Title: Fearing The Man In The Mirror

Author: Gidgetgal9

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: A bit of foul language and violence

Disclaimer: Don't own Supernatural, this was written purely for fun!

Recipient: Bright (starbright73)

Word Count: 9,000

A/N: Bright, I so hope you like this little story based off of your awesome prompt. It was definitely a fun prompt to play with. A big thanks goes out to Sendintheclowns who not only beta'd this for me but was there for me when I was trying to plot this story out. She is the best. All mistakes are mine!

I also wanted to mention that I did take Skin a bit AU so please forgive the differences!

Prompt: Sam's severely concussed during a hunt. He's out of his head and afraid of everything, including Dean.

Summary: An AU tag to Skin. After the shape shifter's two blows to Sam's head, the younger Winchester finds himself in a world of confusion and fear.

Sam found himself staring dazedly at the body of his attacker with his brother stooped next to it. It was like a weird version of Parent Trap. He was just grateful that his brother had made it just in time to save him. It had been so close.

Becky seemed to be just as dazed. She clung to Sam as she stared at Dean and his double.

Finally, Dean broke the silence. "Dude, are you okay."

Sam tried to speak but his throat was raw, so he just nodded as Dean approached. He watched as his brother took him from Becky.

"Sammy, your throat is pretty red. Is there any other places that hurt?" Dean voice was calm but Sam could see the worry in his eyes.

Sam swallowed hard. "Uh, everything feels sore. I hit the floor hard. Right now it's my throat that hurts the most."

Sam's voice was raspy and not much above a whisper. Dean patted him on the shoulder. "We'll go back to the motel, and clear out. But an ice pack would help until I can get you some pain killers."

Becky seemed to snap out of her silence when she heard the word ice pack. "We have some in the freezer, I'll go grab one and wrap it in a towel for Sam."

Sam gave her a grateful smile, but his throat hurt too much to reply. Dean took care of the vocal 'thank you'.

Once Becky was out of sight, Dean turned his attention back to Sam. "Dude, there are so many questions I want to ask you but with your throat so sore, they'll have to wait. Hopefully by tonight, you can fill me in."

Sam nodded, and felt himself shudder at the thought of reliving today's attack. It had been brutal both physically and mentally. Hearing the words of hate coming out of Fake-Dean's lips, hurt even though he knew it wasn't Dean, or at least it was just part of Dean.

Everyone had their moments where they got tired of a family member and needed space. Or that's what Sam reminded himself.

Dean seemed to sense Sam's thoughts. "Kiddo, whatever that thing did or said, it's over. I gotcha. Nothing is gonna hurt you now."

Dean pulled him in closer and Sam took comfort from his brother's words and presence. It was enough to ward of the bad thoughts, at least for now. Sam knew that his dreams would be intense, it had always been the downside of the hunts for him. The vivid nightmares.

Becky returned and quickly placed the ice pack over Sam's red throat. She turned to Dean, worry clear on her face.

"Dean, what do we do? I have a dead body in my living room that looks like you!" The emotions in Becky's voice revealed how scared she was.

Dean sighed. "I don't see any other way around it. Give Sam and I about a twenty minute head start and then call the police. Tell them that your assailant came back to kill you. There was a struggle over his gun and it went off."

Dean reached behind him and pulled out one of his favorite handguns, the one he had used to kill the shifter and handed it to Becky. She stared at the gun but was reluctant to take it.

"Becky, the safety is on, but you need to touch it so that it has your hand prints on it. It's okay." Dean's voice was reassuring and finally Becky took it.

Sam gave her a reassuring smile and then spoke. "Becky, Dean's right, there is no other way."

Becky gave him a small smile. "So what do I do?"

Dean smirked. "Well call the police after we leave, tell them that your deviously handsome attacker came back and attacked you. His gun went off and killed him. It would help if you could mention that the shifter had said something about hiding out in the sewers. Bragging that he was able to escape every attack by taking to the sewers. Hopefully if the police find his lair, that will help clear your brother."

Sam was very proud of his brother. Dean was willing to become a wanted man in order for Becky's brother to be freed. It was another instance in his life where he realized just how lucky he was to have such an awesome big brother.

Becky's eyes welled with tears, and Sam could tell that she too was touched by Dean's sacrifice.

"Thanks Dean. If you need anything, just call me, 'kay?" Becky's voice trembled with emotion.

Dean nodded. "Yeah, thanks. Just give us about twenty minutes before you call the cops. Sammy, you ready to get off the floor and hit the road?"

Sam nodded and started to shift to get up, his whole body ached and he was grateful for the support that Dean provided. Becky ran to the front door to open it for them. Once they were sure the coast was clear they made their way to the car.

Sam leaned heavily on his brother and was happy when he felt himself lowered inside the safety of the Impala. It truly was home sweet home.


