blood. It wouldn't be long now. Now I could hear Genis crying and I think even Raine was too.

"Don't tell me that's why you…"

"Heheheh…nah, that's just a bonus…" I chuckle as my sight begins to blur. "…Make sure you destroy my Cruxis…Crys…tal…" I say with my last breath. The pain ebbs away as I close my eyes. The last thing I see is Lloyd's broken face as my whole world turns black.

I did trust him too.

I would have told him my past that hurt me so much.

How I never should have been born.

Everyone had tried to get Lloyd to open up. First Colette had tried only to come back down to the bar with a sad look on her face. Then Genis who came back down with the same results. Even Sheena failed to get the red clad hero to open up. They turned to me next because I was the only one left. The others had all went back with Raine to help Altessa.


"Go up to talk to him." Sheena said a frown still on her face after getting rejected.

"But Sheena!" I whine and she gives me a forceful glare. Yea that one. The painful one. The one she uses when she wants to hit me.

"Go or your going to regret it!" She didn't even need to finish before I was halfway up the stairs. I almost wanted to laugh at the situation. Me, Zelos Wilder, the biggest skirt chaser in Tethe'alla, was going to console a GUY. What did they expect me to do any? If brat, his little angel, or my voluptuous hunny couldn't do it, then I'd never be able to.

I stood then in front of Lloyd's door for several minutes before having the guts to knock. There was a loud sigh heard from the other side.

"Come in Zelos." I took the invitation and stepped inside his room. He was standing by the window watching the snow fall. He probably was amazed at it but all I wanted to do when I saw it was run.

"How'd you know it was me?" I asked and he shrugged .

"You're the only one left here who hasn't." Who knew it?! The country bumpkin had a brain after all.

"Are you awake?" He looked at me with a dull look in his eye that didn't belong there.

"…I just got sleepy right now. G'night." He said and walked over to the bed.

I wave my hand and block his path. "Whoa whoa whoa! Don't be like that! Come on, let's go talk outside for a bit." His frown only deepened at my words.

"I'm sorry, Zelos. I just don't want to talk-" He tried to finish but I cut him off.

"…Oh, fine. I see how it is." I snap at him and head for the door. I slam the door just as Lloyd calls out for me to wait. But I didn't wait I walked- no stomped down the stairs. Genis and Collette looked at me with wide eyes while Sheena looked like she finally calmed down Colette opens her mouth to say something but I cut her off.

"He didn't want to talk to me." I snap and head out the front door with Sheena yelling at me in the background. I stood there as the snow fell around me. The very snow I hated.

I knew what he was going to say. I didn't want to hear it.

He didn't want to talk to me.

He wanted to talk to his traitor of a father.

But then again wasn't I the same too…

The white that surround me had a somewhat calming effect but it was also unnerving. Where was I? Heaven? Hell? Did I belong in ether of them or something less than both?


I look around the endless white void. Did I just hear a voice? "Oh that's just great… I'm going crazy too…" I mutter closing my eyes after I find nothing.

"Zelos." My eyes are wide open now. There was no way he had imagined that twice!

"Who's there?" I call out my hand reaching down for the dagger at my waist. At least in the afterlife I still had my equipment. "Show yourself!"

"I'm afraid that is impossible, Zelos." The voice said calmly. I could at least tell that the voice, who ever it was, was female. This thought alone comforted me being the playboy I am.

"Well my hunny we can always have a nice chat. How about I start with where am I?" I said with the smile I reserved only for women.

"I'm sorry to disappoint but I'm engaged." She laughed and I was reminded of bells.

I flashed a sly grin. "I won't tell." I said wiggling my eyebrow suggestively. The laughter died down in to a giggle.

"I'm afraid I'll have to decline." She said and I was almost positive if I could see her, she would be smiling. I shrugged it off. "Your loss. So how about we get back to that question shall we?" I said trying to get back on track for once.

"Your dead Zelos." Ok this was getting annoying. I rolled my eyes. "Yes I've figured that out by now… Now if you'd just tell me wher-"

"I'm going to give you a second chance."

Wait… What? "What do you mean a second chance?!" I yelled growing angry. You mean she could just make it like nothing happened? Like I never hurt them or betrayed them? Was that even possible?

"I'm sorry to say its not what you think, Zelos." Of course… Life never treated him fairly. Why should death.

"Then what is it?" I snapped at the woman. I usually don't yell at women. They are far to amusing but when mad… This is why one of Sheena's nicknames was 'Violent Demon Banshee'.

"You will watch over a person of my choice as their Guardian Angel." I stared blankly ahead of me.

"Are you KIDING ME?!" I yell in frustration and almost tried to pull my hair out. Almost. "I have to take care of some brat!"

"I will not have you talk about my Godson like that!" She yelled and there was a sudden hit to the back of my head. "YEOW! What the heck lady?" I cry as I rubbed the back of my head. I thought pain was suppose to end at death.

"That's what you get!" She said firmly as if her hands were on her hips and she was scolding me. "So do you except or not?" She demanded and I flinched at the shear volume. Did I really want to waste away in this empty abyss… Not ever seeing any living before again… Any human person again.

"I'll do it." I said almost immediately after. Afterlife or not, if there were no hunnies then that was no fun at all.

"Very well. Then I wish you luck Zelos Wilder. Please take good care of my Godson." I nod at her words. I just hope that it wouldn't be some brat. "This may be a bit pain…"

A bit was an understatement. Fiery hot pain shot through his chest causing him to scream. It spread like wild fire through out my body. I might have even said that it was worse then getting my wings if I could speak. As the pain enveloped my body, my vision fade and I blacked out.


When I awoke, I found myself laying on a cobblestone floor. Moaning I managed to get myself in an upright position.

"Man… That lady is crazy… That hurt like hell." I groaned as I tried to figure out where I was. My head was still pounding from passing out.

As I got to my feet I almost fell forward. As I righted myself I saw a golden glow from behind me. A closed look showed my wings still on my back. I sighed and concentrated on putting them away. They wouldn't budge and inch.

"Great…" I muttered. If the group found out about this, he was going to be teased and tormented. The first problem right now was finding out where the hell he was.

Looking at his surroundings he noticed the huge pit in front of him. There was a floating platform at the end but no way to get there. The walls were covered in ivy. Turning around he discover he was on his own floating platform with an alter. But looking down his eyes widened and mouth dried in shock. Below the alter at his feet was a teen dressed in red.


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