Disclaimer: Not mine. …Rather unfortunately.

Arthur stood in the armoury, staring at the chain mail hanging on the wall, and wondering just what the hell he was about to do.

It wasn't as though he OWED Merlin anything. The boy was his servant. Merlin was entitled to save his life, like that day at the lake that Arthur found he couldn't quite remember. So why was he contemplating returning the favour?

Arthur shook his head and grabbed the chain mail, throwing it on and convincing himself he was doing this only because he needed his servant alive if he was to be of any help.

Okay. So. This epically sucked to write, because there are SO MANY different ways I could've gone just from the fodder in this one episode ("The Moment of Truth"). The tension between Merlin and Arthur is too perfect, and the way that everybody keeps insisting that Arthur is there simply because he cares for Merlin?! How perfect is that for fanfic ideas?

I could possibly write some of those little one-shots down if prompted enough…=)