Dean was grateful that Sam fell asleep not long after they left Becky's house. The kid was whooped, both physically and mentally. It had to be hell having the likeness of your own brother trying to kill you.

Dean stomach clenched at the thought of how close he had come to losing Sam at the hands of the shifter. The sight of its hands- God, his hands- wrapped around Sam's neck was enough to give him nightmares for the rest of his life.

If Sam had died having to stare at his own brother taking his life... Shit he had to stop thinking like that. He had to be strong for Sam.

It hadn't taken long for Dean to grab their gear from the motel in downtown St. Louis and now he was heading to the outskirts. It wouldn't be good for him to be spotted by the cops. That would be a hard one to explain.

Yeah, you see officer that's my evil twin that Becky killed, I'm the good Dean.

Dean chuckled at the thought of how complicated their lives had gotten. It was too bizarre. He was pulled from this line of thought as he approached a sign for The Happy Trails Motel just on the outskirts of St. Louis.

"Looks like I found us a place Sammy. Wonder if it'll have a western motif or if they're referring to a different kind of happy trail." Dean smirked and decided that he would have to try that one again on Sam, once the kid awakened.

It shocked him when he heard a snort come from the other side of the car.

"Sammy, you with me?" Dean asked as his brother started to stir.

Sam cleared his throat. "Yeah, uh unfortunately I heard the happy trails remark."

"Glad to hear it Sammy, hate for you to miss out on my wicked sense of humor." Dean kept his tone light but he was worried at how raspy Sam still sounded.

"Wh- ...." Sam started to speak but was interrupted by a deep cough.

Dean reached beside him and handed Sam a bottle of water he'd picked up when he'd stopped at their old motel room.

Sam grabbed it and sipped it. The coughing stopped and Sam was able to squeak out a thanks.

Dean gave him a concerned look. "Dude, just don't talk until your throat's better. I don't want you hacking up a lung."

Sam huffed and gave Dean an eye roll but the elder Winchester could see that Sam was relieved to not have to talk. The boy's posture relaxed and that told Dean that his brother was just worn out.

"I'll get us a room." Dean pulled into a spot outside the motel office and quickly got out, not wanting to leave Sam alone for very long.

Once he secured a room, he moved the car to the end of the parking lot next to the room he'd requested. One away from the rest of the motel. With the whole being wanted thing fresh in his memory, he wanted to stay out of sight.

Sam remained quiet and followed the orders of grabbing his bags and following Dean without a peep.

Normally Dean would relish the quiet, his brother was always chatty but the fact that he wanted to talk to Sam about this hunt made the silence tedious.

Once they were in the room, Dean ordered Sam to strip down to his boxers so he could inspect him for other injuries.

This caused his brother to get agitated and speak. "Dean, I'm fine just sore!"

"Yeah, I'll be the judge of that, no arguing Sam and really you shouldn't be talking. Just strip, and quit being a baby about it." Dean replied in a commanding mode knowing that was the only way he was going to get his stubborn brother to comply and even then he wasn't sure.

Sam seemed to deflate, evidently too tired to fight it and started to strip. Once he was down to his boxers he dramatically flopped on the edge of the bed.

Dean grinned and made his way over to the bed with the first aid kit. He could see some bruising on his brother's back evidently from when it connected with the table and floor as the shifter took him down. Probing that area caused Sam to hiss but Dean was pleased to see that the ribs didn't seem to be broken, just bruised.

Sam's neck was still a bit swollen as was his right fist. But otherwise... it was then that Dean remembered that the shifter's favorite mode of rendering a victim helpless was to knock them out.

Dean started to gently touch the top of Sam's head as he spoke. "Sammy, how's the head?"

Sam sighed. "Hurts, shifter knocked me out twice."

"Crap, and I remember how hard he can hit. I have a nice bruised area on my head but I feel a bit of a goose egg on yours. We'll have to be on the watch for a concussion."

"You too." Sam replied quietly.

"Yeah, yeah, but I only got hit once. Let me get the pin light out and check your pupils." Dean scrounged around in the bag for a moment.

"Yahtzee." Sam seemed to tense as Dean got up and stood in front of him, but he complied with Dean's requests to look at him.

"Well Sammy, no dilation or signs of a concussion but that doesn't rule it out. Remember..."

Dean was cut off by a frustrated little brother. "I know Dean, had the same training. But that goes for you too, he hit you." His voice was quiet.

"Yep, so we watch each other tonight. I'll take the first shift, you sleep and I'll wake you up in a couple of hours and then you can let me sleep. Deal."

Sam nodded and grabbed for his t-shirt off the floor slipping it on before climbing under the sheets of his bed. Dean gave his brother a smile as he got up and made his way to the bathroom. Using a wash cloth he quickly made an impromptu ice pack and grabbed a glass of water.

