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Max POV:

I found the clothes I was looking for a few minutes later with no help from Fang, and had everyone but him in a soft bed, drifting to sleep quickly. I went out to the living room, where Fang still sat unmoving from when I saw him last, to talk awhile longer about what I really wanted to avoid. When he saw me come in Fang's emotionless face instantly turned to that of love and desire. I laughed softly at his obvious lack of control before allowing him to pull me into his arms, sitting on his lap.

"Max," he began, and I looked into his beautiful, dark eyes. "I love you." Those three words, however evident in his actions, had only been said to me from Fang three times in all the years I've known him. Twice being today. He realized, quickly, how shocked I was by how outright he was being, because he continued to explain himself a moment later. "I know I'm not usually so open about saying that to you, but I want to make sure you know that." I kissed him passionately, before responding.

"I know you love me, Fang. You make it obvious in everything you do. And, honestly, I'm used to you not speaking your mind." He smirked, further proving my point, and kissed me again on the forehead. "God, I missed you," he whispered, more to himself than me. I smiled against his chest, and then decided to get over the difficult part before I could truly enjoy his company. "Fang," I said while still resting my head on his shoulder, "How did you find me?" He shifted in his seat and I lifted my head, wanting to see his eyes again while he answered.

"It was hard, finding you." He began, looking off into the distance, as if remembering something that happened long ago. "You're a difficult person to track down." He said teasingly, matching my gaze. Taking a deep breath, he began again, and I prepared to hear the story I never wanted to happen. "When you left, I wanted more than anything to follow you. I didn't want to believe that you had actually left me. I was mad at myself for not seeing all the signs; the extra encouraging and nagging, the distance you slowly initiated. But I never figured out when it all started. I kept an eye out for you in tabloids and criminal records," he smirked when I nudged him with my shoulder playfully. "And months later something showed up online, saying that the 'infamous Maximum Ride' had turned herself in to Mr. Chu, and was now working for him under high security. I questioned your sanity at that point." I laughed, because I had felt the same way when I turned myself in. "Angel, though, thought it made sense. If you went to him alone, Chu would be more willing to trust you. It would be easier to turn him in safely, and close down his operation completely."

I nodded my head when Fang turned to see my reaction. "Angel's a smart girl. It was the only way I could think of, when I was alone. So I 'turned myself in.'" "Right." Fang agreed. "When I couldn't find anything else on it, though, I decided to bring the flock and speed up the process. Of shutting him down, I mean." I gasped, shocked at his badly informed plan. "Ignorant, I know." He agreed with my silent outburst. "Before I had a chance to go anywhere, though, Jeb caught us and talked some sense into me." I smirked, imagining how that situation would have played out.

"Jeb came to me, too. While I was still with you guys. He told me to leave." It was then Fang's turn to gasp, or in his case simply raise his eyebrows in shock. "Since when have you listened to Jeb? Or any adult besides your mom, for that matter?" I chuckled, "well what he said made sense, for once, and it scared me how accurate he was being." I then prompted Fang to continue with his story.

"We kept moving, every other day or so, making so random of a pattern that Itex only found us once, and we easily took them down." I didn't say anything. Impressed as I was, the idea of my flock fighting without me scared me to death. Fang looked at me questioningly, but continued talking when he saw my seemingly blank expression. "Anyway, we kept on the run the whole time you were inside the institute. Starting in D.C, where we last saw you, we ended up in California when we heard the 'breaking news; story about the FBI uncovering and stopping all of Chu's enterprise, with the help of a 'mysterious winged bird-girl.'"

I laughed again, "That makes me sound like superman." "Yeah," he agreed, "but they're not too far off, really. After that was all over we stayed in Northern California, expecting you to come find us. When you didn't, the buzz from your success wore off quickly, and all the kids got overly emotional and irrational. It was hard to deal with, but we pushed through." He flashed me an encouraging smile, which I was unable to return. The guilt was threatening to consume me. "Since then we've mingled around Southern Cal. Aimlessly. It was pure luck that we saw you downtown Monday." I smiled then, agreeing wholeheartedly, and was about to speak when Fang answered my question. "We saw you flying to your car in the parking garage, and followed you to the cinema. I would've confronted you right away, but I wasn't sure it was you. Plus, I didn't want to scare you away." I laughed at this, and Fang smiled. "I'm glad you found me." I said, turning my head up to look once again into his eyes. "Me too," Fang agreed, and kissed me, taking my breath away yet again.

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