Dean made his way back to the bed and gently nudged Sam to gain his attention.

"Here's some water, let me grab you some pain killers." After Sam took the water Dean grabbed a bottle of pain reliever out of the first aid kit and quickly popped out two pills and handed them to Sam.

Sam gingerly swallowed them and rasped out a thanks before laying back down. Once his little brother was situated in bed, the elder hunter gently laid the ice pack over his kid brother's throat.

Dean gathered up the first aid kit and put it away. A shower was calling his name so he left his brother to sleep in peace.


A shower made him feel human again, but he realized as he exited the bathroom, his head was killing him. Making his way over to the rickety old table in the room that the first aid kit now sat, he grabbed the pain reliever bottle and shook out two tablets swallowing them dry and then cursing as they stuck in his throat.

A beer sounded wonderful, but thinking better of it, he made his way to the tap, grabbing a quick drink of water instead.

Sighing at how tired his body was and the fact he needed to stay awake, Dean made his way to the unoccupied bed and plopped down. Only clad in his boxers and t-shirt, a shiver passed through his body so he decided to get under the covers.

Dean turned on the TV for company keeping the volume low. He found a rerun of Star Trek on and made himself comfortable.

He glanced over to Sam and could see his brother was in a deep sleep, the type of restful sleep that the kid needed but with the threat of concussion, Dean knew he would need to wake him soon.

Against his will, Dean could feel his eyelids drooping and as valiantly as he fought them, he soon was asleep himself.


Sam was bound sitting up when he opened his eyes. It took a moment before the blurriness cleared. He could see what appeared to be his brother moving about the room. Sam knew better, knew that he had been caught in a trap again by the shifter.

Finding his voice he spoke. "What are you gonna do to me?"

The shifter stopped his pacing and movement. "I'm not gonna do anything... Dean will though."

Sam swallowed hard. "They'll never catch him."

The shifter smirked, in such a familiar way it made Sam's heart ache. " Oh it doesn't matter. Murder in the first of his own brother? He'll be hunted the rest of his life."

The shifter moved forward and over powered him, dragging him over to the billiard table. He moved a hand across Sam's cheek in an affectionate manner. It made Sam shiver and turn from the touch, even though part of him craved it. Craved the reassuring gesture if only it was Dean...

"Oh Sammy, I know how I picked on you earlier... but there is the part of the relationship that I'm jealous of. To love someone as much as your brother loves you, that would be nice. I know you two are at a rocky point in your relationship but even with that... it would be nice to have. Would you be my little brother?"

The shifter moved closer and brushed a kiss over Sam's forehead.

Sam turned to glare at the shifter. It was hard to face his brother's face and to show his hate but it had to be done.

"Leave me the hell alone. You are not my brother and will never be my brother... you freak!"

The shifter glared at Sam. "Oh you would be lucky to have me as a brother, I would show you your place. Dad is right you need discipline, we've slacked too much with you."

Before Sam could answer he was slapped hard in his face.


Dean was holding a blond tight, but he could have sworn he heard his brother whimpering. Then with a jerk he found himself awake. Slowly reality trickled back to him, the shifter, the injuries his brother suffering, the concussion...

Shit, Sammy!

Dean turned to see his brother whimpering in his sleep, and thrashing a bit. He quickly looked at the standard motel alarm clock in their room and realized that he must have been asleep for awhile because it was two hours later than the last time he had checked.

Dean cursed himself for falling asleep when his brother needed him. He quickly jumped up to go wake Sam when he was assaulted by a wave of dizziness and nausea.

Taking quick stock of his body as he sat back down, he realized that Sam had been right in worrying that the both of them might be at risk for a concussion. But Dean knew unfortunately from many past experiences that what he was suffering from was mild symptoms. Nothing for a Winchester to worry about, especially when his little brother needed him.

Dean once again made his way to Sam this time a little more gingerly. He carefully sat down on the side of the bed, and gently shook his brother as he spoke in a calm voice. "Sammy, dude wake up."

Sam's eyes flew open and the kid moved away from Dean in a frantic jerking motion. Dean's addled brain tried to keep up as he grabbed for Sam.

"D-Don't touch me." Sam growled out as he made his way off of the bed. Dean knew at that moment that he wasn't the only one suffering from a concussion.

Dean's adrenaline kicked in, he knew he had to reassure Sam and keep the kid from running. A hunt that had gone wrong years ago ran quickly through his mind.

Sammy had been about ten years old and a witch had lured him from the Impala while Dean and John were hunting. It had used Dean's voice and had taken Sam out with a blow to the head. The kid had woken up confused and shot like a missile out of bed before their dad or Dean could stop him. It almost ended in the kid getting hit by a car.

Sam looked just like he did all those years ago, ready to bolt. Dean made sure he positioned himself between Sam and the door.

"Sammy, you need to calm down. You hit your head and probably are suffering from a concussion. Sit down and we'll talk about this." Dean held his hands out in a placating manner.

Sam's eyes moved wildly around the room taking in his surrounds. By his younger brother's actions, Dean could tell that Sam was probably suffering from some memory loss. Unfortunately, that was a symptom of concussions right along with confusion. Dean once again had firsthand knowledge on these symptoms.

Caleb had been a bear to deal with after one of their joint hunts due to memory loss.

Dean knew that Sam felt cornered and confused so he kept talking.

"Dude, it's me your brother. We killed the shifter don't you remember?" Dean could see the confusion and anger cross his brother's face.

"You've fooled me before. I thought you were gonna kill me... why did you take me instead? I'll never be your brother." Sam rasped out.

The words hit Dean hard. He knew that Sam's time at the hands of the shifter had been no picnic but having that all confirmed in Sam's own words was like a punch to the gut.

"Shit Sammy, I'm so sorry that you had to deal with the shifter. But it's over I promise. We can call Becky, she'll..."

"No, you sick son of a bitch, you are not involving her, not again. I won't let you." Sam at that moment decided to make his move.

Luckily for Dean, Sam was not at his best and even in his own concussed state Dean was able to keep him from getting to the door. Sam slowly backed away from Dean once again eying the room.

Having Sam closer, Dean could tell that his brother was swaying and probably dizzy. His pupils were dilated and that really scared Dean. Sam was suffering from more than a minor concussion and needed to see a doctor soon.

Before Dean could work a plan out, Sam was on the move again, this time he did make it past his older brother. The bathroom door clicked and locked as Sam made a dive into it.

Dean quickly did a mental check and sighed in relief when he realized that there was no window in the interior bathroom. So Sammy was safe, and since he was not going anywhere it gave Dean a moment to think about their options.

"Sammy, you're safe, really try and relax." Dean winced at how silly his words sounded.

As he thought about their situation Dean mentally cursed. They were so screwed. His body double was in a morgue nearby and the only contact he had was Rebecca Warren. Reluctantly he moved to his brother's discarded jeans and pulled the kids cell phone out of them.

A quick look and soon he was connected with Becky.

"Sam, are you okay?"

"It's Dean and well we're having a few issues."

"Oh, is there something I can do?" Dean could hear the exhaustion in the young blond girl's voice and he wished he didn't have to drag her into their mess even if it was kind of her fault.

"Sam is suffering from a concussion and in his confusion from it thinks I'm the shifter. He's locked himself up in the bathroom. I think he needs medical attention but he won't let me get near him. I'd just call the paramedics but I'm kind of supposed to be dead."

"Shit, yeah. Huh. Do you think he would listen to me? Where are you?"

Dean sighed in relief. "The Happy Trails Motel on the edge of town."

"I'll check Google map and be there soon. Sit tight."


Dean clicked the phone shut and slumped down on the bed.


Sam could hear the shifter talking to Becky on the phone.

Shit, what am I gonna do? The bastard is strong...

Sam took a calming breath. He needed to stay strong, he couldn't break down not now, not when Becky's life depended on him.

The shifter kept talking and Sam just blocked him out. Any other time, his brother talking to him in a calming voice would be welcome but not now. Not until he found Dean, or Dean found him. Surely his brother would find him soon.


Dean quickly let Becky in and hugged her. "Thanks for coming."

Dean kept his voice quiet and nodded towards the bathroom door. "Let's talk quietly, I don't want Sam to know you're here yet."

"So Sam thinks you're the shifter? How am I gonna get him to come out Dean?" Becky asked voice full of frustration.

"I've been thinking about it. What if we have a loud fight and Sam thinks you ran the shifter off?" Dean hated the idea of tricking his brother but he was out of options.

Becky nodded. "Might work but the minute he comes out and sees you... then what? I'm not sure we'll be able to get him to the hospital."

Dean sighed. "I'm gonna leave, he'll be in your hands. I can't go to the hospitals around here. Not with my body double laying in a morgue somewhere in town."

Becky's eyes went wide. "Shit, I didn't think about that. Alright, then I have a plan. You take my extra key and the garage door opener. Head back to my parents place and hide the car in the garage. The police are done with the investigation at the house and that's the last place they would look for you."

Becky dug in her purse and pulled out a key ring and a garage door opener. Dean smiled and took them.

"I can give you an insurance card but..."

"Nonsense, after everything you both did, let my family foot the bill for the hospital. It's the least we can do."

Dean gave her a relieved smile. "Okay, then let me gather up our stuff and take it to the Impala and then we can put on our show."


The story is complete and I will post the second part shortly.